Because you expect a complaint…..


I'm not going to complain about the heat per se because we all know that we have record breaking heat in the North East at the moment (just like we had record breaking snow just a few short months ago!).  

But, I really wish they would move our "official" recording station away from Reagan National airport -   it's on the Potomac River and I'm sure it derives some benefit from the water (like a "sea" breeze).  It's always hotter in everyone else's backyards and on those bank thermometers,  than it is at Reagan.   My outdoor thermometer has said 104 for the last two days while the official reading has been 102.   

I am going to whinge about the metro though – oh what a joy it is in the afternoons when people radiating heat and horrible odors squeeze in so tightly there is no way we are not touching each other.  I found it hard to concentrate on my book this afternoon as I alternated between thinking I might be sick and thinking that I might pass out.  And, all the time wondering if I should just get off and hope that the next train is cooler – unlikely according to Metro's own web site. 

Tomorrow it's forecast to be only 95!  Heavens – I might need a cardigan!


The record-breaking heat also may make rail stations and trains uncomfortable for passengers. Rail cars may feel overly warm due to more passengers on trains and the regular opening of doors at each station stop. When the doors open to let passengers in and out of the rail cars, cool air goes out the door and warm air enters the car.

Underground rail stations also may seem warmer than usual during the heat wave. Warm air flows in through the open-air, street-level station entrances. In addition, trains entering underground stations from above ground stations pull in hot air from the outside as well. There is a misperception that Metrorail stations are air conditioned. Underground stations have chilled water air handling units, or chillers, not air conditioners, to cool the air. The Metrorail cooling system was developed in the 1970s to reflect energy conservation standards of the time. Temperatures in stations were designed to be up to 20 degrees cooler than outside temperatures.

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  1. Not quite the same situation but Brisbane's official temperature is always lower than our area's temperature because we are on the western side of the city. We guesstimate our temperature by taking neighbouring Ipswich's temp which is always higher and lower than Brisbane and finding the medium between the two and then we have our temp!

  2. Hang in there. i am mildly amused that your area (Roughly the same area my parents live in) is having worse weather than we are in Florida. Only mildly because I can imagine it's horrific.

  3. LOL, stinky people!! I am with you on this one. Armpits, people with no sense of personal space.
    J always complains that the bank's digital clock sits baking in the sun all day, so during the winter it says a balmy temperature while we all freeze our butts off.

  4. Yes when I lived in Sydney they would give the Sydney temps and Parramatta temps (23 kms away) – we figured out we were in-between whatever the 2 temps were. I have noticed my weather station starting to give some "neighborhood" readings at the end of the day which I like.

  5. It's like winter when everyone, from colder climes, laughed at our feeble attempts to deal with the snow. I got DC Alerts today from Pepco asking people to set their thermostats higher and not to wash or use dish washers between 3-8pm. They are trying to reduce the strain on the power grid.

  6. Pretty unpleasant πŸ™‚ The trains are traveling at reduced speeds too because of the likelihood of heat damaging the rails (like what happened on the Red Line yesterday). That means it is longer between trains coming and more people building up on the platform and then crushing into the train. My Orange train tonight was really horrible – the operator was telling people that if they found it too hot they should get out and wait for another train. There was a poor engineer going from car to car trying to get some sort of a/c working – not very successfully.

  7. LOL – yes, I suppose that's true about those bank clocks in winter! I hadn't thought of that. One in Dupont Circle the other day (yesterday or the day before) had 108 on it!!! My outdoor thermometer sits on our lower back deck so even if it's not "official" it is what my poor plants are feeling out there in the courtyard. I probably should hang it up a bit where some air circulates around it – perhaps that would make me feel cooler LOL.

  8. It sounds extremely unpleasant and stressful. Here we're having a record breaking number of nights with minimum temperatures around or below 0Β°C, and I'm not sure which is worse, extreme heat or extreme cold. (My house has no heating.)

  9. I wonder if you can take a heat day, just like we used to have snow days in Minnesota. It sounds like everything out there is straining under the demand for more electricity for AC, so they might as well tell everyone to stay home so they can shut down the larger office buildings and reduce some of the power-consuming services like the Metro. They also should open up all of the municipal pools and fountains for people who don't have AC to cool off in. It's easier to run a water filtration system than to run an old air conditioning system that's on the verge of burning out.

  10. I agree about the metro. Yuck, I was there a summer. I know what you mean about BO. And here, apparently, when it is 80 people sweat like water fountains, while I am nice and happy. Masha says I never sweat. LOL – not here.

  11. "..the operator was telling people that if they found it too hot they should get out and wait for another train."

    Typical Metro employee response and given prime commuting hours and the heat, its safe to assume the next train will be cooler? Think not.

  12. I hear you. It's been sweltering in Boston and I've spent the last two days running from one air conditioned sanctuary to another. Mind you, I hate air conditioning, but on days like these it's essential.102? Yes, we hit into the 100s this week as well.

  13. I live in Palestine, So the weather here in general is decent, (Thanks Gad hot air is very difficult to me even if I’m on the river or on the lake. I it’s pressing on me, plus I hate smell of sweat.

  14. Mmmmm – having now been in what I consider both spectrums of extreme weather (relative only to DC records) I think heat is worse. Today was almost pleasant at around 90! I don't imagine that many houses in Perth do have heating – thank goodness you'd had a bad winter here to acclimate a little. πŸ™‚

  15. if you can take a heat day, LOL – the company I work for never closes – even on our blizzard days I struggled into work! Yes DC Government has extended the hours of public libraries and pools and there are also "cooling centers" around the city for people to go into and get water and cool down for awhile. The elderly people across the road from me do not have air conditioning so I've been watching to make sure I see them each afternoon.

  16. LOL – you just "glow" ….. I am 5'8" tall so I'm not a total smidgen but I still get to experience the joy of having my nose stuck in some people's armpits! I suppose that means that shorter people are under my arm LOL – I am very conscious of that though and if I remotely suspect that I might be a bit smelly I try to find a seat back to hold onto rather than the rail above.

  17. LOL – yes, summer is the time that I wish most that we owned a car. I think about how nice it must be to have all that personal "cool" space around you; how people just walk from their house to their a/c'd car to the a/c'd office. But then I think about the cost of a car and running that car (insurance, maintenance and fuel) and decide that I am better off – even if I am too hot! πŸ™‚

  18. LOL – a few times I've moved from one hot car only to find that the next car is hotter! I don't get off a train now unless I really think I'm going to pass out because I'd hate to do that on the train (remember the poor guy who died on the train and no-one noticed until the train went back to its yard 5 hours later!!). I just play a mental game of "you can do it Emjay it's only x stations and then x minus 1 stations etc. And, I drink water even though it's "illegal"….

  19. " Tomorrow it's forecast to be only 95! Heavens – I might need a cardigan! "
    " Underground stations have chilled water air handling units, or chillers, not air conditioners, to cool the air. "
    LOL It's cool,comic& funny way to whinge,made me in laughing mood.

  20. Rima – if you came to DC your poor body would hate it! Hot air can be very oppressive – then the quality of the air gets bad and people do find it difficult to breath. They were advising people with respiratory and heart ailments not to go out on those really hot days.

  21. Oh Alaa – I am very glad I was able to entertain you πŸ™‚ I laughed at the metro release where it says that it is 20 degrees cooler than outside – I think the only time that happens is in winter when they are bloody cold!

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