PotShots: Days 142 to 148

And here we continue with the photo-a-day-for-a-year in Emjay's life……  (I am behind in posting but not in recording)…  
142 – this is my hydrangea before the hideous heat hit.  I can assure you they do not look so pretty anymore…

143 a & b  – this guy practises most afternoons as I'm getting off the metro – around 6pm.  Hopefully his neighbours don't hear the din over the noise of the traffic even though you can hear the beats from across the road!  He's up about 6 stories…. 


144 – Something is eating the basil besides me and I am not happy! 

145 – Strawberries from my garden – served with a little goat cheese that has honey in it (divine!)

146a – a twofer day.     This is the infamous Watergate Building – I remember being disappointed the first time I saw it.  I was expecting something grander perhaps – or sinister-looking:

146b -  this shows how far I am behind in posting my potshots  -  this was the 26th of May – these are the anniversary flowers and balloon the manservant had delivered to me at work! (I got a ride home this day which is how I got a photo of the Watergate building on the same day).

147 – the first people to go in our office when lay-offs started (about this time last year) were "support" staff – admin assistants, secretaries, PA's….   there are not many of us left – one Department bribes me to assist them – with yummy chocolates!

  148  – these little guys were so adorable – how could I pass  by without using my pot-shot of the day on them:  


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16 responses

  1. You have taken a wonderful array of pictures. I guess that is the great part about taking one every day, you take them of so many different things! The drummer in the balcony is unique! I wonder if he noticed you or if he was too busy concentrating on his drumming.

  2. Your poor hydrangeas! They are usually pretty hardy, I planted one last year at the office, a white one. It got really big over the year and it's just starting to bloom though the blooms look like they are only halfheartedly blooming. Anyway, those 2 100+ days they started wilting, I hadn't seen that before, but they perked up with a little water, and then once it cooled. Did you get any rain? We got a little bit this afternoon and more this evening.Anyway, the pink and green together is so vibrant, I love that photo.The Watergate building is kinda cool looking. I'd forgotten what it looked like.and mmmmmmm those ice cream bon bons look delicious!and Puppies! always a good subject. πŸ™‚

  3. hydrangea before the hideous heat hit. I can assure you they do not look so pretty anymore… – lol, yes, they certainly don't stand up to the heat well, I can picture it all wilted.

  4. Thank you FS – most of the time I will just see something that strikes me as my photo of the day; fire off a shot and continue on my way. Sometimes I get to the end of the day and realize I've almost forgotten to take one – then you get photos of my food! LOL.

  5. I have two hydrangeas and yes they must be hardy to have come back from all the snow that lay on them for months. When it got so hot I probably slackened off a bit on watering them as I was concentrating on my herbs and veggies which are in pots and dry out much quicker than the garden. It wasn't raining when I went to bed but it is now – wonderful, great big drops – and we're supposed to get them all day! Yippee!

  6. so much going on around you it is so wonderful to see…. Tonight I was going to take photos of the space station going overhead tonight but it was too hazy to see it well just some light in the sky!looks like you got something in the garden hunger-yer then you it is funny how they seem to find a garden in the middle of a city to have a little nibble!but you have your chocolate bribes to keep you going also a bit of music to make the day a bit more interesting

  7. Thank you Su re the photos. Yeah, I have some leaves with huge gaping holes in them – I didn't bother picking them. I'm waiting for those sections to "go to seed" and then I will dry the seeds for next year.

  8. They take pictures and post them of their food LOL – aren't we a funny lot! I don't think I have a fancy enough mobile phone to take and post on the go…. plus we very rarely go to restaurants. I'm trying to think of the last time – it was probably when we were in Australia in December! πŸ™‚

  9. I love getting off the metro in the evenings and hearing that guy playing – it makes me smile. Seeing something eating my herbs makes me scowl 😦 I bought ladybirds this year to eat the aphids and they did a great job on them but I think it must be something that ladybirds don't like eating the basil and a few other things. Luckily they are not eating my strawberries or tomatoes – but I have to be quick to beat the squirrels to them!!

  10. Thank you Procrastinator. The bongo guy is just great – banging away out there – I couldn't get his face in the shot because of the rail (and the angle of where I was on the street) but I'm pretty sure he had a huge grin on his face πŸ™‚

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