From S to B

Well,  we have gone from the S word to the B word and that's just BS.

This morning our office opened even though the building we are in was closed!!    As I trudged my way to the barely operating metro I thought about how lucky I was to have a job to go to when so many people do not. 

When I left the house at 6:40am it was not too bad -  about 3 inches on top of Saturday's leftovers and not falling too heavily.

When I got out of the metro 1.5 hours later this is what I came up to: 

That would be a blizzard! 

There were 5 of us in the office including the two execs who had made the decision to open.

We were open for half an hour before they decided to close!!!!   Half an hour!!!
I love my job; I am so glad I have a job!

I got a ride back to the metro and 1 hour 40 minutes later I got to my station.  As I was coming up the escalator I was surprised to see snow sticking to the vertical metal sides: 

The way home is that way:    

It was not a fun walk – the wind and snow so hard that I could barely keep my eyes open and it is frigid and the snow is not soft and flaky it is pellet-like and hurts.  Now I am hunkering down until the wind and snow die down enough to get out there with my shiny red shovel. 

Oh – and they've just announced that they are pulling all road clearing equipment off the roads until conditions improve!


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  1. Holy crap. Yeah, pretty stupid your office opened at all. I'm glad you made it home, I doubt the metro will be running much longer. Take it easy! I don't want to go out yet to shovel out front but I guess I should before the winds kick up. Thankfully I hear the Neighborhood Snowblower Coalition out there still. So I just have to clear off my steps and my car for now, but I wasn't going to do it till later. They even did my front walk, how nice!

  2. Well, there's no way I could go out there to shovel at the moment – it would just be a waste of time as it would blow back as quickly as I moved it. I have gone out a couple of times & moved the snow from in front of the door – I don't want to have to struggle to get out of the house like Saturday – I've eaten so much chocolate in the last few days that I don't think I'd get through 8" today!

  3. F&cking stoopid executives. I am sorry you had to endure that. What if something had happened to you, like you fell and broke something? Or got buried in a six foot drift? I hope their Landrovers got stuck in one of those drifts while they were driving home a HALF HOUR after opening.

  4. LOL – we used to whinge about 3 inches until this winter!! When they first started forecasting this storm they said 5" and it barely raised a comment after the 2+ feet of Saturday! Now they've upped today's total to around 15".

  5. LOL – yes I agree with that!! I just heard a reporter say that you can see the sights in about a minute and a half at the moment before wanting to go back inside. It would be an awful week to be a tourist here in DC. The mayor just said his intent is to get as many businesses back up for tomorrow…. LOL – up till last night they had not done that after Saturday's storm. And I heard that Baltimore has "lost" a Humvee – though it wasn't explained what sort of "lost"…..

  6. Thank you Bettina. Yeah I don't get it. Actually as we were leaving another guy arrived for work! They sent out an email when they decided to close and I did wonder how many people were still on their way and wouldn't get that until they arrived. Not everyone has a Blackberry!! I put a message on our internal weatherline when we were closing but I have to assume that people checked that way before opening time and beginning their trips! We just got Federal funding apparently to help with clearing the snow. Homeland Security has decided to give us some help. They have a saying: no dough for snow…. but they are going to count our storms as one big storm.

  7. I read that most of our charming White House reps stayed home for the day – charming! Unlike them, you don't have a freaking limo to drive you to and from work. Stay warm and stay positive, lady.

  8. Your previous pictures looked bad until you posted the new pictures! Burrrrrr, I am experiencing the same weather at my house but I have 2 acres of ground to snowblow and shove the excess snow out of the way. Just exactly where are you suppose to put your snow?? The city should start hauling it away to the Potomac, but I suppose that wouldn't be enviromentally correct.
    OMGosh what about the manservent? Is he hopelessly flying in circles above the city, hoping to land in the next few days?
    Denise πŸ˜‰

  9. Cool pix! No pun intended. {well, ok, maybe a tad.} As one who puts work above all else and no obstacle is too great to overcome when there is work to do and service and duty calling, I must say that that wasn't the wisest decision made by your bosses. (BTW, I think I've figured out why your blog keeps freezing my browser (freezing — now that was a freebie) – happens every time there's pics.)

  10. One who has frost-bitten enough digits walking in that sort of weather to last a lifetime! Unfortunately… the tissue damage does last a lifetime–but try telling that to a teenager who was too "cool" to wear her brother's giant boots to school!

  11. Yes – it would be nice to be driven around…. πŸ™‚ I doubt they will do much work tomorrow either. Announcements on Federal & DC Government as well as schools and the metro will start coming in over the next couple of hours.

  12. Yes – I hope they give proper consideration before deciding to open. There were people who arrived after we closed because they were having more trouble getting in – how annoying would that be.

  13. Ouch!! I can imagine. When I was out shovelling my hands were getting really, really cold even in gloves. At one stage I came in and ran them under warm water for awhile before going back out. The wind is blowing so strongly now that it will have to be done again in the morning – hopefully my trench will not be totally full of snow though! That would be depressing.

  14. I just popped over and looked at your photos ..what a gorgeous landscape. My little lawn is getting very full of snow.. The other day DC was carting truckloads of snow to some vacant government lot and just dumping it there. Our average temperature at this time of year is up in the 40's – we need a few of those days to start thawing things out.

  15. It's even worse than that Apolline – I'm an Australian! Where I'm from there was no snow! Yes occasionally we need reminders about our place in the grand scheme of things…

  16. Yes it was horrible. Walking to the metro I got slush up my side from a passing grader which then threw salt out of the back as it went past me. It sucks and is dangerous walking on the roads but the footpaths are totally impassable.

  17. LOL .. my vox nieghbour, Kristen, has a mantra too "just say no to snow" – I've been saying that for a couple of weeks now to no effect. I look forward to the wonderful cherry blossoms ….

  18. Unbelievable shots. I hear that D.C. is getting it worse than anywhere. It might be kind of fun if everything was cancelled, and everyone had electricity and of course food stocked up. Reminds me of The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

  19. I'm glad you're safe and warm and drinking and employed. Did your bosses get the idea? Staying closed tomorrow? Such a silly power game.
    The awful weather out east is very much in the news, but pictures like yours really bring it home (sunny L.A. – sorry!) to me.

  20. On the one hand I look at your photos and say that is not too bad out, but I am used to driving in that weather and working in even worst weather but I know your area is not used to it as well as I get a kick out of all those who have bought 4wheel drives in areas like yours where and even now still are not using them. But the one thing I could never figure when you have trains on tracks how can they have the problem getting around ??? As long as your keeping safe and have a good supply of wine you should be ok but at least it looks like your getting the experience of a good old Canadian winter, I know your not enjoying it too much …Love your photos

  21. I love those pictures. I guess I am masochistic because the idea of being trapped there tantalizes me. I miss real weather. The other day as the night shift was coming in they were complaining about the rain. I was expecting another storm by their discriptions, but the rain was so light it wasn't even wet. I didn't even use my hoodie and drove home with the window down. Send some snow our way, please.

  22. Blimey Emjay, much more and your entire town is going to vanish off the map! It's amazing how quickly everything grinds to a halt when the snow hits isn't it? Yet in Finland, where their winter snowfall can sometimes be measured in feet everything keeps going. I guess it depends on whether you come from somewhere that's prepared or not. The UK very definately isn't. Stay indoors and drink mulled wine, that's my advice!

  23. Amazing shots. Last time I was something close to this (but not as bad) was in Seoul. Interesting sensation to be in a car that's trying to drive up a tiny hill and the snow chain snaps halfway up.

  24. One of the other girls to make it in yesterday offered to drive me home but I refused to let her. It was really white out conditions and she has 3 kids at home. I'm pretty sure the metro was safer than the roads though I had to walk in the road when I got off at my home station – that was not a safe feeling – although there were not many cars those that were out were driving so fast!

  25. I will have to add that book to my reading list. We have broken all records now for the snowiest winter ever on record. It's sort of exciting that I am here for that actually. (though now I will be happy not to see snow again for 10 more years).

  26. LOL – my manservant has been "stuck" in LA since flying back from Sydney on Tuesday and finding that his flight further into hell (oops DC) was cancelled. I think he is going to find it very cold here once he gets back….. nothing like mounds of snow everywhere to psychologically bring the temperature down a further 5 degrees!

  27. Thank you re the photos Jamie. I also do not understand why the trains are acting like babies! Apparently the 3rd rail is buried under snow at the above ground stations and it was taking time to dig the rails out etc. They have been running trains only to the underground stations – which are straight lines so they go to the end underground station; the driver walks to the other end of the train; the train comes back down the line. On the opposite tracks they have parked metro trains so they are protected from the elements and ready to go once they've dug out the above ground lines. It's frustrating to see a system that normally works very well, fall apart because of a bit of snow.

  28. LOL – it's all so relative isn't it! Now they are talking about 3 inches on Monday and we're all so "blah" about it. A month ago we would've been panicking! I suppose now we know that the world doesn't actually stop if we get 3+ feet of snow we will be invincible! LOL.

  29. LOL – we normally get over-the-top panicked at the thought of a snowflake on the road. It is now officially the snowiest winter ever here in DC – it is going to take awhile for the snow to go away.

  30. Yeah DC is like the UK – ok up to about 3 or 4 inches. Anything over that and the city starts to stop so these two storms only 5 days apart were a big shock to everyone. Sometimes it seems like we only have 6 plows in the entire city…..

  31. Ouch! I don't think people around here have snow chains. The emergency agencies dug some out for their vehicles but everyone else seems to do with "snow tires". I drove over the Sierras in a blizzard with chains on a rental car (and on the wrong side of the road!) – I think the recommendation was not to exceed 30 mph with the chains on. I was terrified! 30 mph seemed like Formula One speed to me!

  32. Bugger, bugger, bugger was running through my mind along with an adjective in front of it! When we were told to go home I just went with the colourful adjective becoming a big noun! πŸ™‚

  33. It does snow a little bit in Oz – our highest peak is Mt Kosciusko which is only 7,310 feet above sea level and we have snow fields in Victoria (though we make snow if nature lets us down) and it snows in Tasmania. I never saw snow in Australia though!

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