Something’s not quite right…..


Last night I came home to find that the house next door, empty for a year, is suddenly on the market – I whipped out my camera to record the moment:  

Being interested in knowing what they were hoping to get for the house I went to the website on the sign only to find that it was not listed last night.    I checked a few times during the day today until finally details appeared late this afternoon:  

Ownership Type: Fee Simple
Type: Townhouse 
Status: Active
List Date: 05/06/10
Status Date: 05/06/10
Price: $ TOO much!
Location:     Next door to Emjay
Bedrooms: 6   (Only if you include Emjay's 3 bedrooms)
Full Bathrooms: 2
Approx Lot Size (Acres): 0.03758
Approx Lot Size (Sq.Ft.): 1637
Year Built: 1920

But something strange happened overnight – the house took on a whole new appearance…..  this one probably really does have 6 bedrooms but it is not the house at this address. 

This was the photo on the website accompanying the details for the address next door.

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  1. Oh – excellent eyes!! I think you are absolutely right. That just shows that the lazy estate agent didn't even bother coming to take a photo!!! He's grabbed the image from ages ago before the building was split into two places! Thank you – mystery solved.

  2. I wonder if he found the photo amongst the papers of the deceased lady. It was a nice old building though in obvious disrepair. The little window above the front door is filled in as that is where the division occurs between the houses – what a shame as that would've let light in on the stairs.

  3. So somebody took what was a 6 unit apartment hosue and split it up into 2 units. I'm guessing the price is somewhere between 800 and 900k? There are some in this area who still have their heads up their arse over a realistic price for a home.

  4. I spent a lot of time over the last year walking around looking at colours people have painted their brick houses – the house is going to need painting this next year but the manservant and I can't agree on a colour that we both like. I have seen a few with exposed brick and I do think they are attractive – but we might stick out a bit being in the middle of a painted row. (I'm not sure how you do it – diluted acid wash maybe?)

  5. Basically I think the whole row was one giant apartment complex which they cut up into about 14 houses. The price is less than half your guess but the place needs a lot of work done on it – most of the timber out the back has rotted and the deck needs replacing. Not sure of the condition inside. There is a "bank owned" house further up the street for $300,000 which is bigger and there is a bigger fully restored place (with a garage) across the street for $560,000. We are close to the metro but we don't have many other amenities at the moment.

  6. OOPS! and, LOL with Katiebell's comment!Speaking of wonky estate agent stuff, When I was helping my son and his friends find a house to rent together a few months ago, we discovered there is a scam on craigslist where people post photos of actual houses and then want you to mail them your deposit money, then they will mail you a key. Om…how about no?

  7. Oh! How lovely! Either in the old or the new version. Of course the old one is to prefer.And I am amazed again, even though I know it. Whole houses for 300 000 (no matter how much work has to be done) For that kind of money I could almost buy our apartment we live in with 61m2, no balcony, no garden.Does anyone live in the other half? Or are they selling both as one for those who need 6 bedrooms?

  8. So how much will they be renting your bedrooms for? šŸ˜‰
    I agree with RM, lazy agent. As a buyer I would be extra cautious these days. I bet there's all sorts of deception going on at this time.

  9. 0.037 … acres? Is that a real measurement? Why don't they just say "microscopic?" Yeah, I know, in the city that's probably considered big enough.And, I agree … 400K for a short walk to the liquor store, strip club, and all the crack you could want … sounds like a deal! ($400K around here would buy a hell of a lot of land with a decent house on it, btw.)

  10. you do have some amenities, I mean, a strip club and a liquor store, AND a very bright pretty high school if you have children!!!! LOLOLOL .. very true. There is also a CVS being built a block away – progress of which I've watched with the excitement of a child watching for the ice-cream truck!

  11. Yeah the loss of 3 bedrooms is going to be pretty obvious! I believe too that she put another bathroom in downstairs as she quite often did not go up the stairs to bed. Hopefully there will be an Open House and we will go in for a sticky beak! We'd only ever got to the entrance before and the back door.

  12. post photos of actual houses and then want you to mail them your deposit money, then they will mail you a key. And, sadly, I bet quite a few people sent the deposit!! The house has one of those little lock box "things" on the step railing we share, so that any agent can bring people to look – I wonder how many will try to open our door too!

  13. I quite like the exposed brick on the old building. The row of apartment buildings was built in 1920 but sometime in the 80's/90's they were separated into "houses" and the brick was painted. I think I would like to take ours back to the original brick now – not sure how our neighbours would feel about that with their pastel-type paints. The prices around us are fairly low as our area is not very "classy". We live on the right hand side and the one for sale is on the left.

  14. So how much will they be renting your bedrooms for? ; LOL – a hefty proportion of our mortgage… I just hope they don't want to use the bathrooms too!! Yes, I'm sure there are many shoddy things happening in property sales at the moment.

  15. LOL microscopic – and there are smaller places than ours around! According to google .037 acres equals 149.733688 sq. metres or 1611.72 sq. feet. When I had to shovel all that snow I was pretty pleased to have a microscopic block. Yes you really can't pay too much to have such conveniences so close! šŸ™‚

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