I still need the ice …..


I was born on 23rd July in middle-of-nowhere town, Australia, in one of the coldest winters on record.  A few months later they were having one of the hottest summers ever.  We had no power then (I was 10 before we got "real" electricity)  so no chiller, evaporative cooler and certainly no air conditioning.  Hell, we barely had a fan!    My father bought huge blocks of ice which they laid around my cot and then they rigged a fan to a truck battery -  blowing air across the ice to keep poor little baby Emjay as cool as possible.

Now I live in Washington DC, a city that many consider to be the most powerful city in the world; but that power has little influence on the weather. We have just had one of the coldest winters, with record snowfalls, and are now experiencing the hottest summer (though I can't say "ever" yet as we have nearly 2 months to go but so far it's really up there! ).  

I don't have to send the manservant out to find, and then trudge home with, a 44-gallon drum-sized block of ice; we have electricity and central air conditioning. But, I do hope he's remembered to fill those ice trays for my drinks tonight!    

 (Oh, and really I've been celebrating since yesterday….   now that I live in America the thing I love most about being behind the time line is that it seems totally appropriate to commence birthday celebrations here at 10.01am on the 22nd !)   

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  1. Happy birthday! I must have had an inkling, because I turned on my icemaker about a half hour ago. πŸ™‚ It's been a crazy year weatherwise, eh?! Hope you enjoy your weekend sipping icy cold beverages and being waited on by the manservant! πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Birthday! Ooh – I didn't realize you were in DC. I might be headed out there toward the middle of August. It's tentative right now but if I make it out there, maybe we can meet up in person! I'll buy you a belated birthday drink that has ice in it!

  3. We had electricity when I was growing up, but no AC: my parents had this swamp cooler that they filled with ice cubes, which chilled the air somewhat. But I can still remember my baby brother's hair plastered to his little head with sweat, and eating Hawaiian shaved ice (basically a free-form snowcone with flavored syrup all over it) to keep cool. I don't recall minding it very much, oddly.

  4. Happy Birthday Emjay!!!I know what you mean about the double birthdays. πŸ˜› I was born in a foreign country. Here, I try to claim two birthdays! No one really goes for it though… XD "But its my birthday over there!!!" "So?"

  5. Happy Birthday or should I say belated …..but you got to love how times have changed! Hope you had ice in your cup and a happy birthday full of well wishers

  6. Thank you cranky! It's been a hideous w/end weatherwise but we kept well "hydrated" with various liquids……. We had a massive storm this afternoon – cooled us down from 100 to 82!

  7. Oh that shaved ice is sooooo good! I was telling the manservant that we used to go to bed with ice cubes in washcloths to rub our foreheads or the back of our neck to try to get cool enough to fall asleep. At some stage after we got electricity my father bought a "cooler" which was on wheels and they would move it about a bit – you had to put a bucket under it to catch the water! When I lived in Sydney I only had floor fans The first time I had a/c was when I came here to DC ten years ago – I've obviously gotten softer every year since LOL.

  8. Ha – luckily for the manservant there was ice! My son took off for his trip yesterday – I'm going to be stressed and needing icy drinks for 2 weeks now! πŸ™‚

  9. LOL – well I take full advantage of the two country birthday. My kids and parents always contact me on their 23rd (22nd here) – I haven't tried too hard to correct them! πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Jamie – yes, it is wonderful to have the ice just right there on hand. When I was growing up we had a machine to put chunks of ice into and it would grind them down a bit. I remember my father breaking off chunks with a big pick! Thank you for the birthday wishes – I've had a lovely time.

  11. Thank you Margy. Yes, lots of records and then yesterday afternoon we had an amazing storm which dropped our temperature 20 degrees in 15 minutes! (lots of damaging wind though).

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