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It is too hot outside to do anything much today.  We've had our early morning walk so we will probably just kick back with books and TiVo today….  or at least, that's what I will do.  The manservant will work on codes and boring things on his laptop  – my laptop has gone to laptop hospital to see what can be done about the keyboard. 

Still catching up with my photo a day pot-shots – this group commences May 30th! 

149 -  Poster on a pole near my metro station – might have been an interesting street party but I didn't notice the poster until well after the event. 

150 -  some of my thriving herbs and the hydrangeas before they got sunburnt.  My herbs are still thriving – they seem to love hot humid weather -  I suppose they are weeds of sorts that's why.


151 – captured on my way to work.  I glanced to make sure no-one had fallen out but really assume someone no longer in need had left it there.   It was not there the next morning.

152 -   brightness and cheeriness all in rows – for sale outside my metro station one afternoon.

153 – the billboards on my work metro station can be a source of entertainment to me (the go-bag poster of the previous month was replaced with this one).

154 – we used to go here when we first moved into our house and it was called Temperance Hall.   It was sold and renamed The Looking Glass and everything changed…..   this would be considered our "local"  but it just doesn't appeal anymore. 

155 – I'd love to have tried some.  One of the boarded up shops near us. 

  156 -  pointing my camera at my alley neighbours again!   I love all the wet wires -  I wonder what all that power stuff is inside their window. 

157 & 157a  – whenever I walk past this house I think of a princess and castle and wonder why there is no moat to stop us mere pedestrians from getting close.  It also always makes me chant "Rapunzel, Rapunzel….." 

158  – Dinner one night  -  Crab cups  -  a new restaurant opened on top of our metro station and we got food the first night they were open.   It's a Thai restaurant that also does sushi.

159 -  one of the boarded up (commonly called "blighted") buildings in our area.  Hopefully one day this building will be "rehabbed" – there are some lovely row houses in the same block.  


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  1. Your photos are making me homesick.Most people's DC stuff is all the monuments, but these are the city.I grew up out in Prince George's County, just over the district line, and spent my childhood looking out car windows at areas like these.Little gems.

  2. Oh I want a crab cup!!! they look very very lovely. they do look like sushi of sorts stuffed into inari pockets… I never really thought of the DC area as hurricane prone, but I suppose it is. All the photos were lovely. Hope your arm is still on the mend.

  3. When Masha first visited me in NC, it was August and hence it was 107 F that day. He asked me in the car what people did in that kind of heat. I said, "stay inside in the AC or go swimming". : ) I envy you the heat…chilly again here. People whine when it's 80. For real.

  4. I forgot to ask, was the crab cooked on those crossed electric wires? zzzt! You know, like that fad with cooking meat on car engines whilst driving down the road?

  5. I love all your pictures. I always do. Love the comments you add to them even more. You have such wit. I love the flowers. There is a place not far from me that has planted a field of sunflowers and they are in full bloom. I keep saying I'm going to stop and take a picture but I haven't yet. Shame on me.I also thought about something when you said "Rapunzel Rapunzel…I've never thought about how many of the childrens fables like that are known world wide. That's interesting, because I know you grew up in Australia.

  6. How odd about the wheelchair. Nice spotting though, I like unusual pics. Our spring and summer flowers seem to be suffering from drought and heat.
    I'm with other people on the sunflowers – wow! That brightened up my day.

  7. Thank you Apolline – these are part of my photo-a-day-for-365 days – project. I've been very good at taking the photo a day; not so good at posting them.

  8. We have friends in Takoma Park – it wasn't that long ago (when we lived on the other side of the park – upper NW) that it was hard to find a taxi driver to take us there and impossible to get one to come in at the end of the night to take us home! When we moved here 3 years ago there were no taxis just cruising Georgia or New Hampshire hoping for a fare – now we occasionally see one and taxis will bring us home now if we are "downtown". In some ways I don't want to see massive gentrification in my neighbourhood though.

  9. I remember the first time I went to the UK, in 1968.It was lovely summer weather.Cooler than at home.But people kept apologizing about the weather and going on about the heat wave.

  10. You mean they are not going to let me into Camp David? Dedicated schools seem to be our emergency shelters (though I would not have known that if you had not asked the question). Quite a few apartment blocks still have those old signs for nuclear fallout shelters though one would wonder if they were still accessible. Yes – the crab cups were just fried tofu stuffed with crab. They were tastier than inari. We used to eat sushi once a week and I always considered inari to be the sweet to end the meal with.

  11. The last hurricane that had any effect on us was Isabel in 2003 – she came in from the coast of the Carolinas. We got sent home from work in the late morning because the metro was going to close down incase people got stranded (power cuts etc). We stocked up on wine, chocolate and videos and watched the windows rattling. Some areas around the District and the Chesapeake Bay were more severely affected though.

  12. LOL – after our morning walk we had another inside day today! We've now had 34 days over 90 degrees. The average is 38 days over 90 degrees for the ENTIRE summer! I'd love an 80 degree day! 🙂

  13. LOL – that nest of wires is sort of scary – when the wind blows and it's all whipping around I expect to hear big zzzt 's and many things underneath on the ground cooked!

  14. An entire field of sunflowers? Oh, you absolutely have to stop and photograph that! 🙂 We have a weed in Australia called Patterson's Curse and when it flowers there is a purple carpet across a paddock – just lovely. I think that not all children these days have the same exposure to nursery rhymes and fables that we did. The world is a busier place and kids and parents have different priorities now. Also, there are stories we had way back then that are not considered PC anymore (Noddy & Big Ears comes to mind).

  15. Yeah the sun in our backyard is really intense all day at the moment (it's north facing) so things like the hydrangeas got sunburnt quickly. I should perhaps consider a shade cloth but then the herbs and veggies are loving all the sun so I think the hydrangeas have to just be collateral damage because in the scheme of things the food is of greater value…. 🙂

  16. I don't know that I've ever heard Noddy and Big Ears. My mother in law could sit for hours and tell one story or fable after the other. I used to love to watch her with children. She raised eight of her own and half of the neighborhood. In her older years, two of her daughters ran a nursery and she would go up there and rock the children and tell them stories she knew. She was a wonderful mother in law. I always kept lots of books and read to mine when they were little.

  17. Our poor a/c unit is working overtime. I have the thermostat set at 76 – a tad warm but it keeps the bill down and relative to outside it's "pleasant". When we leave for work I put the thermostat up to 82 – at least the house is still cooler when we walk in than it is outside.

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