More Thunder

While I waited for the ceremony to begin on Saturday I wandered amongst the bikes and the riders.  Most of the riders were Vietnam Veterans and many of them had done some R&R in Australia.  They had very fond memories of their time there – I heard some "good" stories…….

I took over 200 photos of the bikes alone – Harleys were the bike of choice (of course):    

Helmets were left on the bikes: 


A really important "vehicle" 

There was so much gleaming chrome that it was hard not to get a few distorted self portraits: 




On the other side of the plaza I found the poor relation looking pretty sad – the helmet was the most colourful one I saw though: 

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  1. Were you getting the itch to hit the open road with the freedom on a motor bike! You got lots of great photos of the bikes hope you had a good time and enjoyed yourself…. bet that bike in the last photo was of a guy who did not want to get laughed at so he parked his big hog far away

  2. Thank you Lady. I rode pillion on one a couple of times (many years ago) – it was thrilling and exciting at the same time. I would love to do one of those tours where you go on the back of one through the Grand Canyon (or some other fabulous place). I still have a motor cycle licence – maybe I could just ride it myself LOL.

  3. Oh yes – when I was standing amongst them all I definitely felt a pull to just jump on one. I'm not sure my arm/shoulder is strong enough yet to handle one though. LOL – that last bike seemed so out of place – I'm pretty sure the owner stayed well away from it until all the Harley's had gone.

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