S equals F


I am not even going to mention the "S"  word today or it might come out sounding like the "F" word!

A cool cat-in-the hat was on my train last evening.  I took this with my mobile phone as I noted that no-one else on the train even seemed to notice the unusual winter head gear.  What a shame that on a dismal day this did not bring a smile to more faces….  

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  1. Hi Snowy – that link didn't open properly but I assume you mean Canada? Yes – I know we are no-where like that (or like many other places in the US) – but poor old DC is just not equipped to deal with this much snow. We only have 3 snow plows apparently because they still haven't got around all the streets…..

  2. Oh – I think you must have to be a neighbour to see it – when I click I get a message telling me I don't have permission to view the page. I just got a huge laugh from a news interview with our Mayor. On Sunday he had assured us that DC would be back to normal on Monday……. LOL. Each day that the Federal Government is closed costs us taxpayers $100 million in lost productivity!!!! And, tomorrow will be the 3rd day they are closed and at this stage the 3rd day that my office will be open….

  3. Great picture. Reminds me of a Dr. Seus book! I must say that when I started reading what you said about the "S" word and the "F" word, I was not thinking snow and I wondered what post I had missed about the three letter S word!

  4. Have you notices that the "S" and "F" are both 4 letter words!!! Enough said Also maybe the cat in the hat was headed out for some green eggs and ham? Take a good glass of wine and rest yourself

  5. LOL! I don't think there is much of the 3-letter S word happening out there on the 4 letter S word. I think you have to be either very sure of yourself or a little "touched" to go out in public with such a hat. 🙂

  6. Have you notices that the "S" and "F" are both 4 letter words!! LOL – yes and they both should be considered very bad words! 🙂 I've had a large glass of wine – very warming and I feel so much better.

  7. I would have smiled. I occasionally see an old man cycling to work wearing a business suit (apart from the trousers which are swapped for shorts) and a bowler hat. That always makes me smile.

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