Days 131 to 141 of 365


131 – The Caution tape across the roses looked funny and is what attracted me to taking the photo.  The fragrance as I walked past was gorgeous but the flowers were speckled with soap from the window washers above.

132 -  Oooh – my legal drugs just keep getting closer & closer.   The CVS supposedly opens in the first or second week of July.  

133 – freshly roasted coffee.  I first roast a batch of medium and then a batch of darkish (not the darkest). Roasting the dark always sets off the smoke detector – 15 minutes with that shrill noise can almost send a person insane: 

134 -  a great Mexican restaurant called Taqueria Distrito Federal.  It used to be one of those places described as a "hidden gem"  but now it is discovered and tooooo busy: 

135 – this is the frontage of a house across the street from me.  I think the gentleman of the house is finding it more difficult each year to care for the plants.  Many neighbours lodged complaints when he constructed this many years before my time here but he had all the required permits at the time. 

136 – We have no outdoor lighting on our deck except for motion detector security lights – when we have friends over it was annoying having to jump about every 5 minutes to keep the lights on. I solved the problem with some lovely square candle holders (hurricane candle holders??) from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  $20 for two less my 25% coupon.  

137 – Billboard on my metro station.  Every afternoon I would look at this and think "yes, I really should do something about that" …  the sign is not there anymore – and I still don't have a proper bag.

   138 – a piece of equipment I had when I was rehabing my foot after it had sojourned in casts for 5 months.  Initially my foot was like a solid block of wood on the end of my leg and pedaling helped loosen the ankle and went a long way to helping me get down steps again.    I recommissioned it to help my shoulder as they make me warm up on a similar device at PT.   The dust indicates how much use it was getting as a piece of exercise equipment between injuries!

139 – A wishy thing in the garden. 

140 -  a couple of times a month I get a ride home with someone who lives relatively close to me in the world of car drives.  The drive through Rock Creek Park is lovely – surprisingly, given the line of traffic, it is half an hour quicker than taking the trains home. I think on this day I was thinking how much I would like a little convertible.

141 -  this made me laugh out loud.  The girl was racing to get past the strip club and the dog wanted to investigate.  You don't see it clearly in the photo but she was really having to drag him past. 

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  1. The girl was so intent on keeping her eyes down as she hustled past the strip club – it was pretty humorous. The "tan" coffee beans are a light to medium roast – just one minute can make a difference to the colour. The darker ones here were roasted for 25 minutes and the lighter ones for 22 minutes.

  2. Thank you so much Freedom. The restaurant is so pretty; the food is great but there is not much seating so the wait is long now that it's been discovered. You can still usually get a table for breakfast if you go early.

  3. like a tampon! LOL – don't they have dispenser machines in the toilets? At least you should be able to find a pad in a hospital. :-). I'm still doing PT twice a week. I nearly have full ROM lifting my arm upwards in a Roman salute but I'm about 30+ degrees short on the lateral raise (no good snow angels with that arm) and putting my arm behind my back I can't get near my bra yet. It's a long process getting this back!

  4. I always so very much enjoy your photo walks. They're always so interesting and fun. I think it would be easy to get lost for hours looking at and photographing all the interesting things in your neighborhood.

  5. All those great Photos that is one thing in the city you always find something new and different when you pack so many people together in such a small area!Also Love the guy who put up the stuff and had the proper permits first … you can not make everyone happy but when you have the paper you sure can shut them up!Hope you are getting better and maybe you might get a chance to dust off the excise equipment in the future…..Also poor roses hope it was a bio degradable soap

  6. It's amazing to think there is such a lovely park right there in the city – you could drive along Wisconsin/Conneciticut/Georgia and never realise it's there.

  7. Thank you so much LBeeeze – it is going to be harder to find the enthusiasm for walking over the next 2+ months. I was going to go to the Italian street festival yesterday – until I heard what the forecast temperature was going to be!!

  8. I noticed today that the roses are now covered in orange construction tape – poor things might be struggling now. Yes – you are right about there being so many different things to photograph in a small area – all these people squashed together and all of us with different ideas of what looks nice.

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