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The manservant and I are involved in a grassroots community group which began last year as a response to development happening along Georgia Avenue for which there was no community involvment. I don't want to be one of those people who complains after something is built when I have the chance to object to it in the beginning. And there is plenty of development needed – in a stretch of less than 2 miles there are 70 vacant storefronts – boarded or derelict.

The last meeting was held in the E.L. Haynes Charter school which has featured on my blog before because it was built between a liquor store and a strip club.    


The school opened at this location in June 2008 – a 46,000sq foot building for 450 students – it is named after Dr. Euphemia Lofton Haynes, the first African-American woman to receive a doctorate in mathematics. She was a teacher in DC's school system for 47 years, and the first woman to serve as President of the DC Board of Education. 

Before the meeting we were given a tour of the building by the founder  – everything is super bright, cheerful and motivating.  


As we toured one side of the building I realised you could see our house from the large windows. I've told the manservant now that the weather is warmer there is to be no nude sunbathing on the deck – little kids have really good eyesight! 

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  1. Nice borough ! … The school is beautiful and attractive. Passing by on my blog, you can read that we have the same concerns about our each of our town. Have a nice day. Many loves

  2. it's strange for me to see a school for young children, built between such establishments. especially the strip club.
    what will this mean for the school's future? any progress in the discussion?

  3. Also … I wonder what the teachers there do on their lunch break? Be a hard choice to make … liquor store? … strip club? … crack house? … or drop by Emjay's to help keep her in an upright position?

  4. lol Grouchy! Hey Emjay, I grew up real close to downtown Atlanta and I used to love being able to hop on a bus and go walk through town. So much to do and see. If I could afford to live there I would probably move back today. I think it is awesome that you live in town like that.

  5. The school is lovely and bright and full of optimism. Their main goal is encouraging children to aim for a higher education. The drop out rate of children in DC schools is very high. Yes – development without conferring with the people who live in an area can lead to a lot of friction – and some very ugly developments.

  6. The strip club and liquor store were there before the school so they really didn't have much leverage to do anything. I think it would be different if the school had been there first – citizens then have a much bigger say in rejecting liquor licenses for establishments. The development application had been approved and permits granted for the school before we moved here so I'm not sure how much community input there was for the whole thing. We did hear that they had decided the strip club was not that big an issue as their trading hours differ to the school (they open after school has finished and children have gone). I am uncomfortable walking past the liquor store as there are always men in varying degrees of intoxication standing around so I certainly would not want a child of mine walking by on their own. They do have security guards and police outside the school in the mornings and afternoons – this was instigated after children attending the school were being bullied by kids going to local state schools, or no school at all, and not by the presence of drunken men. Sometimes society is a strange thing!

  7. I wonder what the teachers there do on their lunch break? LOL – I think once they arrive they are locked in for the day – only to be let out at 2.30 or 3pm when the police and security guards come back to line the block.

  8. Thank you Ladywise. There is never a boring moment where I live – even walking to the metro at 6.40am! One morning a guy asked me for money that early because he wanted to go to Africa that day. Another morning a young, drunk or high, lady had dropped her bags on the footpath and tucked her dress into her knickers so she could bend down to pick them up – I suppose I should be grateful that she had knickers on LOL I am a veritable sticky beak so I love having something to see each time I leave my front door.

  9. The whole school was really quite inspirational. I was very impressed by the founder who is also head of the school. It is all about keeping kids in school and encouraging them to uni. They have uni pennants all around the school for them to aim for.

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