Catching up on the project:


Photo of the day challenge  -  I've been consistently taking the photo-a-day but I've been slack in the posting.

I'm going to Physio (PT) twice a week, and conscientiously sticking to a strenuous home program which is eating into my energy (but is increasing my range of motion). 

I was going to do this last night but then we went to yet another community meeting – which prompted the manservant to say "if we keep showing up at these meetings we will find ourselves volunteered for something"… 

101 – Here are my Day lilies – I'm expecting lots of blooms this year:   

102 – The planters along our top deck railing – no flowering annuals this year – just greenery which came back from our cold winter:

103 – Shot of my tree lined street -I love it when the leaves come back on the trees: .

104 – funky indoor plant which battles along in spite of my negligence (or maybe because of it).

105 – Waiting for a taxi after a visit to my Orthopedist's office  – the day he told me I could start weaning myself out of the sling.  

106 – Someone asked me to record a greeting on their voicemail.  This was my "thank you"…    You can have my voice any time if you pay me in Godiva!!

107. -  Some of my neighbourhood "art"

108.  – the only domesticated animal we own – and he never needs to be taken outside 

109.    oh no, it's half empty already…

110.    Just about ready to eat…

111 – Little pretties on the outdoor table: 

112 – my orchid getting ready to burst into gorgeous flowers:

113 – just what we all need

114 A burst of colour at my front door.  I feel sorry for the meter guy who has to battle his way in here every month. (and we wonder why our electricity bill never seems to be right!):

115.  I had a couple of days when I was really taken with my new "pets" – the lady birds:

116.  just wandering around looking for a mate or an aphid

117 It's never too late in the day to get your nails done in my neighborhood – this was about 10pm on a "school night"

118 The Potomac River makes a wonderful play-ground in the late afternoon.  The buildings in the background are those of the swanky Georgetown area. 

119  I just love the bright colour of these. 

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  1. LOL – actually, I volunteered to distribute a Neighborhood Coalition (who thinks of these names) Newsletter and only did one month before my brittle bone incident meant that the manservant had to deliver 2 issues! We were both very careful to keep our hands out of sight when they were looking for people to volunteer for some budgetary committee….. We're going to miss a few meetings now just in case we were starting to look "keen".

  2. LOL – luckily it's an Iztcuintle – used as a guide and companion of the dead – he doesn't eat much – though it probably wouldn't turn its nose up at some good fried chicken.

  3. The voice mail thing is quite funny. Many of the voicemails in our office have my voice on them and a couple of friends have asked me to do ones for their small businesses. This was a stranger who came to our office – I said "sure just give me your secret codes"… it was 3 minutes of "work" for that lovely box. The poor little doggie is a Day of the Dead Dog and we've only ever called him "dog". I'm quite impressed with my outdoor pets – they seem to be doing a good job with the roses.

  4. Thank you Freedom. I'm currently getting up at 5.30am just so I can complete my home program before I leave for work and then I do more stretches in the evening. I have PT appointments, twice weekly, through the end of June and I really, really, want that to be the end of them – that is my goal anyway even though the therapist said I might have to come once a week through July. I was pretty excited to realise I could touch the right hand side of my head in the shower this morning – LOL – small things amuse etc. I can almost wash my hair with both hands!!The Japanese maple in our front yard is gorgeous and also gives some privacy to the front windows. There are 3 massive azaleas in there – 3 different shades of pink. It suffered a bit from the snow lying on it for so long this year. I would've pruned them back a bit if I hadn't had my arm "incident" 🙂

  5. So I take it no frost has hit there well here a few people have lost plants from planting too soon….. and it is so nice your lady bugs are staying around eating to there hearts content!

  6. Thank you Deborah – I love coming up our front path while the azaleas are flowering and the maple has its colour – it's a nice warm welcome home. Last year I put some annuals in the deck pots as well as these – I haven't bothered with annuals up there this year – it's difficult to water and I really want hardier things – so far these green things have proved they can survive snow and ice now I just have to test them for a summer!

  7. Oh no – your poor tomatoes! I hope they come back. We were a little worried last w/end when the weather people issued a "frost alert" – it got down to the high 30's a couple of nights but no frost here in the city. We've just had a tremendous thunderstorm complete with hail – I'm not going to look at any damage that might have occurred until the morning – after everything has had a chance to spring back up! LOL.

  8. I hope your plant is a hardy one then Emmi :-). We got a new free tree from the council (the one we got in 2008 died – probably from lack of water). I saw a workshop on caring for newly planted trees and it said they needed 20-25 gallons of water a week. The manservant has been busy carting buckets out to the nature strip to water it! I don't think they would be likely to give us a 3rd free tree. If we let this one die I suspect we go into the naughty book.

  9. Hey–how are your peonies this year? I was just looking at pics of my garden last year and confirmed that this year's peonies are smaller and have fewer buds. Since we had about the same winter as you did, I'm wondering if yours are a little on the lame side this year too or if it's just mine.Also, I was thinking about you because I found a ladybug on my peony and relocated it to my aphid-infested honeysuckle. Then I went back a few minutes later and didn't see the ladybug (though she may have still been there, just in a different place since the honeysuckle is pretty thick)

  10. Thank you Apolline – I'm glad you enjoy my photo of the day – I'm just always behind in posting them but I have trained myself to remember to take a photo every day now. One night I was in bed when I remembered and raced downstairs to take a photo of something before midnight LOL. The fat coloured women were really wonderful – they were my favourite (the manservant liked the basketball player best).

  11. Hi there, – I did take some photos of the peonies one day (must be in the next lot to be posted). I intended to go back and take more photos but then we had some hideously windy weather and all the petals blew off and the flowers just looked sad and ragged. I dug up a lot of bulbs and gave them away at the end of last summer so I didn't have as many come up this year – I was actually a little surprised at how many I must have given away!! LOL. I think the size of the ones that came up was the same as last year but I certainly did not have as many blooms.

  12. Oh that always seems to happen. As soon as they are in full bloom, they're out for a day or so and we get a huge downpour (or 12) and then they are ruined. I only have one bloom right now, and a bunch of buds. Maybe they'll make it past this week's rain.

  13. Oh I hope your buds come out nicely. I don't have any buds left now so mine are done for the season. I just found the photos of the pink ones in my back yard and posted them. I hope your little ladybird/bug kills all the nasties on your honeysuckle – if you had that many perhaps it got a tummy ache and was having a lie down under a leaf…..

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