Squeaky Clean….


Today was my 6 month check up at the dentist.  I've been going to the same Dental practice every 6 months for 9 years even though there have been some changes in staff over that time.  

I have never had a filling; I still have a baby tooth; I have two of the ittiest bittiest little wisdom teeth anyone has ever seen; and a third normal sized wisdom tooth which is just peeking its length out from the gum. (the 4th one never developed).  

The first dentist I saw there rubbed his hands with glee and said "oh, that wisdom tooth will have to come out"…..   I burst into tears!  I asked if it had a hole in it – no -  is it infected? – no.  

Well, then it can just stay there until either of those happens.  

Every 6 months the hygienist and a dentist comment on the tooth and ask if I've reconsidered having it pulled out.  No I have not!  In fact just thinking about them bringing it up makes my teeth ache before I get into the chair.

One dentist told me that if it got a cavity "we will refuse to fill it"… fine I thought I will never get a cavity!  

However, I did munch on a big chunk of ice which cracked a tooth, damaged the nerve and sent me in there very quickly!     

"Oh dear", he says "I really hate that the first thing we are going to be doing in your mouth is a root canal" .  At that stage the pain was radiating along my jaw, through my ear drum and all around my eye socket – quite frankly he could've whipped out 3 teeth that day if he'd told me he needed to!  

So there I was today and it's a new dentist.  He prodded around; laughed at those itty bitty wisdom teeth and commented how good it was that the old baby tooth is hanging in there.  "OK – see you in 6 months".

Wait, ,what??  You're not going to tell me I should consider getting that wisdom tooth pulled out?   Why?  he says – it's not causing any problems, there's no inflammation, no cavity.   

I looked at him – he is very young – first practice he's worked in.  As I barely know anyone here with all their wisdom teeth perhaps times are changing and new dentists are being taught if there's no problem; leave them alone – don't whip them out on the presumption that something could go wrong!

My teeth feel so squeaky clean it's almost a shame to eat dinner and dirty them.


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  1. So don't eat. But I feel the need to mention that wine stains teeth as well.I've never understood the need to have perfectly good teeth pulled out – even though I did have two yanked (other 2 didn't develop). I'm guessing that student loan payments for dental school must be a real bitch, so they drum up expensive work.

  2. My old crappy dentist thought my three wisdom teeth needed to be pulled. I only had three, also. I didn't argue so I had it done. They were just sitting there behaving themselves so I should've pushed back.
    She was a bad dentist. The one I have now I'll never leave. I love him. When you've had bad experiences and you find a great dentist, you never want to let go!

  3. I have all four of my wisdom teeth. They are strong and white and straight and fit in my mouth just fine. My dentist tried for a good decade to pull them. I always refused because his reasoning didn't make any sense. Well, they could prove troublesome later in your life. So could any number of my body parts, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go around removing them now.He eventually gave up and stopped asking.

  4. Thank goodness you got a progressive thinker. I don't know if these old-school dentists are after money or just out of touch, but removing body parts left and right is obnoxious. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth until just a few years ago, when I got cavities and it's hard to reach them.
    It helps that I have a crush on my dental surgeon. That's what I recommend if you get teeth pulled, find a hottie. Who's good at what he does, and gives lots of Vicondan. I wish I had more wisdom teeth so I can see him more often.

  5. I guess small mouths run in our family and the wisdom teeth like to develop, pointed towards the other teeth. So, we had to have both of the boys wisdom teeth removed and no matter what precautions we take, there is ALWAYS an infection. Josh got one right away. Chad got his two weeks later. I remember having a terrible infection. I think it has something to do with us, our wisdom teeth, and where they are placed, for some reason.

  6. Okay, I'll say it. I hate people like you. I've lived in the dental chair since 8. The stuff I've had done would make your head spin and possibly stomach churn. Wisdom teeth extractions? Pfffshaw. All mine were impacted and extracted when I was a teen. I went to an oral surgeon (separate from the dentist) who shot me full of sodium pentothal, dug deep into my gums, extracted the molars and stitched 'em up. Leaving that place, I had legs of liquid and cheeks like a chipmunk's and discomfort, then a week later returned to have the stitches removed. And that's .0001% of the work I've had done! Had a roommate once who'd never had a cavity in his life. I had to move out. ;p

  7. I think they are finally getting there, that if the wisdom teeth aren't any problem leave them. I have removed one so far, but for the only reason that it gave me major headaches that could turn into migraines which often lead to vomiting *yuk*. After that I had a lot less trouble. (just once in while I have phantom pains where the tooth used to be) And sometimes one of the others are acting up but not nearly as bad, so I am kind of protracting it because it costs quite a bit. But as far as I can see I have to just bite the bullet and remove the others because they take lots of space and pushed two of my front teeth forward that they are overlapping now, and as a result one of them got slight cracks.Nothing to worry about according to the dentist, but I really do not want to take a chance on it. Never mind the pressure that is bothering me and feels like I am on the verge of having the flu.

  8. Well that must have been a nice change to hear that! Too many times they try to make us go through procedures that we don't really need. Not sure if it's the money factor or if that is really what they've been taught. But I'm with you ..if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  9. I'm guessing that student loan payments for dental school must be a real bitch, so they drum up expensive work. Yeah – you are probably right about that. I had white wine this time……… actually, I'm on a white wine binge at the moment – it goes better with the hot weather.

  10. I'd never had a dentist in Australia tell me that my tooth should be taken out so I was surprised when told here that it should be. When I started telling people here though I found so many people who'd been told their wisdom teeth should be taken out and had acquiesced. I'm sure they've marked my file with "difficult patient"

  11. Really I dislike the dentist. I hate having to hold my mouth open for forever while they jab in my mouth, I also cant stand when they are working in our mouth and decide to start talking to us, you inside my mouth so how do you expect me to answer you!?

  12. they could prove troublesome later in your life – that's exactly what I've been told every visit here except this last one. Even if I'd known how troublesome my foot was going to become, I would not have had it amputated (though a few times during those 5 months in casts I seriously thought about hacking it off myself!). I'm pretty sure many other parts of me are going to become troublesome before my wisdom tooth does.

  13. gives lots of Vicondan. I wish I had more wisdom teeth so I can see him more often. LOL Emmi – you are funny 🙂 My new dentist looks about the same age as my eldest son – it would seem wrong to have a crush on him…….

  14. It's strange to see this little baby tooth between two adult teeth. One dentist told me they could put a bridge type of thing on it to make it the same height as the others! That made me laugh – like you I am proud that I still have a healthy baby tooth.

  15. I just hope he stays in this practice and his ways not be changed by the partners who realize he is not bringing in as much money as they do ….. (that would be a shame).

  16. looking into the mouth of a cash cow when they see a wisdom tooth…… that's what I think. I'm sorry yours got infected I'm sure that was really nasty and painful. My one dental experience (the damaged tooth) was right up there with childbirth for pain! 🙂

  17. Actually my daughter is having a similar problem to you with the headaches. She has braces and they think the pressure involved in pulling the teeth in is causing her to have migraines. Not sure they will do anything until the braces are off and see if the problem goes away. Poor thing she's had a lot of issues with her teeth- she got her father's teeth.

  18. Yes – I hope he stays in this practice as it is incredibly handy to work. When I had that root canal done, I went in my lunch hour – LOL – I even went back to work afterwards but once it became apparent that I could not pronounce the name of the company at the switchboard (drooling and numbness will do that), they sent me home.

  19. LOL – it is weird how dentists always start asking questions just after they've got their hand or tools inside the mouth! I hate it when they use a tissue to hold or move my tongue – that makes me feel like gagging.

  20. Ooooh, a little jealous of your dental health, I have to admit! And your chocolate shoe…Happy Birthday, by the way! Sounds like you guys are as hot there as we are here in the other Washington. I know, my comments are all off-post, but hey, I've got kids swarming and clocks ticking and I'm lazy, so I like to read more than I like to comment! Doesn't take so many free hands…

  21. LOL Kimber – I don't know how you get time to read and write at all! I had a lovely birthday though I've not munched into the shoe yet (what self control!). We had the hottest June on record and July looks to also break that record. Normally we have 38 days above 90 for an ENTIRE summer and we've had about 40 now with still a month+ of summer to go!

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