Early morning walk…


The next two+ months will be bloody hot, humid and unpleasant for walking – unless you get up with the sun:

This amused me – if you only speak Spanish it is more important to know when the park closes than the rules of walking a dog there???:

If you want more than one sandwich go to the right  -  I also love the comma on the end as though the menu might one day be expanded: (it might be hard to see unless you click to enlarge the photo but their signs differ when it comes to  "sandwich"):   

  Where do you go if you want a bad cut?:  

Thank goodness we don't own a car……. 

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  1. Thank you Karen. I feel as though I am chronicling the neighbourhoods around me and it will be interesting to walk the same paths in a year or two and compare photos.

  2. I saw on one of my local community blogs (like a noticeboard) the other day where someone had collected a *lot* of dog poo; written a note about responsibility of dog owners to pick it up and delivered both to the front door of an alleged non-responsible person! Don't know whether it will work but I'm sure it wasn't nice for the person to open their door and find it all piled up there LOL – one can only assume that not all the poo belonged to that home's dog.

  3. LOL – when I went out searching for the bins last night I had a good look under there as I walked past – no person but I could see their "nest". The house is under contract now so hopefully we'll have people around soon.

  4. Thank you Freedom. I love the shop signage around me – I'm never sure if it's really poor proof reading or just the way they want it – perhaps a combination of both. LOL – the name of your hairdressers is quite clever how it ties in to her husband's business.

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