Photo a day – for 365 days


It's been a while since I posted anything in my photo-a-day for 365-days challenge…. 

44  – after people had spent 2 or 3 hours digging their car out of the snow they became very possessive of their spot.  Although there is nothing on the books which says if you dug it you keep it, it is considered bad form for another driver to sneak in there – people have been seriously hurt when doing that!  People mark their cleared spaces with all sorts of household items. I thought this was a pretty fancy marker:    I didn't want the spot but I wouldn't mind the chair:

45 -   last year when I started my "Remember December" diet project the first thing to go was my Sunday morning cinnamon (sticky) bun.   On Valentines Day I bought one at the Sticky Fingers bakery  – my first one in 7 or 8 or 9 months  -  oh, it tasted sooooooooo good: 

46: these are my trusty winter boots waiting for me to finish work on one of the storm days. They didn't get much wear last winter but they were truly tested this one and they kept me upright through all the snow and ice.

47.   Pretty blue all in a row  (seen on the side of an apartment building_

48.  Little Rose  – when I left Australia a friend gave me Rose to keep me safe in my travels.  She travelled back and forth in my suitcase for about 5 years but then she started demanding a better seat…..  then she got left on the shelf: 

49.  Scrambling over a pile of snow would put me off going to the gym.  Actually a lot less than a pile of snow puts me off the gym…

50.  Coming up the escalators out of my metro station  -  something I haven't done this week because I haven't been to work since the broken bone incident.  I love all the lines and angles in this shot.

51:   Our old fashioned neighbourhood hardware store  -  this is where the manservant bought the super shiny red snow shovel….. 

52.  It was very hard around this date not to get snow in outdoor photos  – here it is melting: 

53.   This is going to be my CVS store -  sort of pathetic to be so excited about a chainstore pharmacy but I"m really looking forward to having my legal drug supply closer to home:

54.  Early morning light – that time when there is not a lot of real colour in the sky above the hue of the sun rising:

55.  Next evening looking down the alley – dressed up in sepia. 

  56  – lest you think that my broken bone incident put me off my photo challenge!!  Never – I took two photos on the 26th!   My camera setting was still on sepia when I took the first one:  And, I hadn't quite mastered the art of holding the camera in my weaker left hand.     

  56a:  My knees were really sore after my "trip" – though I didn't notice that they were sore until I got home because I'd spent all my time in emergency in a wheelchair!.  This shows some questionable taste in knee high socks and a pink kneecap (and my survival kit of pain killers and laptop). My knee caps did turn a shade of black but I gave up photographing their progression in favour of the more impressive bruise on my arm.

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  1. Kudos to you for keeping it up. I hope you're feeling better, sister.
    Rose is holding up really well for a travelling bear! Adorable. And I just love your trusty winter boots. They're super pretty. I'm all for mending good quality items, they're rare these days.

  2. I really like your boots! Where did you get them? I might have to send you a pair of fun socks– I always buy them for my daughters, and they wear them.:) Hope you are feeling better, I have been praying for you. One thing that is great for bruises and swollen joints, and achy muscles is Arnica gel. You can buy it at the health food store. They don't know why it works, but it pushes the blood back into the vessels and gets rid of a bruise pretty quickly. One time one of our friend's children hit their head pretty hard on our swing set and got a nasty bump and bruise right away on her head. We used the arnica gel and it helped almost immediately.

  3. Thanks Emmi. I love my Keens – they are really well made – I have walking boots by them as well. Yes Rose is 10 years old now – she is holding up well. 🙂

  4. Wonderful pictures. First, the comment that STOOD OUT to me, lol, was that CVS was your "legal drug supplier." I am curious about that comment since it would not be necessary to make a differentiation unless you also had an "illegal drug supplier." Just sayin'.

  5. It is good to know your getting out and about! Hope you heal up fast and the bruises clear up quickly, you must be sore still even on your trip around shooting photos it is starting to feel like spring so hopefully soon life gets back to normal for you!

  6. Thank you so very much for your good wishes – yes the arm is getting better every day now. Yes one of my other Vox neighbours suggested Amica when I had foot surgery 2008. I know that I have some leftover – I just have to find where I put it. :-)I got the boots through – they are wonderfully comfy and also very warm. All my colourful socks were in the wash and those "skin" colour ones were the only clean ones – actually I'm wearing 2 pairs of the same sock because my feet were cold. 🙂

  7. Hi FS – yes, the chair (or whatever item people used) "holds" the spot until the driver comes back. There is no legal thing for it but people just know that if they park in there they are likely to come back to a damaged car. Yes – I live in a transitional neighbourhood so drugs are fairly common on the streets…… and there was a crack shack across the alley for us until fairly recently. Thank you re the photos – I like the way the lighting worked for the excalator shot – it was one of those photos that looks the same on the screen as it did through my eye.

  8. Yeah – most of the shots of the last 9 days have been "artistically" blurred….. but then they've mostly been of things around the house so I've had lots of opportunities for do-overs.

  9. Thank you LBeeeze – she is holding together really well for her age. She is 10 years old now and those first 5 years she was squished and flattened…..

  10. The difference in chairs put around the streets was amazing. From crappy cheap things to antique models! If I had a car and was so stressed about a spot I would put milk crates or a big pile of lumber out.

  11. I am sooooo looking forward to spring. About the only good thing about the timing of my trip was that I was really well rugged up in winter clothes! I might've had a lot more gravel rash otherwise.

  12. LOL – I remember you posting about your little RV monkey – cute. The bruise is starting to fade and now has an lovely edging of yellow to give it some variety.

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