3, 6 or 7 – it’s all the same isn’t it….


Yesterday I went downtown to meet a friend for coffee.  The weatherman had assured us that DC was on the very edge of the storm coming towards the south eastern states and that our snowfall, in the city, would likely be around the 1-3 inches starting around 11am and be all over by dinner time.

The high temperature yesterday was only 18 Fahrenheit with a spiteful wind making the "real feel"  around 8.   My friend spends every Christmas and New Year in Canada so there was no hope of the outing being cancelled from her end and I certainly didn't want to play the wimpy Aussie and cancel. 

I left home at 9am with so many layers on that my head was pushed forward like a turtle and my arms were forced out at similar angles to a body builder.   There were no snowflakes falling at home but when I came out of the metro 15 minutes later they were starting to mark the footpath:

  When we left the cafe at noon workers were out attempting to clear the snow (I hope this guy had gloves in his pockets): 

I walked back to Chinatown metro and waited for the train. Here it comes: 

There were certainly not many people venturing out anywhere. Which seat will I take:

Closer to home the snow looks pretty on houses and untreated roads:

  But ugly slushy grey on the main road :

The poor mailman still has to work: 

At some stage we went past the forecast 3 inch stage  -  this was taken around 5pm when it was starting to taper off: 

When it was over there was about 6 inches of snow out the front – but the weatherman had one thing right; it was dinner time:    


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  1. I know it must be cold but gee it looks great and being a typical Aussie, I just want to play in it for a while, we suffered a 37c day yesterday and that snow looks so cold πŸ˜‰

  2. Wow! He actually got one thing right?Pick the seat with the fewest number of pee stains on it …Oh, and snow is beautiful in Currier and Ives pictures … and ONLY in Currier and Ives pictures. In real life … not so much.

  3. Brr brr brrr freakin' brrr! It's been deadly cold here too. Quite a shock after the warm spell. I love the guy with no gloves – some people must have heated skin.

  4. Wimpy Aussie – lol. Definitely can't have that. I'm actually envious … of the snow (still zero here) and your camera; would love nothing more than to be able to capture my, errr, similar and equally colorful neighborhood. hahah, yeah, hope that guy had gloves in the pocket!

  5. It looks like you had a pleasant saturday.I like the way your story goes, with photos and text. Oh, and your underground shots are delicious; wish we have something similar in Milan too, but coaches and train stops are… ugly. I'll post some shots sooner or later.

  6. "I left home at 9am with so many layers on that my head was pushed forward like a turtle and my arms were forced out at similar angles to a body builder." LOL, I know how you feel!The train photo is great. The perspective is very good. Fun photos. Thank you for posting that.

  7. 0 and below does not sound like fun at all. Here we are beginning February and expecting snow again tomorrow. Last year we had a lot of ice and not much snow – if I had to choose between them I'd definitely pick snow so maybe I should just be grateful we haven't had ice storms this winter!.

  8. I love my bottom photo – it's so tranquil and I didn't have to go far out the front door to take it. All 3 states (MD, VA, DC) have blown their snow removal budgets this winter. I saw a VA roads official being interviewed on Saturday night and they were assuring viewers they would "find" money to clear the roads. It made me laugh as some viewers thought the states had "run out of salt" …

  9. Wimpy Aussie – lol. Definitely can't have that… can't let a proud nation down! LOL. One of my other Seattle neighbours was lamenting the lack of snow also. I think we've had enough here and I'm willing to give away any further flakes this winter.

  10. Thank you Giancarlo. The train stations in Milan are much older than our metro – our metro was opened in 1976 so it is relatively young. Milan has other wonders like the gorgeous cathedral and the Castello Sforzesco.

  11. I was really pleased with the train photo. For once I managed to hold the camera still enough not to have a big blur. I can't wait for a time when I can discard a few layers of clothes.

  12. A little snow will not hurt you and it seems funny people in the city when they have trains and transit to get around and you do not have to drive you would think more people would be out! I have to drive myself 4 or more miles just to go to a convince store so if it is snow no problem if it is ice then you stay at home! Did you get yourself a good pair of boots for the winter ??

  13. If it snows on a workday then the trains are extra crowded as people are scared to drive – though sometimes it must be difficult to get out of the untreated side streets so their fear might be warranted. I got some Keen boots which seem to be doing the job – so far no falls! πŸ™‚

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