This is not …



Driver's announcement on one of my trains this morning:  

"Please take your reading materials and newspapers with you when you leave the train.  This is not a library!"

And, this is not a car.  The first thing I noticed was the Carshare sign and I laughed ….   then I realised that they could all get along together:

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  1. Haa! That's a great photo. The train sign should say "this is not a recycling bin" because I bet people are leaving their filthy newspapers all over the floor rather than some expensive books.

  2. It must be a tedious job being a train operator on our system. All the lines are straight so you drive to the end of the line turn around and come back to the other end. At each station you announce the colour of the train and its destination – like "this is a red line train to Shady Grove"; just before each station you announce the station name and which side the doors are going to open. There must be times when they just feel like saying nothing at all – making us work it out for ourselves.

  3. The Carshare has a parking space right there on the street – I think it says "no parking except carshare". They have these Carshare (sometimes Zip cars) near a lot of the metro stations and you can rent them by the hour – I think people pay a yearly fee to be a member and the rentals are cheaper than traditional rentals like Avis. The attraction seems to be the short term rentals.

  4. So the train announcers can say whatever is on their mind at a particular moment rather than follow a list of announcements? I'd like to try that job for a day 🙂

  5. LOL – that's certainly what it sounds like sometimes. I once heard a woman operator say something like "just get in the train, I wanna go home"…. They get a script for safety announcements as all drivers say the same – for awhile they would say if you see an unattended bag ask the person closest "excuse me, is that your bag?" That cracked me up every time I heard it – similarly the one when they said "be prepared; not scared".

  6. We have a computerized voice which says "stand back, doors closing". Sometimes the drivers get annoyed because people keep squeezing in and they will shout "stand back, stand back" – not nearly as nice as the female computer voice LOL.

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