I need more blueberries…

As I walked past the fruit bowl with my breakfast this morning I noticed the avocados were ripe enough to go into the fridge.  "I must put those in the fridge after I've finished my eggs". 

Finish eggs; clean up plates; start organizing lunch.  "Oh,  I must remember to put those avocados in the fridge"  

Lunch organized and in bag;  half-way up stairs to get dressed:  "Oh, I must remember to put those avocados in the fridge before I leave the house"

Dress; Clean teeth; Apply lipstick – mentally remind self again about the avocados.

Half way to work on the train:  "Oh, damn,  I forgot to put those bloody avocados in the fridge!"

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  1. Here's how I deal with my bouts of forgetfulness: Ahem! I am much too busy with everyday life to let trivial task upset my applecart. Some days I have a BIG ego. Have a great weekend!

  2. Once they go just- ripe I put them in the fridge to stop them getting riper – I hate ripe-ripe avocados and in the hot house they can go from edible to not in just one day.

  3. I was reading an article on "change of life" recently and it suggested carrying around a little notepad to write things down that we needed to remember. I thought, in that case, I might spend most of my day writing notes instead of getting anything done! LOL.

  4. Wow. I'd really like to say something about people getting older and forgetful … but I'm much to nice of a person to do that.My wife laughs at me for writing EVERYTHING down – like the big list I made of things to do during my last vacation. Then we get home from the grocery store only to have her tell me she forgot something … and I remind her that everything on my list was done.

  5. I don't like avocados once they get ripe-ripe – I like them still firm – the same with tomatoes and bananas. I popped them in the fridge as soon as I got home – they are softer than I like but not too bad. Some research has shown that blueberries are high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals which supposedly improve memory – or at least slow down the decline in memory.

  6. Ha – I recently wrote out a long list for the manservant and then found it after he'd gone. He doesn't have a mobile phone so I was waiting with baited breath to see which items he'd forgotten. Well, no joy for me – he remembered everything I'd written!! He has one of those brains that retains things he has read – if I'd just told him what we needed he'd have forgotten before he left the house.

  7. Actually I have a big list I put out every night, usually with a headline of "Don't Forget"!! Then I write: Cell phone, coffee, lunch in fridge, etc.

  8. somebody makes those as door hanger tablets (like "do not disturb" signs). Just found them at Uncommon Goods but they're out of stock… guess someone forgot to order more!

  9. LOL Emmi. I've been known to hang a plastic bag of things on the front door handle so that I can't forget them – if they're on the floor near the door I've been known to step over them and leave them!

  10. Mashed avocado mixed with some camembert cheese; put into vol au vent cases, sprinkle with a little parmesan and heated in the oven for about 10 minutes is really good!

  11. Haa, that's a great idea. I also leave stuff at the door. The last time I went to the vet I left myself a note that said, "Don't Forget the Cat!!"

  12. For memory and other mental conditions including dementia, no medicinal herb is more known or recommended. It's been used for thousands of years, is extensively used in Europe and one of the top three selling herbs in the U.S. Like any herb, just be sure to get one of quality. (Costco's brand is excellent and well priced.)

  13. I don't know how many times I have been at the store, seen the avocados and thought they looked so tasty…and by the time they got around to ripening, the craving was gone. Just didn't sound good anymore. And I would say, you know, I should freeze this or something…but I know what happens to stuff I freeze. I NEVER use it. So I throw them away. Sigh.

  14. At least you eventually remembered it. I walk to the other end of the house and forget why I went there….retrace my steps to try to remember. Makes me so mad. So, did you avocados survive?

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