Today on our walk we came across a religion we had not found before: 

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  1. Mystery church, that sounds exciting, I wonder if they all have to dress up as Agatha Christie characters or anything like that? Even I might consider going to church if you got to dress up every Sunday morning.

  2. How did you find an honest church? What a find! Imagine attending a church where the only tenet is an honest agreement that the creation of all is a mystery? Wow, a church without bias…what a concept. πŸ˜‰

  3. Some of the names that people give churches are funny as "hell"……maybe I shouldn't be using that term right now….and then it gets even funnier (to me) when you find out that the church has five members at the most.If I ever create my own business…Oops! I meant church, the name will be "Cry Your Eyes Out for Christ, Church of (insert name of City)".

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