Is this the last one?



Our office opened today (of course) and there is a much higher attendance than yesterday….   I think we have about 40 in here today.   The metro is still crippled though. My commute, since Monday has been over 3 hours a day! Most of that time is spent waiting for one or both of my trains – they are only running every half hour but there is no schedule to show when that 30 minutes might occur at either of my stations!  I really hope they've found those 3rd rails on the outdoor tracks today so we can get back to normal tomorrow.  I even got a newspaper this morning so I had something to put between my obviously very uninsulated bottom and the cement seats on the platforms – it didn't make a lot of difference.

Most of yesterday afternoon I spent lounging on the couch watching the storm through a window:

I also monitored my front door to ensure snow was not building up to such an extent that I would have to call for help to leave the house. It made pretty patterns on my door.

  During a lull I decided I would attempt to clear away the stalagmite of ice that had formed around the bottom and sides of the downpipe.  "Experts"  were telling me that it was important to do that so that the water from melting ice could escape from my flat roof and so be one less contributing factor to a roof collapse.  

The stalagmite was about 3 feet tall – composed of ice formed from melt between Saturday's storm and yesterday sitting on top of a bottom layer of ice and a middle layer of snow. There is no photo because my excursion down the back steps, through the courtyard and around the side of the house was not a happy camper one.   But whilst out I noticed how pretty one of my potted plants looked with fluffy cotton balls on it:  (I took the photo from the doorway once I was back inside).

I also noticed that the house across the alley had a huge load of ice on their wires!  This would make me think I was about to lose power or Comcast.  Actually, I think that's Comcast -  I heard another of those expert people say that the power lines come from the top of the poles and other "things" come from lower down: 

 The sun attempted to shine through but it gave up after about 10 minutes:

 And, this is snow packed against the screen door to the top deck – the snow is 35 inches high.  That door is not going to be sliding for a few days!    The cone shape in the background is snow on top of a table.

  So … we survived the blizzard of 2010 but this might not be the last snow for the winter – we still have a few weeks to go and it's been known to snow here in March.   They are forecasting a light snow for Monday – only a couple of inches – we are such dab hands at dealing with snow now that surely this will hardly be noticed.


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  1. Amazing pictures! The ice hanging from the wires is incredible. The amount of snow you have is overwhelming. I am not sure how you deal with it, day to day? I am shocked that you continue to commute to work, since around here, 2 inches of snow shuts everything down! I am curious about why there are so many flat roofs in your area? We do not have any here. In the town where I grew up, there was one house with a flat roof and it was the exception to the rule. I hope you make it through till spring. I would be going stir crazy by now if I had that much snow to contend with!

  2. lounging on the couch is good and I hope that is the last snow for you. we have today snow again and it is very cold, to cold for me, I hate it to be freeze and I hate it to drive my car to the work because it is slippery on the street…and the total day I have cold feet.

  3. Today there has been some snow in Nice (at about 2 pm). By now (11.40 pm) it's gone, but here it is obviously an uncommon even…! There were even electronic warning panels asking people to stay at home!

  4. Wow! Why is it that you're getting all the snow, when we here in the west haven't gotten a good snow storm all winter? You'll probably not like me for this next comment: I'm jealous! Snow mobiling would be AWSOME with all that up here! And the skiing? It'd be heaven. Hope thing get better for you and company!

  5. Great photos! And good cripes, you can barely open your door! I love the icicle photos even though they are also deeply troubling. Happy to hear you're finally getting to rest….When's your birthday? I'm going to buy you an android for shovelling next year.

  6. Next all the flooding from the snow melting will be the big problem! But at times from some of the news reports leave me feeling sorry and laughing to myself, but I guess you have a lot of people wondering about global warming…Also sitting on cold concrete bad for you you need a longer coat!

  7. Amazing stuff, but it will go away. I'm surprised your employer is telling you to come in. Obviously, they're not used to weather like this and the work involved in getting to and from a destination!

  8. That was quite an eventful few days, wasn't it, with back to back snow storms? We were without power for three days, but luckily we were able to take refuge at a friend's house on third day. Then we were without internet for another day or so, but things are back to normal now apart for the huge snow mountains everywhere.

  9. I heard last night that Hawaii is the only state that had not had "measurable" snow the last few days. As of early Friday morning, 67.1 percent of the U.S. had snow on the
    ground, with the average depth a healthy 8 inches. Normally, about 40
    or 50 percent of the U.S. has snow cover this time of year.

  10. I've asked a few people about the flat roofs and no-one seems to know. Research shows that they can be particularly troublesome though and need to be well maintained to prevent problems! There has been a slight increase in buildings with flat roofs over traditional pitched roofs as rooftops are being used as a green roof (gardens etc)… If we wanted to do something like that we would have to subject our roof to some rigorous testing for weight bearing etc. When spring comes we are going to have to check our tar covering to make sure it is still holding together. It was done about 3 years ago when they were getting the house ready to sell.We don't normally get this much snow – we've just broke a 111 year old record for snowfall in a season. They are having a problem getting rid of it all. If our average temps for this time of year (40's) were actually happening it would be melting but we are barely struggling to get to 32 each day. In VA where I work I watched them using bobcats to scoop snow into the back of tip-trucks which they were then driving "somewhere" and dumping. No sign of that where I live!

  11. That's what I like – a picturesque snow that disappears after a few hours! I live in a neighbourhood that has not been cleaned up yet – though a lot of DC is now quite cleaner (richer parts of town).

  12. Luckily (???) we are not getting average temperatures so there is a slow melt instead of a lot of water trying to find somewhere to go. They are warning people to check their basements though and to move snow away from the outside wall of the house if you can so there's no rising damp problems.

  13. It was sort of exciting being here for the breaking of the 111 year record of most snow in a season…. and they forecast more for Monday. There is a lot of disorganization amongst the local council in relation to getting rid of this though. Our street is still not passable – which probably really annoyed all those people who dug their cars out the other day to now find them walled in behind a mountainous wall of plowed snow and in a street that needs a lot more plowing.

  14. Oh – I wondered how you were getting on. I don't think I would've waited 3 days without finding a friend – I hope you had some heat during those days? Without power we wouldn't have heat and have no fireplace …. I'd already warned a couple of friends that I would call them after one day if my power went off.

  15. We had no heat in the house, but we spent a couple of days hanging out at Borders and were also kept warm by doing some shovelling on the Sunday of last weekend.We're lucky in living in a single story house with no basement; it also has wide eaves so there is no snow right up against the house.

  16. Ha – yes, shovelling warms up everything except the hands and feet (I found). I sent the manservant out with the shovel this afternoon to move snow away from the front wall and windows. We don't have a basement but I don't think it's a good idea having it all sitting there against the house.

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