A few missing things….


The – 6-Y-H-N line of letters is not working on my laptop.  Neither soft touch nor tough love will get them to "print" on the screen.  I'm at the mercy of the manservant's generosity to share his computer until I get this problem fixed.  So, excuse me if my time limit runs out before I complete the rounds of my neighbourhood!

The left lens of my reading glasses fell out the other day when I was washing them.  I have it sort of  back in but the frame has cracked and stretched and the lens wobbles around inside it depending on the angle of my head!   This can make writing appear to wobble too!  I hope I don't lose it totally before I have a chance to get to Target or CVS to buy a new pair.  

I missed posting my June reads at the end of the month. At the end of June I'd read 32 books towards the 50 book challenge (read 50 books in 52 weeks).  I think I'm on target to meet the challenge unless I suffer some type of injury which prevents me from reading!  (damaged limbs have not succeeded).

These are the books I read in June:

The Lacuna – Barbara Kingsolver  - 

I got really emotionally involved in this book.  It is fictional but at times I really wondered.   It is set first in Mexico and then in Asheville, North Carolina in the period 1929 to 1951.  It is a story told through a series of journals and it touches on the political upheavals of those years from Trotskyism, Stalinism to McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee. It also delves into mass hysteria and the media's intrusion into personal lives.  It also has some fabulous paragraphs describing food!!  


Every Man Dies Alone -  Hans Fallada  -  

A big heavy book that I did not attempt to cart to work.  Considering the length of the book (543 pages)  I was surprised at how quickly I finished it. It was really gripping as I developed a real need to know the outcomes of the central characters.  It is also worth reading the history behind the book and the author.  The book was published in 1947 (Germany) but not translated until 2009.   It is the story of a working class Berlin couple who took on the Third Reich with a postcard rebellion in 1941.   The book was written in 24 days by Rudolf Ditzen who'd spent a lot of his life in prison and asylums.   Ditzen wrote more than 20 books under the pen name Hans Fallada which he took from Grimm's Fairy Tales – Fallada from "The Goose Girl"  and Hans from "Hans in Luck".



Rough Country – John Sandford  – a great metro read.  A couple of times I almost missed my stop!!  

The 3rd book in the Virgil Flowers series  – murder, jealousy, blackmail, greed and good old fashioned anger.


A couple of months ago I mentioned reading my first James Lee Burke book 

and a few people recommended I try his series featuring New Orleans homicide detective Dave Robichaux.  The first book in that series is Neon Rain published in 1987.    I immediately liked the character and whizzed through this book which involved Robichaux taking on the mob, the Feds and other cops.

I followed up that book with the second one in the series  – Heaven's Prisoners   – a much more intense book involving a story of Robichaux's personal revenge.  Published in 1988 -  I thought the writing was better than the first.  I'm looking forward to finding the 3rd – 18th books so far in this series 


Broken by Karin Slaughter -  another fast paced metro book. Featuring previous characters Sara Linton and Lena Adams.  Murder, assumptions and crooked cops.  

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  1. Gah, computers! Don't you hate that?
    So her name is really Karin Slaughter? Wow, cool! Pen name or not, it caught my attention. Book sounds quite good too. Thank you for the reviews.

  2. I had a friend who owned 10 pairs of reading glasses, scattered all over her house and in her purse and shirt pocket. She was always breaking or losing them, so she would buy another pair, then find the old ones and lose the new ones. I thought it was kind of a neat idea, though. Drugstore reading specs aren't that expensive, and with multiples you can leave one in your desk at work, one on your desk at home, etc.

  3. You are the second person in a matter of days suggesting James Lee Burke to me. I was whining that I miss murder mysteries but don't seem to like them anymore.And I'm laughing 'cause when my other friend was telling me about his books, I thought Dave Robichaux was a second author to check out. I'm going to look for that Every Man Dies Alone book, too. I love pre-war books that take place in Berlin. Well, not pre-war but close enough … I love that you said you couldn't wait to read what happened to the characters.

  4. I'll be curious what they charge for your keys repair. Of course, in your land of $5 cupcakes, it won't be cheap and prob'ly 'bout double what we with the $2 cupcakes would pay!

  5. I'd recommend starting with the first one in that series called "Blindsighted" – I think her real name actually is Slaughter – at least she's not a doctor LOL. I'm really missing my laptop – I can't even surf the web effectively because I can't type in urls that contain the missing letters. Hopefully it will have a trip to an Apple store in the next few days……

  6. Eyes, brain and computer going – just as my shoulder is getting better! I did feel a twinge in my knee too last night as I was going up the stairs ……

  7. LOL – yes reading on the metro is fun with my wobbling lens. It's even fallen out a couple of times!! Just plopped onto a page! πŸ™‚ The CVS has stock inside it now – the expect-ation is building!

  8. I used to have a pair at work but they went missing off my desk one night and I haven't got around to replacing them. I would cart these back and forth in my bag so I could read on the train and then take them out when I get home and wear them on the top of my head. These were $15 at Target – I think the CVS ones might be cheaper but they didn't have the +2 when I went to buy these after one of the sides snapped off my last pair. This w/end I will check out both places – maybe I will indulge in 2 pairs as a special treat! I will put the Poisonwood Bible on my wish list as I so enjoyed The Lacuna I would like to read more of what she's written.

  9. I was surprised at how quickly I got totally involved in the story – I was annoyed that I had to interrupt reading to go to work! I might look into some of his other works though maybe not until I've read my 50…..

  10. You were the one who recommended The Lacuna to me along with The Slap (which I haven't found yet). No, I haven't read Poisonwood Bible – I'm going to put it on my wish list though.

  11. LOL – we used to occasionally read the same books at the same time – which I found annoying! (he would read them while I was at work and I would read it at night). I'm lucky in that I have nearly 2 hours a day captive on the train to read.Hopefully one day I will be reading a book by Lady! πŸ™‚

  12. Hopefully I will know by the w/end. There is a new Apple store in Georgetown (land of the $5 cupcakes) but we will go suburban – not because we think it might be cheaper (I imagine there is price parity at Apple?) but because it is easier to get to on the metro.

  13. I think you missed my meaning there Emjay.I hope you will be reading my book one day. It's coming right along. It won't be long before I will start needing critiques on it..so get ready.

  14. Oh that's funny I have something from Padura in my to-read pile. It's Havana Blue – it's the first one he wrote in the Mario Conde series but it is not the first one to be translated.

  15. Is Steig Larsson on your list? Hi Purple πŸ™‚ – Yes, I read the first two in previous months and I just finished the third one on the w/end. I think each book was better than the previous. I wonder what he would've written next if he had lived…..

  16. After only ten years? Lord Emjay, that's too early hon! It should be, Manservant is home, throw those books out the window! I thought there was a reason you called him the Manservant!!!! lol

  17. I've been sitting here for twenty minutes trying to think of what to say to a lady who no longer has a n,h,y,6,^ line in her life. Tough love indeed! Hope you can get it cured. Have you tried sweet talking the astrodweeb into a new apple? Bet ya could… πŸ™‚

  18. Emjay, was thinking about your delima while tossing and turning to the tune of insomnia last night. Alt codes. I don't know why I didn't think of it yesterday. My bad. Alt key plus four digit code. Prints a letter (or special symbol), and can be used in place of typing the corresponding letter or symbol. Found web site who still had listing of the codes. Its a bit old school, but could be useful in a pinch. http://www.alt-codes.net/ , good luck my friend πŸ™‚

  19. I'm sorry I featured in your insomnia Raymond! But, thank you for the link and the idea! I tried those on my laptop – I have a mac so my alt key is called "option" and it didn't seem to produce the same letters. I will have to investigate further though – I'm sure it's just a matter of finding what combinations on a mac produce the letters I need. It was wonderful of you to get back to me on this!

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