January Reads…

Along with the photo-a-day-for-365-days project this year, I am also doing the 50 book challenge (reading 50 books in 52 weeks).

I have never before counted the books I've read – and a lot of the time I don't remember which books I've read until I've started reading them again!   This year I have set up an excel spreadsheet recording the title and author of the book, the date I started each book, and the date I finish. 

I have finished 7 books this month and during the week I started Death Without Interruptions ( by Jose Saramago) which I am not going to finish before the end of the month (tomorrow).

I tend to have two books going at the same time. I keep a book in my commuter bag to read on my train rides home. (I sleep in the mornings).  I like books that allow me to listen in to any conversations around me that attract my attention without having to re-read large chunks.  

At bedtime I might read 5 pages of a different book before I'm dozing off and then I have to re-read sections the next night!   Sometimes I transpose characters between my books especially if they are similar genres – this can be amusing.

Here are January's books:   I thought "The Girl Who Played with Fire"  was better than "The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo"  which I had found a bit slow.    I really enjoyed The Coldest Mile and have the next one The Cold Spot to start on Monday.   The Nymphos of Rocky Flats I thought was even sillier than the name suggests and I will not get the 2nd book in the series (perhaps I am just tired of vampires – remember I did read 15 books in the  Anita Blake series last year!).  Jack Reacher (the character) is starting to get tired,  I think Karin Slaughter is getting better, Michael Connelly is consistent and  I really, really liked Tim Winton's Breath.   

The Coldest Mile
Tom Piccirilli

The Girl Who Played with Fire [DECKLE EDGE] (Hardcover)
Stieg Larsson (Author) Reg Keeland (Translator)



The Scarecrow
Michael Connelly

Undone (Grant County)
Karin Slaughter

Tim Winton

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28 responses

  1. Are you on Goodreads? It's great because you can keep track of all your books read, or to read, write up reviews and your friends on Goodreads can follow it all. I've gotten so many good ideas for books from Goodreads, just seeing what my friends are reading and how they like them. If you sign up, let me know, so I can add you to my friend list. (It's like Facebook for books, only way more helpful and much less annoying.)

  2. The Goodreads sounds very interesting! I have a written list of the books I have read but sometimes I forget to list them. I don't have room on my list for much expounding. I will have to look into that. Emjay, I really enjoyed your assessment of your books. I am going to look up the Karin Slaughter book that you mentioned. I love to read. I am always on the lookout for new books to read.

  3. wow so many books all you read..in german we say "you an Leseratte"-in american is the translation" you a readrat", but I think the american have a other word for people there read so many books, I admire you. The most books I read is professional literature about my work (boring) and the most books in holiday-but I have not many holiday:-)

  4. The Karin Slaughter one is the latest book in a series where the main character is Sara Linton – it's called the Grant County series and the first one is Blindsighted (2001).

  5. I am lucky to have a one hour train ride home and I read then. Also, now that the weather is horrible I read in my lunch hour at work instead of going out for a walk. LOL – I think I like being called a Leseratte šŸ™‚

  6. Yeah I choose – it's just a challenge rather than a book club. I tried a book club but some of the books on the list were hard to get through – I think a lot of others felt the same because people stopped going and then it just sort of collapsed. I will look at Cloudstreet – doesn't the play adaptation go for a couple of days (6 hours).

  7. Karen- on goodreads, do you use your real name or a pen name. I just was signing up and used my blog name but my gmail and it pulled my entire list of friends over and I like to keep my facebook/email friends separate from my blog. That is because with a pen name, I can take of my mask and be real. That leaves me in a conundrum. Will my blog friends use their real names or their blog names on goodreads? I am not sure what to do. What would you advise?

  8. I'm eager to see what you read. I love finding new books to add to my list. I use Visual Bookshelf on Facebook to keep track of what I've read and what I want to read. I'm glad you like "Fire" better than "Tattoo". I've read the first one and am interested in the second only because people have told me it's better than the first.

  9. Okay … when I have to start using spreadsheets to keep track of what I'm doing in my leisure time …Every night when I get to work, there's a whole new set of memos sent down from the main office … usually a bunch of crap made up by people who have never done my job, but "think" they know how to improve the way it's done. Those alone should count as my "book a week."

  10. Freedom Smith, Yeah you've got to watch it because when you put in your email address if you click the button "add friends" at that point, Goodreads will send everyone on your email an invite from you. I'm not on facebook so I don't know how that works, but Goodreads is fairly private. It's simply your list of books and your list of friends. For that reason, I use my real name (and also because I have no imagination where naming myself is concerned).

  11. I went ahead and used my real name since there was the gmail connection and I feel more strongly about keeping my blog name private than my goodreads name private. I have an odd situation where there is a person that follows my actual name and I find it creepy and that is why I used a pen name on Vox. I like my pen name better anyway….lots more fun than my real name!! But I think I will keep it exclusively for Vox. But if I want to be any of your friends on goodreads, I will have to figure out how to connect with you. Sure gets complicated!

  12. I'm easy to connect with because I'm a Goodreads author. So you can plug in either of my books, Uncut Diamonds or Farm Girl by Karen Jones Gowen, and there's my name, you can go to my author page and send me a friend request. Which of course I will be happy to allow!!Emjay, and anyone else on Vox, if you end up joining Goodreads, the same goes for you!

  13. An Excel spreadsheet? Wow are you organized! Thanks for the recs here, I haven't heard of most of these. I realize it's a lame excuse but I don't read Fiction in such a short period of time because I like to get lost in the story, and our stupid neighbors are often too loud that I can't get the proper peace. But there are moments.

  14. Oh boy sounds like a fun challenge, I too keep a spreadsheet of books read I am on the 5th year logging books, I used to keep a nice notebook with me so I wouldn't buy a copy of the books I have already read, now I carry a print of my excel sheet before book shopping, this has helped over the year.I have listings on Goodreads, Library Thing and Shelfari, I subscribe to Bookmarks which now has a connection to Goodreads. For unloading books some books I do Bookcrossing which is a fin way to leave a book for someone to find.Have you read anything by James Rollins I started with his book Sandstorm.Good luck with your challenge,

  15. The advantage of most of my January books is that they can be read in the noisy metro without losing track of the story. Breath and The Girl Who Played with Fire need quieter time.

  16. Wow! You are super organized! šŸ™‚ Often I remember books by their covers and was finding more and more that covers changed as books were released in 2nd and 3rd printings or under different publishers (for eg; if I bought a book in Australia it would have a different cover to the American release). I have not read anything by James Rollins so thank you for the recommendation.

  17. Just read possibly the best book ever today–"The Lost Conspiracy" by Frances Hardinge. Okay, so it wasn't just today. Took me a couple days. Definitely going to buy everything I can find that she's written. It has another title, too–Gullstruck Island–not sure why.

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