No day off for Emjay…


Well….   did I get a "holiday"  today?   No!….    while Federal Government employees and every school kid in the area had a day of fun I trudged to work.   I navigated the little trenches 3 of my neighbours had dug before coming to a dead-end where residents of 3 houses maybe 4 have not stuck a spade into the snow.  Dead-end ahead: 

No path ahead:

With snow above my knees I waded out into our street – it has still not been plowed but the snow has been packed down by 4-WD vehicles so it's not too bad to navigate on foot before turning onto Georgia Avenue - a major road and also a snow emergency route.  It was slushy and slippery but I walked along it anyway because you'd have to be 7 feet tall to walk through the snow on the footpaths.   Taking to the main road – my metro station is opposite that fancy new apartment block on the left: 

It took 2 hours to ride the metro to work today because service is severely limited.  The 40 minutes I had to wait at the first station gave me time to ponder many things including wondering how long one would have to sit on the stone/cement seats before they warm up: conclusion: if they are still frigid after 40 minutes they are not going to warm up!   

Recently one of my Aussie vox neighbours asked where all the snow goes when they grade the roads……  here is the answer GOF -  giant hills along the side of the road.  This is Arlington, VA where I work: 

  Of course, most often, this cuts off access for pedestrians to the footpath:

 There's a lot of snow in the park – no dogs out frolicking today:

Oh – and just incase someone in  Washington hasn't had enough snow they needn't despair – there is more forecast for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!     


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  1. …. and it's not just the fact that it's piled up on the side of the road… it's that it's SO dirty by then, so it's not even a vaguely pretty pile of snow, it's just a pile of dirt waiting to melt. Ugh.

  2. My nephew goes to Catholic school, and they NEVER have snow days(he lives in Oklahoma City). My sister-in-law has to drive him to school-across town mind you-even when the weather is terrible.

  3. Here they have had so many snow days now they are going to be coming to school in summer! Our problem is that we are just not equipped to deal with so much snow. If we got it all the time, every year, we would be so much better at just getting on with what we have to do.

  4. Usually my area (upper PA) gets these huge snowstorms… guys have been hammered this year! It looks like this new storm system might be hitting us tomorrow night, though, so we'll be able to share some of the snowy load!

  5. That's how Seattle is too. We freak out with snow, but we do so because of the hills. And the fact that weather is our hobby. But I lived in the midwest for a bit, had a ton of snow and still: that over thar in yer paerts… that's a lot of snow. Hang in there!

  6. Yeah more snow we are expecting it here Wednesday and Thursday but for people who are not used to it I feel sorry for you but just think you lived through a record setting snow fall in your area! But it is too bad that people do not clean the snow up from the walk in front of there place, because it is hard going in such deep snow and I am afraid your going to fall, although with the deep snow you have something to brake your fall not your bones! Take good care out there

  7. I can only imagine it was worse of the return journey. What is the saying "only mad dogs and Englishmen go out into the midday sun"? Well, …Australian women go out into thigh deep snow, it seems!
    I hope your boss appreciates you! Did the management go into the office too?

  8. People in Wisconsin get really dumb when it snows. We not only have snow mountains in every parking lot, but for some reason, people think if they toss their trash in the snow it will disappear. It does, temporarily, when the snow is coming down, but COME ON PEOPLE…snow melts, trash doesn't!When I lived back east, hubby and I used to speculate how long the snow mountains would be at the mall before they melted. Years like this one, it was usually April-May. How much are you supposed to get today :))

  9. Wow, snow snow everywhere. Thanks for the pictorial explanation Emjay.So obviously people need to shovel snow off the car roof too to avoid looking like some sort of 4-wheeled iceberg drifting down the street.Mind-boggling.

  10. Oh my gosh…and I am sure you are getting buried again right now!!!Did I say "Oh my gosh!"?We are getting 10 inches tonight, but that seems like nothing compared to what you guys are getting! Stay safe!!!

  11. we'll be able to share some of the snowy load! LOL Shutterbug please feel free to take the bigger portion ….. I'm learning all sorts of new terms like "ice dams" and snow weights per square foot and weight bearing roofs!

  12. Being from Southern CA, all this snow is just amazing to see. I feel the same way coming from Australia! I think there are a lot of Washingtonians that have never seen this much snow.

  13. I just saw the mayor being interviewed and he said we don't have a specific agency to deal with snow like Buffalo or Cleveland. An internal DC Govt email has been leaked which shows 25% of equipment is out of order at any time. And, our salt spreaders are jamming apparently. Sounds like a sit-com and we are an hour into our 3rd huge storm in less than 2 months…..

  14. Yes – it is pretty inconsiderate of people not to shovel when it is this high. They plowed my road some time during today and now I have huge banks along the street to get over too! (and the people who own cars have them even more locked in).

  15. Yeah our management are always in. Once they get in, in their high tech 4WDs, they decide that everyone else can get there. We have only been closed twice in the 10 years I've worked there – once when a hurricane was zooming up the coast and the metro stopped working so they had to send people home and then on 9/11 we got sent home in the morning and I think we might have had the 12th off – or at least a 2 hour delayed start. We are hard core!!

  16. The figures being quoted tonight are anywhere from 8 to 12 to 20 inches depending on which station or paper you read. It is going to be weeks before the garbage trucks get down our alleys (they don't grade or treat them because they don't have the resources to do that – they barely have them to use on the main roads and then side streets). Today I saw some large garbage bags being placed near council trashcans on the sidewalk. I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that – I guess I will triple/quadruple bag them (to keep pests out) and keep them on the deck until the snow melts. It's one of those things people don't really think about until the service stops.

  17. LOL – well the Federal Government is frozen and about to close for the 3rd day tomorrow. That's $300 million dollars it has cost us taxpayers in lost productivity!! A month in Australia was way better than a couple of snow days!

  18. avoid looking like some sort of 4-wheeled iceberg drifting down the street. LOL – that is exactly what they look like. This winter a law was passed in DC to make it illegal to drive with snow all over your car.

  19. Did I say "Oh my gosh!"? LOL – better than the F-word! 🙂 We have an inch already and this storm is apparently not going to finish until Wednesday afternoon. I think your 10 inches sounds a lot – but I'm pretty sure your city is much better equipped at dealing with it. This is really abnormal for us!

  20. Oh no Emmy, no garbage collection bah. Say, my real life girl friend turned me on to these awesome bags at Home Depot called contractor bags. They are like triple the strength of anything you can get at walmart. We have a bag of frozen rotten pumpkins alongside the house. Not that any creature would want rotten pumpscicles. I bet you get a snow day tomorrow! You guys are getting slammed, even with the no garbage pick up, I'd be loving it. Take more pictures tomorrow!!

  21. Yes it is… and last night when I was lying in bed every groan and pop the house made had me worried! There is nothing I can do about it though except be aware – so morning and night I am checking for damp patches on the ceiling and sagging (and listening for suspicious breaking noises).

  22. LOL – I thought everyone would be sick of snow photos by now! Nest time I'm at Home Depot I will have a look for those bags. With it only being me here at the moment I don't have as much rubbish as I would if the manservant was home too.

  23. Although it has been snowing here for over 12 hours, we do not have anywhere near as much as you do. I guess we may have 10 inches by morning before it moves into your neighborhood. I hope it lets up for you soon.

  24. FWIW… Seattle's former mayor lost his bid (and he quit before even trying again, if that says something) because of their horrific management of the Big Storm09. "We will not use salt!"… those were his dying words, so to speak. Environmental blah blah… we are pussies for sure. Give us salt! Let the busses run, please! More than the mayor lost their head during the post-mortem of last year's hella storm. Some cities don't get it. Also: FWIW: I cannot believe you are trudging into work during all of this. No job is that vital to humanity, seriously. But then again…my mentality is probably why I am poor. 😉 Be careful.

  25. @gunderson bee – Seattle freaks out over not only the hills but a few flakes. It's the only metro city I've ever heard of that closes schools on the *threat* of a 1/4 inch of snow. I'd laugh if I could stop crying over the city's lame snow policies. Rubber blades and compressing ice? C'mon, get real, Seattle!

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