What is wrong with people….


As per the Orthopedist's instructions I have been weaning myself out of the sling this week so that I've gone whole days without it now except in the "uncontrolled environment"  of the dangerous outdoors.  The doctor's reasoning is that outside my controlled bubble of home and office I need something that will make people aware that I am injured and so more careful not to bump or knock me etc etc.

Our building management threw in a fire drill today so I dutifully put on the sling as I was about to enter the uncontrolled environment of the fire stairs.   I would have to go down 3 floors and a basement level of stairs to get to street level in a building populated on 8 floors.   I opened the firewell door and then stood, and stood and stood as people descended past me without anyone offering to "let me in".    I needed to be let in so I would have the rail on my left side to hold onto.  Eventually someone did allow me….  (I wish I'd counted how many people went past first).

As I am the Office Manager I'm always informed by Building Management when they are going to have a drill.  I pass the information onto our Safety Director and we leave it at that so he can assess how well employees have learnt the evacuation plan and that they know where our meeting point is.  So,  I knew today was a drill so I was not overly stressed about it,  but I was certainly annoyed.

It reminded me of an incident a couple of years ago when I was in the cast and on crutches.  I was informed that there was going to be a drill and the building manager told me that I did not have to leave the building but that if there was a real fire I would have to make my way to one of the two fire escapes and wait for a hunky (or probably more) fireman to carry me down the stairs.

Anyway,  the alarms went off and people rushed out past me, racing for the escapes without a second glance at me sitting forlornly in reception.  As I watched people leaving I turned it into a private survey to see if anyone would stop to wonder how I was going to get down the stairs.  Then the smallest lady in our office ( a few years older, not even 5 feet and less than 100 lbs) came along and asked what she could do to help me get out.  I was really touched as she was the one person in our office least likely, physically, to be able to help me.

I already held great respect for those people who spend their days running into situations to help people get out of  danger but I am in awe of a personality that makes them so willing to do so, when here I am, working with people who barely give a thought to helping someone out at the same time as they are going!

After a pleasant half hour in the sun today we went back in and were given a little reward for the inconvenience of having to enjoy some time in the gorgeous weather.     A chrysanthemum  (oops!  thanks to Cranky who is a way better horticulturist than me and noticed they are actually Gerbera daisies).  The manager gave me a second one for being so good-natured about the timing of their drills.  


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  1. The safety director is picking on you …It is amazing that people will run right past someone needing help, and even run right over them. I was waiting for you to say someone had shoved you out of the way.I find that a cattle prod gets people out of my way quickly …

  2. An incident in my morning had me asking the same question..what is wrong with people? They are so self absorbed they have no time or consideration for anyone else. Having grown up in a much different time, it is disconcerting.

  3. Just FYI, you ought never entitle a post "what is wrong with people" if I'm present! There's not enough space in a comments box, or the entirety of Vox space for that matter, to give you the answer. Your incident is case in point and I best politely leave it at that.

  4. You are so right Emjay, and that was really the basis of my post the other day about the way people give money back to you. It's thoughtlessness and it drives me crazy. I am like "Random musings", I grew up in a different era when people went out of their way to help others. And like "Waterbaby", God don't get me started on the subject of "What's wrong with people" either, because the list is mighty! I also felt like "Crankypants" and "Grouchy" in that I was relieved no one ran over you and hurt you.I think "Grouchy" has the right idea. We should all send each other cattle prods for Christmas presents. And since I don't seem to have a single original idea on this subject, I will shut up now! lol

  5. LOL – thank you for pointing out the identification error. I'm still learning what plants are what….. Thank you re the banner – I was driven home through Rock Creek Park the other day and this was one of the little bridges we drove under.

  6. Having grown up in a much different time, it is disconcerting. I think that "different time" must have been a much kinder, more considerate and tolerant time. The lady I refer to who previously offered help grew up in such a time.

  7. LOL Ladywise – I enjoyed each comment that you made. πŸ™‚ It seems that every day we hear of things happening which are so inconsiderate it makes one shake their head in bewilderment and wonder what happened to just plain old good manners.

  8. I know what happened Emjay. This entire generation has grown up pretty much with both parents working. So many kids come home after school to an empty house and they end up learning more from television and video games than they do from their parents. Not really the parents faults but that's it in a nutshell in my opinion. I know when I was raising my kids I worked some of the years and was able to stay home some of them. The years I worked my kids grades would drop and they would get unruly. Once I quit work and stayed home and had them on a regimen and was able to keep up with them, they did much better. I could tell a big difference in them.

  9. @Ladywise – Wow, I have to so disagree with you. We came home to an empty house to chores and work and also homework. TV was not allowed. Reading was. Permissive and/or lazy parenting is the parents' fault and the result is seen in the kids.

  10. That's true Waterbaby. I wasn't going to go that far, but you are exactly right. And of course there are so many variables in everything to do with life, especially when it comes to raising kids. I wouldn't want to do it all over again, I can tell you that.

  11. It sounds like the people you work (except for the tiny sweet lady) are incredibly self centered and selfish. It's completely inexcusable that your co-workers didn't offer to escort you down the stairs so as to protect you from being jostled around.
    I'm so sorry this happened. It's hurtful. If I would have been there I would have definitely offered to help.
    I do like your pretty gerber daises!!

  12. Emjay survey says: most people suck, but there are a few bright shiny people in the muck. (I came to this conclusion as a child.) I think next fire drill you should be able to have a Star Trek Taser and anyone who shoves past you or leaves you in the foyer (wear your leg cast too) gets zapped from the planet.

  13. It's sad the way society has become in past decades. And I shutter to think where it's going. So many people are about themselves. I can only hope that something changes so that the nice, observing people wanting to help others won't be the minority.

  14. I think Gerber Daisies are sooo beautiful. But, I don't have much luck with them reflowering. Once the original flowers are gone, it seems to just sit there and look tired. I get impatient and think man, you are taking up too much room and producing nothing. lol

  15. When I was employes at the university library I was in a role where I had to supervise a team of people evacuate the four floors of our work area and ensure all students had woken up and left. We were told to park people in wheel chairs in the stair well as they might survive two hours there with the fire doors shut, if not recued before then. I always wondered if I would feel compelled to stay with them if the situation was real … but then again I was suppose to be one of the last out and give the ok for my area. I suspect I would have run over people to get out!

  16. That's just cold, the parking people in the wheelchairs. I would think they could have people carry them down the stairs! Kind of like, here's your iceberg…off you go.

  17. We had an exceptionally rude and confrontational customer yesterday in the form of a heavily made up and short skirted woman. I was like, GRRR….control yourself…Yes, what is wrong with people? Why act like that? The poor young man I was training was gob-smacked. I have to tell myself, she must be well miserable at home. Or I would wop her with the cash register.

  18. I'm fairly certain you would have been the first person I thought of. I would have been concerned that you got out without someone jostling you around. I would have been worried. I just don't understand how those people could be so uncaring.

  19. But, I don't have much luck with them reflowering. LOL @ your impatience. I replanted these today into bigger pots and I was thinking of you as I did them wondering if I was wasting my time with my optimism that they would produce more flowers! πŸ™‚

  20. might survive two hours there with the fire doors shut. That would've been an awful situation – sitting there in a wheelchair waiting for someone to come up! When I was on the crutches I really could've gone down on my bottom if a real emergency arose (I was pretty good at doing it in our house – though that was on carpet). For awhile we did employ someone in the office who would not have been able to get down the stairs on her own – there were 2 or 3 people "assigned" to be her helpers if the situation arose. I don't think they ever had to practise doing it though.

  21. Thank you re the banner GOF – hopefully I'll be on the "road" to more neighbourhood walks soon. I took this photo as I was driven through the lovely Rock Creek Park here in DC.Common courtesy and manners seem to be something no longer taught in the home – perhaps it's time to put it on the school curriculum. …….

  22. ….Or I would wop her with the cash register. I try to remind myself not to lower myself to their level when I come across people like that. They are not worth an assault charge – though it would certainly be a satisfying feeling to "wop" them :-)Wop is a great word! πŸ™‚

  23. Those are beautiful–I don't think I've ever seen that variety of daisy. I wonder if they grow here! It is really too bad, isn't it, the selfishness that pervades our society–even more sad because I think most people are so occupied with self that they don't even realize they are being selfish–they don't hurry by with a twinge of guilt when they don't help–they don't even notice that anyone else needs help…

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