Happy Birthday Cat…



Today is my sister Cat's birthday.  This shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone though, as she has been telling us for days that it was coming.   I must admit though that after all these years of her always having a birthday in February, and only 2 days after my son's, this year I got all confused and wondered if it was really January!  I had to ask my mother -  the woman who one year forgot it altogether! 

She was probably a little disappointed with her gift from me -  a gift certificate from the ABC Shop (like shopping through PBS)  – our father's favourite shop.   It is basically akin to suggesting one has entered the realm of daggy middle age-dom.

Last night I had a quick search for old photos of Cat  – I was looking for embarrassing type shots but then I thought of the reciprocal effect -  she must have some pretty funny ones of me.

Cat is the keeper of our early childhood photos so I don't have many from her first few years. I have quite a few photos of her from the 70's and early 80's but then we started having children and the lens was turned more often onto babies and kids.     

This one was taken in 1965 – I was the photographer. We are on our annual summer vacation to Sydney.  Because we had driven many, many, very uncomfortable hours from the country to get to this holiday we went to the beach no matter what the weather was like.


This is later -  I think probably around 1968-69  -  there I am in a hideous yellow number. Poor little Cat is in something that both myself and our other sister had worn before her.


This one is labelled 1975 but I think it might be a year or so earlier than that – I love the red and blue combination. Even her pale blue socks match the shirt and have little red or orange things on them.

Now this was not a camping trip  -  it was a recreated gold prospecting tourist village in a small country town called Forbes.  My family did not go on camping trips – my mother would never be talked into thinking she would find sleeping in a tent an enjoyable experience – I'm pretty sure my father never even suggested such a thing.  And, I was always secretly pleased that we did not indulge in this past-time when I heard stories of ants in food and tents blowing away in strong winds. 

This one is certainly from the end of 1975 as this is my senior school uniform and that was my last year of school – I don't know what's going on with my hair at the front. Our middle sister is in the uniform of the rest of the school (Yrs 7-10) and young Cat must have just come from some sort of steeple chase.

This is 1979 and here she is with Pete and Eady and a manufactured hair style.  There are no natural curls in our family.


This is 1982 – the photo is deteriorating with time and poor processing – the Sydney Harbour Bridge is fading in the background.   She's looking pretty damn good!

And this was taken in December at my son's wedding.  Cat's husband has a birthday a few days after her – I think they are holding together pretty well….

 Happy Birthday Cat  -  I hope you can find something to spend that voucher on.

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  1. LOL – it's wonderfully entertaining to look through old photos. My uniform had a safari-style jacket with double breast pockets – no-one could look good in it. Mind you I don't look so special in that little cardigan and I don't know why I have desert boots on!

  2. I hate that last photo!! Its awful. I look like a stoner with a long head. I've already deleted it from my computer.
    I was looking very fit in 1982 wasn't I! And that funny outfit near the tent, lol, I loved that daggy skirt, it was courdoroy. Although the top one must have been later, I would only be 1 in 1065 and I look older than that don't I?

  3. I like the last photo – that's the one I put in the album that went around my office too πŸ™‚ 1965 was written in mum's writing on that top photo – it's possible it was right at the very end of the year, between Christmas and New Year so you'd be closer to 2.

  4. The pool shot is adorable – you look like an athlete! I like the prospecting trip too. I think older photos have a real grainy character to them.
    Happy Birthday Cat!

  5. What a lovely tribute to your sister.
    I have to disagree with the comment "realm of daggy middle age-dom". I love the ABC shop, and I have bought many things online from them. I am Flamingo Dancer nothing I do could be considered in the realm of daggy middle age-dom!

  6. Speaking of pictures, I need to take a trip to Minnesota and get copies of the boxes of pictures my Mom has. She has all the childhood photos except for a small handful that each of us kids has absconded with. Yes, putting that on the agenda for spring. Weeklong trip to Mom's house…

  7. I would have bet I had already posted a comment and a Happy birthday to your sister but I guess my mind is playing tricks soHAPPY BIRTHDAY "CAT" hope it was a fun time, also love all the photos might not love your sister after her posting them but all decades had there fashion statements time to post some good ones of hers!

  8. I find photos like this so interesting. It shows the progression of your sister from childhood, through awkward adolescence into a young beauty and a lovely woman. I did photo albums for my kids one year that started with them as babies and on through to present, because it's so fascinating to see one's life that seemed to take so long, go by in a few pages of photos.

  9. Isn't it funny that I love that last one and she hates it! We are so critical of our own images – but we always get a laugh out of old ones no matter how bad we looked.

  10. LOL – well, I was fairly athletic when I was younger but never in the pool! You will notice that the water is only mid-thigh on me. I hated "swimming" and actually did not learn to swim until I was about 40 years old and went to adult swimming classes.

  11. LOL – well, I would like to shop at the ABC shop too – but Cat has not reached 50 yet. While you and I are in the grown-up section she is still playing with Noni in Playschool.

  12. LOL – perhaps you saw the post on the Neighbourhood update – that happens to me sometimes. LOL – Cat posts photos of herself so I didn't think she would mind too much about the photos… though she didn't like the bottom one which I do like.

  13. I'm sure your children really appreciate those albums you did for them. I did one for each of my kids – from kindergarten to end of high school. I really enjoyed doing them and they appreciate having them now. My mother did baby books for us – well at least I have one but then I'm the eldest and you know parents take way more photos of the eldest child …… I love my baby book!

  14. Oh I luved the pictures! Now I can put a face to your words. LOL Thank you for sharing. I just returned from your neck of the woods. It was fabulous to feel 55 degrees today. (My son lives south of D.C.) Happy Belated Birthday Cat!!
    Denise πŸ˜‰

  15. No telling how many she has or what shape they are in. She's had them all since forever. If I take the RV Beastie up there, I can plug in a few computers so we can all sit around and talk while we use scanners to dump them over pretty quickly. And of course, also get the pertinent details of what the photo is, where it was taken, who is in it, etc. Very important stuff. LOL

  16. I am amazed when I look back at pictures as well but I guess those things were considered fashionable at the time. I get quite a jolt now when my kids dress up for "80" day. Wasn't that just last week, lol. When I was in High School, we had "50's" day!!

  17. Thank you Denise. I hope you had a pleasant stay with your son – we had a couple of nice "warm" days but now it is back to being cold again with maybe some snow on Thursday 😦

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