It Wasn’t The Kids Making All The Noise…


On Saturday the air was saturated with the sounds of Soca and Reggae; Calypso and Steelbands.   I'm sure the bitumen of Georgia Avenue suffered some sort of tectonic shift as the music was so loud it literally vibrated through the roadway and up through one's body. 

This was the set up on one vacant block and I can only assume that the older man stationed there as a sort of security person was already deaf!   (blurry photo due to someone bumping into me as I took the shot – and I only took one):

  There were many huge trucks trundling along at walking pace – all with their beds stacked with speakers like these -  at first I thought only one girl was going to be deaf before middle age – .

  Then I discovered there was a second girl:

But all the action and noise could not keep this little girl awake:

This little boy had just caught some beads thrown into the crowd by the politicians in the parade: 

Another cutie with beads: (he looks a little worried about me though!)

This little girl watched herself dancing along the street in the wheels of a large truck:

Someone spent some time in a barber's chair:

And, this little guy just couldn't walk one step further – but he looked so lonely up there on his own… 

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13 responses

  1. "and I can only assume that the older
    man stationed there as a sort of security person was already deaf!" – lol. You do wanna go up to that last little boy and give him a candy bar or perhaps a hug or kind word.

  2. The little guy just looked so sad and dreamy up there – I wonder what was going through his mind as the truck thread its way along the street – all these people staring at him.

  3. Sigh..I am dyslexic. Not in the spelling but in sounds. Added to my slightly odd personality, it makes people who do not know me well think I am a bit bonkers or either on something. I apologise immensely!

  4. Oh don't worry – I wasn't offended at all. I thought it was funny. One of your other Vox neighbours is Jaypo so I just assumed you'd either just finished reading something of theirs. LOL – at work I have to be careful not to be reading something at the same time as I answer the phone or I'm likely to say something off the page to the caller!

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