Update & February Books

Thank you all so very much for the well wishes!   They must be working as I am starting to feel much better.

Friday was my "accident"

Saturday I thought I would be going to work on Monday. I have no idea what that thought was based on.  Probably the drugs.

Sunday I decided to get out of the top and bra I'd been wearing since 6am Friday.  I had refused to let anyone cut them off!

Sometime during the process I had one of those pathetic meltdowns that involves tears.  Of course I was at an irreversible stage of the undressing process which involved a tangle.

Feeling very overwhelmed, nauseous and on the point of passing out, I was forced to lie down, topless, for 20 minutes while I recovered enough to attempt the redressing.

During the redressing I realized I was not going to be going to work on Monday…. 

So yesterday instead of going to work a friend came over and washed my hair.  

All weekend people came by to help me do things as simple as undoing lids and getting my chocolate out of a ridiculously high cupboard where I'd hidden it from myself.   I couldn't even have a cup of coffee until someone came and undid the super strong vacuum sealed lid!

When I was a teenager I learnt to touch-type at the Alison Bradley Saturday morning typing school.  A place where young ladies were forced to put sheets of paper over the keys of our old fashioned portable type writers and practise, practise, practise (the Australian verb)  until we could type perfectly without having to look at where letters were.  My left hand knows its portion of the keyboard perfectly but I am actually quite surprised to find how disabled and dyslexic  it is when it comes to the side normally associated with the right hand.  I have to really search and peck on that side!

And trying to operate the mouse with the left hand!  Who would think that would be so difficult.   

The pain is getting less every day, my right hand now moves around without causing any issues further up the arm and my left hand is getting stronger and more efficient.    The manservant was in Chile when the earthquake happened (a long way from where he is) and he was unable to get back early….  actually he is still not back.  His original return flight is this Thursday  -  it's uncertain if that will happen yet.    By the time he gets back I am going to be amazingly dexterous with one hand!

In the meantime I have to post my books read for February (in the 50-book challenge)…………………….

L.A. Rex
Will Beall

Death with Interruptions
Jose Saramago


The Torso
Helene Tursten

The Cold Spot
Tom Piccirilli


  L.A. Rex = very gritty – written by an LA cop.  Probably will not appeal to most of my vox neighbours as it's a little on the dark side but I really liked it.

Gone Tomorrow (Jack Reacher) – better than the one I read in January.  As noted then I think Jack is getting to the end of his run with me as a reader.  I don't have anymore on my "to-read" pile.  

The Idiot Girl ….  this book was so funny I actually did giggle out loud quite often.  A series of essays – many I could identify with.

Death with Interruptions  -  I really liked this great story with an interesting premise.  I did find the lack of punctuation and really long paragraphs a bit tiring at times though.

The Torso  – loved this great crime novel with Inspector Huss as the central character -  much better than the first book which I read in  January.   I'm looking forward to starting the 3rd book.  

The Cold Spot -  I thought this was the second book in the series but having now read it I think it's probably the first one.  In that case I liked the second book (which I read in January) much better.

Food Rules -  took about 20 minutes to read.  Not sure why I bought it…….. 

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23 responses

  1. Oh boy, this must be really tough on you. I hope the manservant can get home on schedule or close to it, anyway, glad he wasn't near the quake site. It's okay to have the occasional breakdown, we are human, after all! πŸ™‚ My mom broke her wrist a few years back, and while she was a bit older than you (late 60s at the time, I think), she refused to even try to do anything herself. It was like, well, I had 2 arms, now I only have one and I CAN'T do anything. I can't do that? I can't, I can't I can't. She never even tried. Seriously never tried to do anything herself. No shame. No sense of determination, just "I can't". Her next door neighbor was a godsend, helping her to dress and bathe and everything, since we all worked at the time.
    Anyway. I hope reading helps your arm to heal!

  2. I've been distracted and so did not see your recent post(s). Yikes! Sorry about your accident. Typing, however slow, must be the least of your frustrations, as your clothing experiences must demonstrate. I hope you heal quickly and are feeling much better now. BTW: I heard the observatories went off-line as in communications were severed. Haven't seen the updates to know how the facilities fared. Hoping your Personal Astronomer makes it home soon to help you out. — JG

  3. Hmmm … all those empty wine bottles … and you fall …lolOkay, glad you're feeling better. And glad I never learned to touch-type (even though I took two different classes where they said I learned, but didn't … I can two-finger type at about 40wpm, and I'm happy with that.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better! I missed a lot of action while I was working.
    I don't think I could type with just my left hand. I tryed sending a text message today without using my right thumb because it has a bandaid on it, and without my glasses or contacts, so I will be surprised if it made any sense at all!

  5. LOL @ your pun – yes this was just like a little pocketbook probably intended as a reminder on what is good/bad – but I didn't find any new information in there.

  6. When I had my cast/crutches I was on my own for 10 days before the manservant could get home and there were times when I was really struggling with things but just didn't want to ask for help. I decided this time that I would not be so "proud" – I asked someone to pick me up from hospital and I asked someone else to get my painkillers. LOL – I wish I had neighbours like your mother then – most of mine are older and in worse shape than me!

  7. Thank you Kerstin – I'm so glad you have sun – we have cloud and rain. Congratulations on the non-smoking start – that's great! πŸ™‚ Remember to put all the money you are not spending on smoking into an account for a trip back to Thailand!!

  8. Emjay- I am so so sorry. How did we all miss this news?? I had no idea. You were so descriptive about your breakdown when trying to change clothes that I wanted to reach out and be able to help you! You sound brave and you have a wonderful attitude! Hang in there and I hope you recover quickly!! I cannot wait to read some of the books you listed! They sound like my kind of books!

  9. It's horribly claustrophobic to have part of your body just not working right.You can end up with a lot of tricks to get through things, but every day there will be something that is just impossible.Well, use the painkillers – it's what they are for.And be patient with yourself.((((hugs))))

  10. I've been thinking you and wondering how you've been, and hoping, hoping, hoping that you weren't by yourself. I feel so bad for you. To be all by yourself with the manservant in disaster-torn Chile and unable to return. I'm so glad you've got friends to come help you. You must have been terribly worried when you heard about the quake.

  11. I'm glad that you're starting to feel better! πŸ˜€ Hope things continue to get better. Its always been a fear of mine to pernamently damage my hands. Because of my art work and my writing. I would not want to lose the ability to draw, and while I could still come up with stories, how would I write it down legibly?

  12. I am so glad you are getting to feel more like yourself. When I am injured or ill, I get very frustrated, and I think that is what happened to you, that and pain killers can mentally put you in state of mind of not having inner strength.You are fortunate to have helpful friends, and the poor man-slave must be beside himself. That you have these friends says a lot about how great you are. : )

  13. I can sympathise with you trying to do things with your "wrong" hand. Whilst I have never had such a dramatic injury as yours, occasionally one shoulder goes AWOL and I always vow at the time to practise becoming more ambidextrous….but of course it never happens :-)I'm off to see GOM for some typing lessons……I too am a gun 2 finger typist but I can only manage 40 wpm if those words are "the" and "a" πŸ™‚

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