The weatherman just said "Do not drink alcohol while you shovel" .     LOL -  I reckon that's the only thing that would get me out there at the moment!

He also called it "heart attack snow".    Apparently 1,200 people die every year from heart attacks brought on by shovelling;  one quarter of them women. 

21,000 people had to go to emergency rooms in 2007 with back injuries after shovellling. 

I think I'll just stay inside and drink my alcohol. 


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  1. haha, you've got the right idea.
    I have to eat somethign and try to make a little headway out there. Maybe the neighbor's kids shoveled for me though. That's what always happens, I go out really early, shovel a path out back for the dog, try to do a little out front, don't get very far out front, then go back in and go to bed, meanwhile the neighbros get up and out and do everythign for me. I feel kind of bad but they've got 3 kids, I have an old chihuahua and a bad back. Plus it's not like I wasn't going to do it myself.
    (look at me, "always" this is the second time we've had snow)

  2. one quarter of them women.But that means three quarters of them are men! I think I'm going to have to find a woman to shovel my driveway from here on out…you know, to lower the odds a bit.

  3. LOL – well one of my neighbours is dead and the other is not going to do a quarter inch past the property line! I used a little trowel along the bottom of the front door enough to get it open 8" – I was surprised I could fit through it but then I had trouble getting that big red shovel outside!! I felt uncomfortable knowing I was sort of trapped. I've cleared the stoop and the top step and I'll keep that cleared now during the afternoon – it's already got at least another inch on it. I had thought that in a pinch I could go out the back but when I looked at the wooden gate to the alley it was packed on both sides with snow – no way was it going to open! I will have a go at my little path, steps and sidewalk tomorrow. Last weekend I did the sidewalk infront of the deceased neighbor's place – I don't think I want to do that this time!

  4. Wow just think of the workout you are going to get shoveling all that snow, in fact I am willing to bet somewhere on the internet there is a snow shovel workout routine you could do, you know something like big red shovel lunges, than again with only 7 weeks and 1 day till Spring. Staying inside with the alcohol sounds like a pretty good idea.

  5. LOL…I am still laughing about the fact (no offense intended) that you say that one neighbor is dead. Um…are they still a neighbor? Do we need to call in CSI? Perhaps they shoveled too much snow while drinking alcohol!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful thing you have going….might as well let the kiddos next door get their energy out and it does them good to do for others. You are actually doing that family a favor, don't you think!! Good job!

  7. I haven't done much snow shoveling (used to live in apartments where landlords took care of everything) so I may be speaking too soon, but I kind of like shoveling. I'd come over to help you if I lived nearby (and could tunnel my way over) 🙂

  8. LOL – as I typed that my neighbour was dead I had a flashing thought that she wouldn't be doing much shovelling! This morning I took a few layers off the snow along her footpath – not down to the cement, just enough so that people walking don't have it above their knees!.

  9. LOL. There is no wo(man) in manual labour!! My manservant doesn't get back until Wednesday (next storm allowing) – it wouldn't be right to leave the footpath until then – no matter how tempting I might find that.

  10. Drinking while shovelling's a great idea. It might make my neighbors bearable. Ha LOL. No snowblowers in my street – actually none nearby because I think I would've heard their distinctive sound if anyone had one out.

  11. You should never drink alcohol while you shovel. Because unless you've got your booze in one of those baby cups with a lid on, it's going to slosh over the edges of the glass and onto the floor, creating a waste of drink. You should put your drink on the fencepost and swig it between bouts of shovelling.

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