Is it over yet?

I really dislike winter – the times the frigid, biting wind stings my ears; when the water running from my eyes attempts to freeze on my cheeks and my nostrils are joined to my lips with stalagmites. Oh, and, all that snow & ice – yep, I dislike winter.  

But, I really hate summer.  Yes, I know it's only the first day.  No, my body will *not* acclimate.

It was 97.1 in my courtyard yesterday; 94 on Saturday;  94.4 as I type this at 6.30 this evening.  

I know many people love summer – barbecues and the beach; sitting at outdoor restaurants; hiking. Not me – I want air conditioning and as little outdoor exposure as possible.  Summer is when I wish most that we had a car.

I don't like that it's difficult to get dry after the morning shower; that clothes lose their crispness as soon as they get over my head.  That I walk to the metro feeling moisture develop in every crevice & fold.  That I stand on badly ventilated underground platforms waiting for trains not knowing if the carriage I step into is going to have working a/c or not – and then having to decide if giving up a seat in a hot carriage is better value to swapping and standing in a less hot carriage (there is no such thing as a cool carriage – only in winter).

I don't have clothes that are thin enough and I think that even walking around in bare skin would not be cool enough especially given that some hormonal action means I'm often running hot anyway.  

I can't buy ice-cream at the store because it will be flavoured milk by the time I walk home – even though I don't really like ice-cream. Chocolate becomes a goo-ey mess inside the foil; lettuce wilts and bananas over-ripen.  

Yep, it's the first day in a series of long hot days……. summer is here and I'm full of whinges.

My cactus likes the weather though: 


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  1. I'll trade you a couple of our days in the low 50s, cloudy/rainy for some summer heat. (We're experiencing "Juneuary" here in Seattle.) I don't think I could stand more than two days of the temperatures you've been getting though. Best wishes for finding a/c wherever you need to go!

  2. Boy, nothing makes you happy … lolThe humidity there would KILL me. I can take the heat that we have – which is similar (and higher the later we get into summer) to yours – but heaping humidity on top of it is just plain wrong! At least when it's a "dry heat" the shade of a tree offers a little relief.

  3. Compared to Japan after the rainy season, the humidity here is nothing; I would break out in a sweat that would drench my undershirt simply by having a cup of coffee in the morning (no A/C in the house)

  4. We've had 7 days above 90 so far this June – that apparently puts us as the 3rd hottest June at the moment with 9 more days to go….. LOL – I like "Juneuary".

  5. Oh – I think there are about 4 months a year when I don't complain – the end of March into the beginning of May and then September- October. I grew up in "dry heat" – that's what my body is genetically tuned to LOL.

  6. LOL – my plants never quite get it right! It was inside sitting next to an air conditioning vent so it probably thought it was winter. I just moved it outside a couple of weeks ago – it was covered in pink flowers.

  7. I can not bear winter myself, luckily I seem to have adjusted to the wet heat of Florida. I remember walking aorund the DC area though in summer as a child. sweltering. I could never get a Christmas Cactus to bloom around the holidays either.

  8. well….at least you don't have to shovel? (trying here…)It's been tough, I agree. I hate to complain about the summer because I do prefer it to the winter, though I am starting to mind-over-matter not mind winter so much. But it got hot and humid really quickly and it has been really tough to acclimate. These last few weekends warmed up early in the day due to the humidity and even though I have a/c, once I took the dog for a walk I was pretty wiped out which is why I can't seem to get much done in the house.But yeah, it's humid here…but it was even worse when I went to live in Houston….and even worse when I visited New Orleans in the summer. It's like soup!Just think about your shiny red shovel on your way to work, that will keep you cool! πŸ˜‰

  9. It is so much easier to pile on some clothes than it is to strip down far enough. I would love a storm – it would be wonderful to have my rainwater tank full again.

  10. I was in Orlando one April and I thought the humidity was awful then LOL. I look at the tourists coming through DC during summer and wonder how they do all that walking amongst the memorials when it is so muggy.

  11. Just think about your shiny red shovel on your way to work, that will keep you cool! πŸ˜‰ Ha LMAO – that is really funny! On Saturday morning I was going to walk to the farmers' markets about a mile from home – I got 3 blocks before I decided that I was only going to make it to our Soviet Safeway at 4 blocks. When I got home my bags of salad were sweating as much as I was.

  12. many people love summer – barbecues and the beach; sitting at outdoor
    restaurants; hiking."""Nope. Around here it's too hot to do any of that — sometimes I bbq first thing in the morning so food is cooked for later.I'm with you — I hate hate hate being hot. (and believe me, people hate being around me when I'm too hot )

  13. I have to say, I'd rather be cold than hot. You can always put another layer on–you can only take so many off! And like you said, even being naked wouldn't solve the problem. (Especially not the ice-cream one…)

  14. Okay, I make you deal: send the degrees you are fed up with over here. We've barely made it to 74 C and that only for a couple of days. Mostly it's 66-ish. And is suppose to be our summer this year! Yay…. And we usually jump start summer in the beginning of June because at the end of the month we are almost "halfway through". πŸ˜‰

  15. I can't say I'm looking forward to landing in DC at the beginning of August! I too hate heat and humidity – together they just suck out every bit of energy and leave me wilted and lethargic.

  16. I am so with you – I suffer deadfully in summer. Not that our winters are anything like yours, but I would happily have 12 months of winter to a summer any time! How did you survive back here though?

  17. Definitely avoid Bangkok! It's summer here 365 days a year. I guess there are two or three weeks in either December or January that are bearable. I'd love to have seasons other than "hot and dry" or "hot and rainy" πŸ™‚

  18. Just think in just a few short months Autumn will be upon us, than winter and these hot days will be a forgotten memory. But while its hot I intend to b*tch and complain 'cause no matter how cool you take your shower 30 seconds after you step outside you feel like you need another shower.

  19. I agree. Since heat makes me physically ill, I turn into a virtual prisoner of the AC in the summer. From the house to the car and into a store or whatnot. If I must be outside, I wear my ice vest. What a bother. It is a shame because it limits what I can take my kids to do. I would imagine not having a car would be very difficult in the summer!!!!!

  20. I watched new people move in across the road on the w/end – they pulled up in two U-Haul trucks and worked for about an hour before they disappeared for the afternoon and came out in the evening to complete the job. I'm guessing they were feeling pretty lethargic by bedtime!

  21. You'll *never* complain about the heat!! LOL WB – that may be so….. like you though I think I would find it depressing to not see the sun very often – Vitamin D and all that.

  22. Brisbane weather is more like Florida's Miami & Melbourne – more humid than DC. – though our average summer temperature (according to Wikipedia entries) is higher here in DC. I grew up in western NSW – very hot but dry…… I then lived in Sydney for 20+ years which we called humid in summer but which has nothing on DC (or Brisbane). Neither houses had air conditioning! Age and hormones have softened me! LOL.

  23. LOL – well I guess you needn't worry about me dropping in to see you! πŸ™‚ Part of my first honeymoon was spent in Thailand – but that was a December – I'm glad to know we managed to visit in the small window of nice weather.

  24. I have a floor fan in the bathroom now and when I get out of the shower I stand in front of that for a few minutes – sort of air-drying – it cools me down.. feels wonderful. Then I come down to the kitchen and start getting all my stuff together to walk out of the house and yes, I feel like I need to start all over again in the shower.

  25. My parents had ac installed the summer I left for college. LOL typical – when I went off to uni my parents moved from near desert to closer the ocean! The thunderstorms here are really impressive (and frightening) – the weatherman tells us that "thunder is your friend – when you hear it, it is time to find shelter" – that makes me laugh but every year someone is struck and killed by lightning during a summer storm here so it is good advice.

  26. There's no law, but a good friend of mine was told by her sensei that she could not complain about both extremes. She must choose only one to complain about and learn to live with the other. We both readily agreed to whine about summer and learn to deal with winter. You can always pile on more clothes and blankets and throw another log on the fire!

  27. Oh yes FS – you must find it incredibly difficult in summer. I complain a lot about it but generally I manage to make it through the summer without collapsing – I've had some nasty headaches though – probably heat stroke.

  28. LOL – well that's why I say I "dislike" winter but "hate" summer. I was telling someone at work today that I've never felt cold when walking in winter – you just walk faster (I do have problems with keeping my face warm though), but there is just no way of walking in summer that you feel anything other than hot, very hot, incredibly hot, …..

  29. This afternoon someone passed out on a train on one of the lines I travel on. They never take the sick person off; they offload all the healthy people and start single tracking the trains. This lead to delays so that by the time I got to my change station the platform was packed! All those hot sweaty people putting off heat in an already overwarm tunnel. It was an uncomfortable trip home! I think we are expecting your 100 degrees tomorrow and the next day……

  30. That's so awful. I have asthma and when it gets really hot and close like that it starts to get very, very difficult for me to breath. I'd be scared to ride in a train like that.

  31. Everyone was complaing about last summer, because it was fairly cool and rainy here (most days were in the 80's). I loved it! I wouldn't mind another summer like that…no humidity would be nice. I detest humidity!

  32. You need to go on holiday. Somewhere with cool water and frozen drinks with umbrellas in them. And reggae music. And buy some cotton long dresses and wear them with no underpants. And no bra or a cotton one. Yes, that is correct. That is what I do. The air will circulate and you will fell a lot better.

  33. You got to love how time changes everything when we were all younger the hotter the better in summer and who cared it was fun to play in the snow!what a shame to have to live cooped up in an artificial environment but it sure is damn better then freezing to death in the winter and overheating in the summer

  34. And no bra or a cotton one. LOL – you must've been precognizant of what I was going to write today about not being able to get my bra done up! A holiday sounds a wonderful idea……

  35. LOL – absolutely Jamie! We would've run through the snow in bare feet – well some of us might have πŸ™‚ It's nice when we are younger and too full of enthusiasm for things to be worrying about the effect the weather is having on us.

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