Blue sky!


I got out early and dug my escape path better than I'd done yesterday. It looks like a trench!  The banks are 23 inches high. 

  The sky was blue today but there was not much heat in the sun.   At one stage it got as hot as freezing and some melting started. It made pretty icicles from my awning.

  There have been some roof collapses due to the weight of the snow.  Experts were advising homeowners with flat roofs to check the "integrity" of their roof.  I don't know how you are meant to do that – putting a ladder up on a base of snow and ice doesn't seem very wise to me.   Anyway – we don't own a ladder but we do have a flat roof. 

By hanging out over the deck I can see that there is a lot of snow up there.   The downpipe was frozen solid this morning so any melt would not be running off.  By this afternoon the pipe had thawed enough to allow a trickle out. 

Oh joy! – the weatherman just said we might get another storm Tuesday/Wednesday,  with up to 5 more inches!  The manservant is due back on Wednesday…..   At least with him away I don't have to watch the Super Bowl tonight!

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  1. love the pictures.
    But, Hire someone to shovel your roof, it's cheaper than a roof collapse. Seriously. My husband's in construction, he has repaired plenty of roofs. Flat ones that weren't shoveled. Snow is heavier than most people realize.

  2. Love your photos and your little run way to escape…….I was watching a forecast on all the snow where you are and they mentioned that for us Canadians watching Washington usually only gets maybe 5 inches to set them into trouble! Where we are used to having that much snow and black ice! and we think nothing of it!!Glad to hear not forced into watching the Superbowl, you deserve a rest and a glass of wine for today's good work!But be careful walking you might even want to pull out your walking stick for that extra safety!

  3. Wow, you've certainly been hit hard! Fortunately Superbowl isn't big here so I haven't been subjected to it but with it being the World Cup this year I am SO looking forward to Mr Vicola spending all summer watching the People's Republic of God Knows Where vs Never-Heard-Of-It-istan on the telly because England got knocked out in the first round. Sigh….

  4. Just glad you're safe, Emjay. But you have highlighted my point. The UK ground to a standstill at 6 inches of snow. You guys are still functioning (albeit not at 100%) after god knows how many inches…@Vicola, presumably you've not told Mr Vicola about the ESPN channel, or whichever of the sky sporty ones is showing the Superbowl XLIV this year? I only know about it because it interrupted my "24" viewing last night with an advert.

  5. LOL, I love your sarcasm with the weatherman. My son apparently drove to Virginia for the weekend with a friend. I phoned him last night to chat but they were just getting into the car to drive home. Great! (not great from a mum point of view)

  6. You escaped, horray! Can you make it quickly to Florida? I agree it's funny about the roof, and like what are you supposed to do, call the repair guys who are probably 100 percent overwhelmed? It's a real bummer all around. Good news is it looks like your home is still going strong.
    Hang in there, girl.

  7. DC is great for after the snowstorm; they get everything running fairly quickly. During the snowstorms, not so much. Glad you are safe and sound. Stay inside, where you can sip cocoa and dream of DC summers [1]. Do you have steam heat? John[1] 38 C and 110% humidity (and 200% stupidity, what with all the tourists). Yeah.

  8. I heard an "expert" today say that there is about 12 tons of snow on top of roofs here! At the moment it would be difficult for anyone to get in and up on our roof. (ungraded front street and impassable back alley) With more snow forecast for tomorrow I was worried enough to contact a guy today but he hasn't got back to me yet. It would be nice to get it shovelled off.

  9. I hope no more flat roofs fall in. There's a lot of weight up there. I think they've reduced the expected snow totals for tomorrow – after scaring me with a 10-20 figure!

  10. Yes this morning they were telling us to expect 5-8 inches tomorrow and then mid afternoon they increased that to 10-20 inches…. now it seems to be back down to 8-10 inches…. I guess we will know once it arrives.

  11. I would like to think that March is the turning point – though we have had some very cold weather in March and even into April in previous years. I'm pretty over the snow now…..

  12. I'm starting to run out of food now – "good" stuff anyway – I still have tins and boring things in the freezer. Still plenty of toilet paper. LOL. Ithink I will pick up a few things at the corner store near work on my way in tomorrow – just incase.

  13. @ Steam Heat – what awesome foot work! The hat play was nifty too. DC summers are nasty for all the reasons you mention. We don't seem to have bounced back so quickly from this storm. The Federal Government will be closed for the second day tomorrow as are most school districts and the metro is limping! It could be quite difficult to get back on track if we get more snow tomorrow.

  14. LOL – yes generally anything over 3" here becomes an issue to deal with and previously we probably thought 5" was a huge storm! Today when people were talking about getting another 5 tomorrow the reactions were sort of oh well, what's another 5 on what we've got. I took it very easy coming home tonight as it was definitely icier out there now!!

  15. LOL @ all that soccer you are going to be subjected to.. I would prefer soccer over footy any day. They say that some snow melted today – not that you can tell by looking at the piles!

  16. I don't know – I think we are struggling more than we should be. I trudged into work today to find myself one of only 24 people there out of a possible 96. I thought that was a poor showing and told people they should be ashamed to be shown up by a snow-bereft Australian!

  17. Ha Florida looks mighty inviting!! North Carolina looks inviting! The house was built in 1920 and seems to be structurally solid – we did have the roof inspected as part of the home inspection when we bought it 2 years ago. On the other hand it's only had more snow than this on it twice since it was built……. Hopefully spring starts on March 1st.. ! šŸ™‚

  18. I think the only way to check a roof is to have someone go up on a ladder. I guess that would be hard to check while there is all this snow on top of it. I read today about people paying workers to shovel the snow off the roofs. That is something that I will consider getting a quote for once the manservant comes back. Or we could all just wish for some unseasonably hot weather to melt it all!

  19. Hi LBeeeze – we don't have an attic. I think we have about 12-18 inches between our ceiling and the black top roof. I heard some figures today which made me feel a little better – weight bearing per square foot etc and the strength of woods used in 1920 compared to the timbers used in buildings today. I think if we get 12" or more tonight we will be close to the weight bearing limit but I also have to assume that some snow has melted in the last 3 days. I'm glad that your power was only off for an hour. I'm a worst case sort of person so if my power goes out I will immediately assume it's going to be off for 10 days!

  20. It's been pretty amazing – and unprecedented. DC had a huge snowfall the week before Christmas and then the one this w/end just gone and tonight they are throwing figures out like 12 – 20 inches (though the amount seems to depend on which tv station you listen to).

  21. Good to know about the load baring capacity. I've heard this issue discussed a couple times on the news (CNN maybe?), so I can't help but think about you and hope your roof is holding up.

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