Hoping …..


Tomorrow is my next visit to the Orthopedist.  I hope he tells me I can go back to this: 


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  1. Welcome back! I am tired of all the extra calcium – and I'm sure I am "rounder" since I am not moving around as much. I will be so glad to get use of this arm back!

  2. Patience and length of time do more than strength or rage ! …
    This summer when you'll be cured … when you'll be abble again to jump and run around ! … you will eat chocolate as much as you want ! … for magnesium and good sleep ! …. :))))
    Have a nice evening

  3. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Chocolate…… Sounds soooo good to me! Good luck with your appointment hope all is well and you can ball room dance again!

  4. saying a prayer that all is well with your arm/shoulder. It is too hot and humid in D. C. to wear the sling much longer. Besides you need both hands to take pictures to entertain us all.
    denise 😉

  5. LOL – that would be a great doctor! I can hold wine in one hand and chocolates in the other after today…. the problem is lifting my right hand to my mouth now. 🙂

  6. Milk chocolate is my favourite though "they" say dark chocolate is the one that is better for us. I have just practised holding chocolate in both hands – feels good! LOL.

  7. Thank you Denise – you are right about summer being too hot here to wear a sling! Last week on those couple of hot days it was really uncomfortable and we are not humid yet!

  8. Don't quite get to throw it out – and I had the bonfire all planned LOL. I have to wean my arm out of the sling dependency. It was 7 weeks fulltime in the sling and now I have to wean myself over the next couple of weeks – I go back to the Orthopedist in 4 weeks. It feels really weird – heavy and almost like it is something tied TO me rather than part of me. I've had the sling off for 3 hours so I might only do another hour before putting it back on.

  9. It's got to feel so weird just hanging there like that, but I know it'll get better soon. I can tell that you're a very determined lady and know you're going to work very hard to get your strength back. After all, you've got to be able to hold the wine glass and pour at the same time. : – )

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