Still here; still snowing…

Still here; still have power, internet and television;  still snowing.  They forecast it will continue to snow throughout the day with another 7-9 inches on top of what we've woken to this morning. 

Taken Friday night 11pm – from my front door barely stepping outside: 

Chairs on our deck Friday 11pm: 

The same chairs at 7am this morning:

Taken from the bedroom window around 7am this morning:   There is a set of  4 steps in there somewhere – you can just see the handrails against the snow: 

The snow is a heavy wet type which sticks to wires   this is causing power outages around the area:   Photos taken around 7.30am while standing barely outside on the bottom deck – neighbours either side of me:

My favourite light post across the alley – not so pretty without its glow:

This is the snow piled against my front storm door – which opens outwards!  Photo taken 8.15am.   I just tried to open it – it moves 6 inches.  Even naked I could not squeeze through a 6 inch opening!! :

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  1. Wow! My mom was saying she and Dad may be having a difficult time getting doors open to the house… Hopefully you have some fun things to do Inside! (or you can take a fantasy trip to the beach if you want to at my blog!)

  2. Looks familiar!! Only you guys got it a LOT earlier than we did and have quite a bit more. At about 9pm we had a light coating. Now we have about what you did at 11pm last night, it looks like. I never manage to take pics before I clear a path because I am clearing a path for a whining, full-bladdered dog. My front steps were nothing more than a slope, as you described too. My car…ugh, ofrget it. and there is just nowhere really to put the snow. Your neighborhood though, even worse for that! The snow here is light and fluffy at least, this is almost an exact repeat of the snow we had in December and from the looks of the forecast it looks like the same slow meltage (which is fine with me, less in my basement and the roads stay drier at night. At least now, in Feb, we have a little more daylight to contend with, too.
    Ugh, have fun digging out. I am the only one who was out so far besides the plows. I guess the Neighborhood Snowblower Coalition will be out soon….
    I barely shoveled a path across my (covered) front porch which has at least 6 inches of snow, down my steps and to the car. I brushed off the front of the car and gave up. Car's not going anywhere today anyway….
    Out back I made a nice path for Elvy, of course nothing is good enough for him. Plus it's still coming down, blowing around and everything so I'll have to clear the path again several more times for him.

  3. I have only managed to get my front door open 6 inches! I can go out the back but then I have to walk a long block around to get back to the front of the house. I'll be right over to the beach!

  4. We have 19 inches – or did at 7am. It's still snowing and more on the way. I'm not keen on clearing it and then having to re-clear it again later. I can barely open my front door – I have a very long trudge around the block if I go out the back and down the alley. Perhaps I will open the window and shout "help" to a neighbour if I see one – no-one about yet. At least I don't have a car to worry about – or a dog. I'm surprised Elvis wants to go outside!!

  5. I saw a billion news articles about "mid Atlantic shuts down ahead of storm" yesterday but I prefer Paris' "Apocalypse Snow"!!We're having a short break in the rain so the cats are outside doing their thing. I wouldn't last 2 days in snow, esp snow that only allowed 6" door openings. And I'd be one of those people without TP or food in the house.

  6. I can snow and see the continuing news also on the television of Japan.
    I beautifully read the previous photos. —–.
    This photos is scared a little.
    Please take care.

  7. I think we are heading for some records here too – the first one being the snowiest winter on record. For awhile the fall slowed down but it's back to a decent rate again – it looks beautiful – from the comfort of my arm chair!

  8. Yes – the French headline was good! It would be an apocalypse if Long Beach got two days of snow! πŸ™‚ I have a lot of tinned beans in the cupboard incase the power goes out – I really hope I don't have to eat those!!

  9. Yes, and there's even more now – I keep running to the door or window with my camera. LOL – you are all going to get so sick of snow photos! Perhaps I should save them to cool us all down when we are boiling up in summer!! There is now 23 " at one measuring station a couple of miles from me. Once I am fortified with alcohol I should consider measuring what I have in my front yard.

  10. LOL – without the right clothes on 20 minutes is probably all you'd have before frostbite would start ……. the wind chill was very cold blowing off all that snow.

  11. LOL – I did manage to get through 8 inches though! I used a garden trowel to scrape as much as I could along the bottom of the door. I couldn't put a big coat on until I'd shovelled enough to get the door open wider.

  12. Hi Marco – thank you for all the wonderful links. I think the Porta Venezia shot is beautiful and most like the streets around me. The park in Milano is gorgeous and wow(!!) to the snow instead of sand on the beach!

  13. My legs were wet and cold by the time I got back from a walk today. The snow was just above my knees and my snow boots only come mid-calf! I don't have waterproof pants because it's not normally an issue.

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