Things that amused me this week:

Photos taken during a walk around the neighbourhood next to mine. 

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  1. What would it be like to live in such a diverse neighborhood? Personally I'd love it! That pizza sign and the Clinic for the Hurting are my favorites.

  2. Oh gosh, I want to start a Clinic for The Hurting! I would stand behind the door with a baseball bat, and when the customer came in, I'd start The Hurting. The only issue is… how to get my money first?

  3. LOL…I am chuckling at LOM's comment. Definitely, the clinic for the hurting really stood out. It even mentions a prophet which made me really wonder! I also like the sign that has such diversity in their menu as to serve Chinese, Mexican, and sub 🙂 (not subs, mind you!).

  4. LOL!Oh can I stand inside and watch? Maybe I can pick up the loose change as it rolls around the floor. Emjay, this is quite an eclectic place! 😀 Looks like fun!

  5. Yes, I love where we live – there is always something interesting to watch or explore. The area in these photos is about 15 minute stroll from my house.

  6. The Clinic for The Hurting made my morning – I've thought about wandering back one evening……… my area would probably provide great material for one of your books.

  7. Yes, we had a bit of a giggle about the Prophet – it has a little sign there which is hard to read on the photo… it says: Apostle Bennie L. Murphy.LOL – someone misjudged the font size so the final s in sub wouldn't fit. I love the idea of Chinese Mexican 🙂

  8. Wish I had my camera with me yesterday. I was strolling home from the crappy mexican food place at the end of the street just in time to see a big truck (Ford Super Duty or something) driving "stupid & slow", like it was searching for a parking space and ignoring the one across the street. Then it double parked and a fully red-robed buddhist monk got out of the passenger side and went to a neighbors house. And that's when I could see that the driver was also a fully robed monk. Totally bizarre in "the hood".

  9. Excellent! You're hired as receptionist! In fact, we could get you a little desk, and you could collect their money before I start The Hurting!You have to agree that we spend all our profits (prophets?? :P) on Chinese Mexican, though.

  10. I always loved the English language for how it can be so messed up when used even when used properly the imagery it paints is as good when it is butchered

  11. I now have a craving for Mexican egg drop soup, Burrito egg rolls and and Stir-fried refried beans. Yum I feel a road trip coming up.Hmmm the hurting clinic sounds interesting too I am just wondering to does one hurt before or after the visit? Food for thought, the photos are great thanks for sharing.

  12. I loved this. My boyfriend teases me because I love taking sign photos. Great character in this neighborhood.
    I heart the gift store. Love the Fish carryout too.

  13. sounds like something that would be on Monty Python. LOL – yes it would make a wonderful skit. They could have it next to the Ministry of Silly Walks.

  14. Ha LOL – isn't that always the way. I've always got my camera in my bag but sometimes (especially during the time I only had one working arm) it is just too hard to get out and by the time I do get it out the sight is out of sight!

  15. all the places that have two signs that are exactly the same!!! LOL – yeah that's strange – like they have to catch people coming from every direction.

  16. The fish carryout is sort of weird because it's difficult to find the entrance and it's a fish shop with chicken.LOL I intend to go back and look inside the gift shop – it wasn't open when we walked past – too early.

  17. Do you know, I didn't notice the "Ferret.." until I put the photo up
    here – I will have to go back and look. Nothing was open when we
    walked past but I love the idea of buying a lottery ticket with your
    fish and having a key cut while you wait for the fish to cook.

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