Lush is good …..


I had a hair cut this morning…..   as Gwynn ran her fingers through my hair she said "wow, usually with women your age I don't have to thin hair out"… 

I wondered should I be offended that my age was showing or pleased that at my age  I still have enough hair to cover my scalp!   

I don't think tact is Gwynn's strong suit but she does cut my hair nicely.

I proudly walked my lush, middle-aged head home past some lovely lush gardens:       

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  1. That garden is lovely and I'm sure your hair is, too. But whenever I hear a comment that includes "women your age," my hackles go up. What the heck! Is that supposed to mean we're "usually" bald, hunchbacked, saggy, and frumpily-dressed?

  2. I always complain about my thick hair but I know I'll be thankful for it one day. I usually think that when I see those old ladies with the perms where you can see all the scalp in rows.

  3. I don't know if it's lush or not, no one ever said that one to me, but I have a lot of hair. I definitely refuse to complain about it though, because like "cat" said, I look at those almost bald ladies and think shewwww, that could be me especially at "my age!" People, especially young ones aren't always real tactful. I always loved the line in, (what was the movie?) where Kathy Bates bumped the car out of the parking space and said "I'm older and have more insurance!" Yeah Emjay, we're older and have more hair! HA!

  4. usually" bald, hunchbacked, saggy, and frumpily-dressed? LOL – well, there are a few of those around giving us a bad name….. You are right about such comments usually coming from the young – I think this girl has a grandmother my age πŸ™‚ (that's scary btw).

  5. LOL – we women are a fickle lot GOM but usually once we find a hairdresser who cuts well fairly consistently we tend to stick with them as long as possible – she will have to try harder to get rid of me.

  6. LOL – yes and their little scalps are so pink. You have much thicker hair than me – most of my time in the chair today was thinning not actually cutting so it must take ages to thin yours out.

  7. Yeah Emjay, we're older and have more hair! HA! LOL – that's great! Fried Green Tomatoes was the movie I think. You have pretty luxurious hair I think. And, it won't be long before those tactless youngsters will be on the receiving end…..

  8. It's hard to find someone who cuts fairly consistently so I'm prepared to put up with a back handed compliment occasionally. I think she's all of 24 so to her I must seem older than ancient.

  9. Thanks Emjay. When I went to cut it all off recently I was told I made a really good donation to the oil spill thing they were doing. Lots and lots of my hair was piled up in the floor that day.

  10. OMGosh….I went to a new stylist the other day. She was very, very young and had a way with words….the wrong way!!! So, so wrong it was stupid funny. I wanted so bad to like her….but besides giving me bright orange highlights she sprayed me in the face and slung highlighting goo on me. Thankfully the cape caught the goo or she would've ruined my favorite jeans.
    The haircut isn't bad, but it's really, really short. I also have very thick hair. She used something like a plastic comb with a razor in it to thin my hair. She raked it through over and over again.
    I tried covering the bright orange highlights (she stylist didn't charge me for the color and highlights) but no good. I'm going to have to try again tomorrow….just how I wanted to spend my weekend.
    Lush is nice. Very lush photos you have there!! I'm sure your locks are lush also.

  11. yep, the old apologise for having thick hair guilt trip – I so understand that one! hairdresser had to deal with all three women in our family and their thick hair yesterday. Revenge!
    Love the photos.

  12. Oh my goodness – what an awful experience!!! I never wear "good" clothes to the hairdresser because I always assume something bad is going to happen to them though it never has. I colour my own hair so I only have myself to blame if it turns out weirdly – I did once put a big blob of red at the crown of my head and not comb it through the hair – it took ages for that to wash/wear out and looked awful – luckily I'm tall so not a lot of people had to look down on it LOL. It is hard to find a good stylist – it's a trial and error exercise which can be frustrating. It took me a few tries (and bad haircuts) before I found Gwynn so unless she says something really offensive I will just smile and indulge her her comments. I love short hair – especially this time of year – I just towel dry it and I'm ready to go.

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