Daughters who become Mothers


Three generations of mothers……  my Nan (middle),  my Mother and Me.  My daughter, the Princess, will be 21 this year – too young to be a mother yet – or perhaps I mean that I am too young to be a granny!

Happy Mother's Day to mothers all around the world  -  especially to my own mother who is just waking up to her day in Australia.

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  1. Your photograph reminded me of the ones I have with my children, my mother and grandmother who died when she was 95 in 2000. Good days. I just rang my Mum and spoke to her, she is spending the day with my sister. Mr FD is currently on the phone to his. We are off to Daughter1's for lunch.

  2. This is the only photo I have of the 4 of us – I love it. I've just spent two hours trying to ring mum and having it ring and ring with no answer. I could not imagine my parents getting themselves out of the house by 7am so I had to send an SOS to Cat ! LOL. I eventually got through by using Skype (internet) instead of the "real" phone. I hope you have a wonderful day at your daughter's.

  3. Yes – the time has really flown. The princess is about 2-3 in this shot – she has little knock knees! LOL She will be 21 in September and I will be going home then to help her celebrate.

  4. Omgosh, what a fantastic picture! Make 5 copies of it so you are sure to preserve it for future generations. Pictures are so very precious.
    Happy Mothers Day to You Emjay!

  5. Beautiful! Happy mother's day! My oldest is starting college this fall. It is not only not possible, but terribly disturbing to be old enough to be the mother of a college student…she started school early (really tall, and reading fluently at a very young age) and then the state will pay for them to attend college instead of grades 11 and 12, and get their AA jointly with the high school diploma. Good deal, but somewhat terrifying to send her out there!

  6. Pictures are so very precious. You are so right. This is the only shot I have of the four of us so I really do treasure it. I'm in the process of scanning all my old photos so that I have electronic copies, – just in case. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you LBeeeze – I had a very low-key day. I spoke to my mother and children yesterday (as they are all in Australia) so today I just lazed around πŸ™‚

  8. You don't have family in NE Louisiana do you? LOL – wouldn't that be funny! I don't think so but then my father (an only child) emigrated to Australia and lost touch with a zillion cousins – perhaps some of them came to America……..

  9. Hi Kimber – I hope you had a wonderful day. LOL yes it is disturbing when our kids start doing things they don't seem old enough to do. My eldest is 25 and has just finished an apprenticeship (Locksmith) – he had a few false starts LOL. I felt really old when he got married at the end of last year.

  10. the memories are sweet. Oh yes RM, I have wonderful memories of long ago Mother's Days – both from my point of view as a child and as the mother. I spoke with my mother and my children yesterday – (they are all in Australia) and today we spoke with the manservant's mother in NV – the timezones made it seem like we had two Mother's days πŸ™‚

  11. I love family photographs and they are a wonderful way of recording fashion. My hair has gone through various lengths but now it looks very similar again to this photo.

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