The house still stands…

in spite of the best efforts by our neighbours.

Yesterday, within the space of less than a mile there were 3 booths selling fireworks …   

The first one – not open yet -  8.30am  

The second one -  not open either:

The third one -  closest to home – open and doing business before 9am.  We didn't actually buy any -  I just noted their presence and the fact that the last one has hand written signs saying that "We do not sell things that explode, blow up or go in the air" .  In DC "legal" fireworks are sparklers less than 20 inches, crackles, strobes and fountains.  Things noted on those signs require a permit.  I don't think many people around me get permits.

  The manservant barbecued hot dogs for dinner -  the makings:

Made:  The little green bits are chopped pepper from the garden:

And this is why we don't leave the house unattended on July 4.  Neighbours setting off noisy bright things that involve burning embers flying through the air…….   that's the roof & awning of our house the embers are coming towards:


This can make one a little nervous. We drank heavily, whilst keeping vigil, sitting on our top deck – we constantly had things raining down on us. Everyone in our row has timber decks – a lot of us have timber fences.  It has not rained for ages and the wood was like kindling. At one stage they set a fence on fire.  They did have a fire extinguisher on hand but still ….  not cool!


Raining over the wooden deck rails: 


And raining down on us


Incoming  – from all directions!! 

  Prettiest one of the night:  

This is a small collection of the crap which made its way onto our top deck last night.  Those little stone/glass things hurt when they hit you!  


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  1. I'm glad your home was not burned. Why do people in the city do this? Idiots! I, too, live in a very density area, yet people were blowing things up all afternoon/evening in the courtyard of the apartment across the street. I was glad it was raining, figuring that would help squelch any would-be fires.

  2. Thank you re the photos. My camera was struggling a bit – it has quite a lag time while it "writes" so I missed a lot of good ones (of course the ones we miss are always the best ones!). It is lunacy really to set these off so close to homes. I'm sure the fire department really hates this time of year.

  3. damn. that's pretty bad having all that stuff fall on you among the ember showers. Maybe you should have hosed down your deck beforehand!Your neighborhood is obviously a lot worse than mine with fireworks, my next door neighbors did theirs on Saturday. It's always the neighborhoods where the houses are closest together where people have to have fireworks in the street. I'm always waiting for something to land on my car or roof. Last night I walked up to the convenience store and saw a couple other street displays on other streets, not mine, though when I came back one of the kids a couple houses down set off a firecracker in the middle of the street (with his father on the porch). I guess it's a guy thing, they just love to blow things up and make loud noises. If we had our way, there would be no leaf blowers, firecrackers (in the neighborhood, leave it to the pros) or loud car engines, haha…But, I also noticed a couple giant temporary tents with a huge FIREWORKS sign on it over the last week, and all I could think was, since when are fireworks legal in PA? People go to Delaware for them, so I guess it's just to try to get you in there thinking you are actually going to get the 'good' stuff, based on what you said that handwritten sign said.My dog hates the noise too, which is one of the big reasons I hate it. I turn on a movie or something but he's running around barking, wanting to go out in the back yard to bark at it from there, so either way I get no peace!

  4. My word….at least you drank heavily in order to handle the stress of the entire episode. Not fun having it come towards you!! The fireworks set off in our neighborhood are overseen by parents that make sure that they do not land of the nearby houses. Wow, your pictures are fantastic but I am sure it was hard for you to enjoy the fireworks with embers raining down. I am glad your deck survived the night!!

  5. the dogs look yummy. the rest looks frightening. I was similarly shocked to find people setting off similar fireworks in our apartment parking lot. THank goodness my car was parked in a seperate lot. I was just waiting for the Fire department to be called, or for a childs hand to get blown off. As far as I know neither occurred, but I closed the doors and windows as someones car horn got stuck…..

  6. I think the city ought to pay you and the manservant for sitting outside to make sure the neighborhood doesn't burn down on the 4th. This year the fire marshal in our town was making grave threats to anyone caught firing illegal fireworks, but for that whole week I saw nary a fire marshal, deputy or cop, even though some of the explosions sounded suspiciously like gunfire. (My brother calls them "mortar rounds.") When the actual 4th came along, our street was so thick with smoke and sulfur I shut all the windows and turned on the air conditioner.

  7. do they only sell fireworks on the 4th or are those extra sellers or illegal or..?? we have wooden booths that start appearing in late June but can only sell July 1 through was surprisingly low if illegal fireworks here in the hood this year. i think i only heard 1 M80 and saw maybe 30 bottle rockets total. in the past, there would be about 100x that.and i'm fortunate to have a slab & tile roof. there's more concern about palm trees catching on fire – but I didn't see any of that either. it was oddly quiet around these parts.glad you and your home survived1

  8. The alley is so narrow that it really is a silly place to set off these "big" fireworks – there are wood fences along each side and the wood decks. The place next to us (the one that's been for sale) has long dead grass in their yard – it would've been so easy for that to go up in flames. The really annoying thing was that as they got the bigger stuff out they moved further away from their own home towards us! The manservant did shout a bit after we got showered with stuff from Roman Candles! I think people here go to South Carolina for the "real" stuff – and then sell it out of the back of their cars…..I felt so sorry for all the animals last night – it must have been a horrible time for them.

  9. Yes I thought last year was worrying (the year before was our first July 4 here and it rained that night) but this year bordered on scary a few times. Two of our neighbours (a husband & wife) knocked on our door today to apologize – they got a fright when they set a fence of fire and realised how stupid some of their behaviour was.

  10. Our houses are all joined together so it's particularly silly to have them so close – they set fire to one house and a whole lot of other houses are likely to burn too – including theirs!. There is a rec center with a big athletic field at the end of our block (with a huge hole in the fence so they could get in) – I wish they'd gone down there. Even the front street would've been better as it's wider than the alley – I suppose as the fireworks they were using were illegal it seemed "safer" to them (in terms of not being caught) to set them off in the dark alley.

  11. The more alcohol consumed; the more risky the behaviour last night. They started off putting them inside a cinderblock to keep them upright and progressed to holding them!! I certainly expected someone to have a hand blown off when I saw them doing that. We heard many sirens during the night so I'm sure the fire department and ambulance were kept busy – poor guys!

  12. Yep – it's amazing how quickly adults can turn into irresponsible kids when it involves fire and big bangs! Our fire chief also issued warnings about fines ($1,000) for illegal fireworks but I doubt they actually went out looking. It certainly wouldn't have been difficult for them to find perps last night – all that evidence right there in the sky.

  13. The booths start popping up at the end of June – I'm not sure if they're still there today (it was too hot to go walking). I think there were more illegal fireworks here this year – or maybe it just seemed that way because they were closer to our house this year. I couldn't help but think about the thousands of dollars that must've been spent on them – people spend money on strange things when they don't have money to spare. They went on until around 2am (at least that's the last time I consciously heard bangs). Your poor cats must hate this time of year. My stray cats were no-where to be seen last night.

  14. I enjoy profession fireworks displays but absolutely hate all the cracking, popping, exploding and raining down of junk caused by fireworks purchased from fireworks stands. There were some houses in the St. Louis area that burned down because of fireworks. We've had very little rain, so all the fireworks going off for the last WEEK did make me nervous.
    We went to a fireworks display at a neighboring community last night. We parked the car in a neighborhood and then hiked the rest of the way to the park. Just as we walked around the corner fireworks were shooting all over the place and exploding all over the cars. It looked like someone's stash of fireworks was blowing up….things were shooting back and forth across the street, just a few feet off the ground. Thankfully, we were out of the line of fire. I'm glad we hadn't parked anywhere nearby. I have no idea if anyone got hurt. I never heard any sirens.
    What a stupid and very dangerous waste of money!!!

  15. Even if the law does not prohibit the use of fireworks, your neighbor had the duty to exercise reasonable care while playing with the fireworks so as not to cause injury to anyone else or shooting stuff at their fellow house!!

  16. Oh LBeeeze that's exactly what I'm scared of. At one stage people in the alley were running in all directions and trying to hide from a firework that had fallen over and was shooting its nasty stuff all around at face height! That's when the fence caught on fire I think. Then we heard a girl giggle and say "Oh, that's so cool I got it all on video". …. it would not have been so "cool" if someone had been blinded. And yes, I agree about the waste of money – a huge waste that I'm sure most people can't really afford to squander on something so fleeting.

  17. Go get some acreage and have at it!! Exactly Rima! They could even have walked to a park not far away and let them off (though the chances of them being caught with their illegal fireworks would have been higher).

  18. Thank you Bettina – it was weird to be looking upwards as these things rained down. Our natural inclination is to bow our head not bare our eyes (and camera lens) to such folly. What I need is a pair of welder's glasses for next year! 🙂

  19. What totally blows me away is that it's ADULTS too…..out there with their kids. I don't know what happened the other night, but I thought it was so stupid I didn't even want to take a picture of it. Stuff was shooting back and forth across the street. It looked like a scene from a movie. I'm sure some of the cars got ruined paint jobs.

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