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Yesterday was my first "passive" physical therapy session and it wasn't much fun even though I got to lie down for about 40 minutes while someone else did the heavy lifting of my arm.    I will be doing this passive activity twice a week for 3 more weeks and then I start on the "real" physiotherapy that does not involve any lying down.

Today was back to the Orthopedist who took another set of x-rays to add to his collection and then told me that there is no sign of the pieces knitting back together yet.   When I expressed some disappointment he said "well, it's only 4 weeks and it's a big break" …..  In my opinion my bones are being too passive in their knitting back together so I am going to up my milk/cream/yogurt intake (my taxi driver today told me I should be drinking Camel milk).  I go back in 3  weeks time when he will take more x-rays. In the meantime I stay in the sling attire and continue strengthening my left hand. 

I am way, way behind in posting my photo a day photos but I have religiously taken a photo every day with my left hand – some days I have to take quite a few of something before I get one that is not fuzzy and blurry.

The first week after "the incident" I did not leave the house  – hell, for the first 3 days I was still in the same upper clothes and pretty much unwashed – so I was limited to the exciting things around the house or the view of the alley from our deck.


57….  the moon in sepia

58 – watching the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics on my laptop 

59 -  this is a carafe with some liqueur in it  -  I'm not sure what it is anymore but it has taken on the bright yellow colour of the shelf it sits on-  

60 – Paella Man  -  I bought this little guy in Madrid in 2007.   He has a lump of rice in his pan – the glue holding the lump in the pan has dried out and often I find the little lump lying on the shelf as though he is flinging his pot around when we are not watching: 

61 – the inside of my wine glass -  empty – vox is being difficult and I now have two empty glasses! 

62 – first signs of spring green in one of the outdoor deck pots.

63 – get well flowers



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  1. Sorry about your arm. You are actually quite right to increase calcium intake, and also oddly be sure to be eating really balanced meals with a lot of protein. It helped me heal after I mangled my fingers. I can't imagine how awful the break you have is, and the fact that it's not in a cast but the sling thing must give you a lot of pain at times.

  2. I can only imagine the frustration of being told after 4 weeks that there is no sign of the bones knitting. I absolutely love your photo "The moon in sepia" and I'm very impressed that you're able to keep taking photos with your left hand.

  3. Really enjoyed the first picture for the view it provides into backyards, and is that still a little bit of snow pile up?Wish you luck with finding camel milk…..and success with rapid knitting of your bones.

  4. If we go through all the milks then you should have Cow, Goat, Camel, Mair's(horse) milk one of them should do you good…… All I can say is take good care or yourself I know right now my left arm and hand are intermediate good then bad but it sure can put the old stop to a lot of things not having the normal motor skills it is easy to get lazy and complacent so keep it up the pictures are great as always as well as how great is it to be able to watch so many things on demand from ones laptop!

  5. I hope your physical therapy gets easier, sweetie. 😦 Are you taking magnesium / calcium pills? I shouldn't suggest it unless your doctor approves but that's what we take. Helps us sleep (and helps me lose weight).
    Cool photos!! I love the flowers and the man. And cool, I thought the inside of the wine glass was a lantern.

  6. And here I thought you'd taken up knitting. I expected to see a scarf pattern, and pictures of your woolen yarn balls. All my knitting is passive lol. Hope you are better soon!

  7. Yeah, I'm trying to eat more protein as well as increasing the calcium (I even had a glass of milk today! LOL – something I haven't had since I was a teenager). It is a nasty two part fracture – horizontal of the humerus right at the rotator cuff and then a transverse break from that. Too high for a cast – I've seen two Orthopaedic doctors now and both say that it "should" heal on its own as long as the bones don't displace. You are right about the sling – it doesn't offer much protection and I'm really conscious of trying to keep it all together so that nothing falls out of alignment. Hopefully the next x-rays (3 weeks time) will show some knitting so that I can relax a bit.

  8. I'm very impressed that you're able to keep taking photos with your left hand. LOL – you don't see all the blurry ones or those that miss the subject altogether! Yes I was quite depressed to find that it hadn't started to mend – I had thought we would check out the cherry blossoms this w/end but the doctor's report put me off going anywhere near crowds.

  9. LOL – yes there was still snow when the photo was taken about 3 weeks ago. There is none there now thank goodness though guess what? We got below freezing last night! In summer you see all your neighbours sitting out on their decks – no real privacy as we are all so close together.

  10. Thank you Alicia – at first I wondered what I was going to take a photo of every day – I hadn't even looked at all the fascinating things I have around me.

  11. Thank you for the link Apolline – it was very interesting though I think my translator made a few mistakes. LOL. I hope that it heals on its own so that I do not have to have plates and screws inserted to keep it together. My left hand is getting much better at doing the things it has to do – it is even much faster typing now. πŸ™‚

  12. LOL @ all the various milks – I'm not sure how readily available most of them are here though….. I have Eye TV on my laptop so I can watch all the broadcast TV channels on it without having to go through the internet – pretty snazzy. I'm glad that your left arm and hand are getting some movement and strength back – I hope they continue to improve.

  13. I put Cal/Mag tabs on the manservant's shopping list. I see that you need magnesium to allow calcium absorption and that it's important to have them balanced – interesting. Losing some weight as a result of taking them wouldn't do me any harm LOL. My wine glass was sitting on a plate and I was about to carry it into the kitchen when I thought "ooooh, photo op"… πŸ™‚

  14. All my knitting is passive lol… It seems that all of mine is too. I did knit a few things in a former younger life – nothing that was ever worn outside the home though LOL.

  15. LOL – that's what tends to happen to me when no-one is looking – I get hurt! Each time something has happened here, the manservant has been out of the country. πŸ™‚

  16. Ice cream and raspberries have been added to the evening meal – a celebration of spring (berries) mixed with the benefits of calcium. What could be better! πŸ™‚

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