Cultural Weekend – Sunday – Chinese New Year’s Parade


Although the Chinese New Year occurred on February 14th the Parade here in DC wasn't held until Sunday 20th.

The parade is going to finish down there: 

Too many people already in place here so we decided to walk closer to the beginning of the parade and were pleasantly surprised at how few people there were.   Here they come


It seemed funny to be watching a Chinese Parade across the street from the German Cultural Center  

There's a man in there 

Various sights (click on any photo to see it bigger):


These were my favourite shots of the day:   



More colourful sights:   the girls were so happy – singing out Happy New Year as they danced:


It's getting really crowded: 

I'm determined I'm going to keep this under control:

I wish we were up there: 

The giant firework is going to go here – and we are right at the front of the crowd on our side:

  Expecting trouble?   

  We realised we had an hour's wait until the fire work was ignited and basically I'd taken all the photos I wanted to take while we waited: 


the crowd was starting to feel close against my back.    I don't like that feeling.  We decided that I had had enough and started back towards the metro -  the crowd was pressing in on us as they moved to fill our spaces at the front.  There was a single file struggling to get out back under the arch: 

This was my first Chinese New Year's Parade here and my impression was that although the actual parade was very small every participant was really enjoying it. And so was the massive crowd! 


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  1. You braved the crowds and got such wonderful, colorful shots!! I love your event photos. The arch photos are especially interesting and I love the expressions of the policemen.

  2. Love the pictures of the crowds and parade love the group of girls wearing silk you can tell they were just pulled out of storage and put on with all the wrinkles! Got to love the colours and embroidery It was like I was there but I did not have to be out in the cold or get worn out walking around!

  3. These pictures are amazing. You have so many good ones that I cannot comment on all of them. What a great slice of life. I enjoyed the ornamental structures, the dragons, the dancing girls, the close up picture of the older Asian man….just so many great shots. Good job. I bet you had a wonderful time!

  4. Great stuff Emjay. Feels like I am there in person. I too want the pink and purple dragon, it will be a nice accessory to what I want to wear to town tomorrow πŸ™‚

  5. How fun!!! I love your photos. I've always wanted to celebrate chinese new year. My aunt is from China. πŸ™‚ But I never got to celebrate it with her. And I love the colors and vibrance that the Chinese put into the New Year.

  6. Sydney apparently has the world's biggest CNY parade outside China. I don't know how they figure these things out, but the colour and motion of a CNY parade is a great spectacle. It's lovely to see everyone coming together to celebrate humanity in all its shades. Good job!

  7. Thank you re the photos. There is still some snow there – like infront of the German Cultural center but I think on the busiest part of the route (the block closest to the arch) they used a bob cat and scooped it up into the back of a truck and carted it away to be dumped.

  8. THank you very much FS – we were lucky to be in such a prime position really. Everyone squished into the block with the arch which was where the parade was going to finish but we walked a block the other way and were right at the start of the parade. I'm always a little surprised at how well my point & shoot camera does.

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