Walking the shoe off….


Well, my birthday jubilee is over for another year – I think they get better every year -  perhaps because it's worth celebrating the survival of another year.    

On Friday night the manservant and I had a feast of sushi (my favourite special occasion dinner) and then last night we had friends over for a party. 

We started with frozen strawberry margaritas which cooled everyone down enough to enjoy the pizzas I wanted to have (it's my birthday and we will all eat what I want to eat no matter how hot it is)…..    

One couple came on the metro carrying a fabulous birthday gift surrounded by ice packs!!   Amazingly on a 101 degree day the shoe was still in good shape …….    

It was such a great night that today was a recovery day….  I hardly did anything at all – as evidenced by my new toy from my fitness fanatic son.   I think I am going to have to do way more steps than this to work that shoe off!  

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  1. They just want to see you around for a long long time or to see how far you do walk a day! But it sounds like you had a great time on your birthday and also frozen strawberry margaritas are such a great way to beat the heat….What an interesting shoe what was it made of and how did it taste!

  2. I can't believe you only did 884 steps!! Thats a long way short of 10,000. I used to have a pedometer but I became obsessed with it. I became manic in my need to reach 10,000 steps each day. If I hadn't reached it at the end of the day I'd go up to the garage and skip until I did. Then I thought I'd go to 15,000. Then I had to throw it away because it was sending me insane.

  3. That shoe is to die for (so to speak)…..how very cool on such a hot, hot day.
    The fitness monitor looks like it has a cute monkey face. Does it remind you to eat bananas so you keep your potassium up?
    Very Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  4. Sorry not to have read your blog sooner on the event of your birthday. I do however wish you the best, the very best and that you stay as cool as the other side of the pillow. 🙂

  5. It is made of chocolate – I haven't biten into it yet (getting close though LOL). Yeah nothing better than a frozen marg to cool down quickly. I'm looking forward to wearing the pedometer on the w/end to see how far I actually walk.

  6. LOL – you are absolutely right! Quite a few people at work made similar comments to me. I just hope I can get through this entire year without an "incident" !

  7. Well I only went from the bed to the couch via the kitchen! LOL – I don't think I'll get that obsessive about it – I am interested in seeing how far I actually walk on the weekends though.

  8. I was thrilled that they had found it and then gone to all the trouble of getting it here still in one piece on such a hot day on the trains! Now that's a real friend! 🙂

  9. LOL – it does look like a monkey face! How cute. It tells me how many calories I've used LOL – not many on 884 steps! Thank you for the birthday wishes – I had such a nice one.

  10. One compensating for the other. Yes! Wasn't that a great co-incidence! It was really quite funny – one from down the road and one from the other side of the world.

  11. LOL exactly – one's birthday is probably the only day that one can take full advantage of doing what they want to do without much objection from others. I'm looking forward to the weather cooling down a bit so I can get back to getting off the train at the station before my work one. I'm pretty sure that will give me a 10,000 step day without trying but the proof will be in actually testing that theory 🙂

  12. Thank you Maju. The storm was amazing – so quick and so severe. We did not suffer any damage but huge trees are down not far from us and a lot of people are still without power. I hope Kensington was not too badly affected….

  13. Don't know how I missed this….Happy Birthday!!!!
    Frozen stuff and chocolate – perfect for celebration during a sweltering, melty, boiling roiling hot freaking month…I mean, months. Cheers to you and to a wicked fun summer, Emjay.

  14. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite bloggers! I was at the ocean so I missed your big day. I'm wishing you allll the best in the coming year.
    Warm hugs,
    Denise 😉

  15. Thank you so very much Denise. Being at the beach sounds like a wonderful way to escape the heat! I hope you had a great vacation. I check your blog occasionally to see if you've posted any photos of your wonderful yard……. …

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