Another 7 days in the 365..


19:365  This manse or rectory belongs to the St George's Episcopal Church and was built in 1925.  It has the original belltower and church entrance – the church was built in 1911. St. George's was involved in missionary outreach programs to historic churches and Blue Ridge Mountain mission schools and stations.  Stones from these places of pilgrimage were used in constructing the entrance and bell tower.   I walk past this every morning on my way to work and didn't know anything about it until I took the photo and went to see what I'd actually taken a photo of.

20:365    The next morning I snapped a shot of the park across the road from the church. Many afternoons I see homeless people sitting here – they are waiting for a Bagged Meal  – one of the programs provided daily by Arlington Street People's Assistance Network.

21:365   My entire metro journey is underground.  When I leave home it is dark – it is lightening as I emerge from the tomb-like station 3 blocks from work.

   22:365   My poor Hydrangea – not so beautiful in its winter guise. Amazing how vibrant the little weed on the right is!!  

23:365  Another shot from our outing to the Kennedy Center.  This is some of the ceiling of the main entrance hall:

24:365  Every work day I can not leave the house until I have beads or a chain of some sort around my neck.  This lady on the wall holds my beads and chains on a hook at her feet: 

25:365    The quickest route from the metro to my office is through our building's underground carpark.  As I walk through I take note which of our Executive Officers are in the office that morning:

26:365   I enjoy the path back to the metro at the end of the day – I also note that I have never seen anyone sitting on these seats:  

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  1. " …underground carpark. As I walk through I take note which of our Executive Officers are in the office that morning:" … This made me think of that Seinfeld episode where George's car sits in the employee lot round the clock (after he locks in the keys), misleading his supervisors into believing he's the earliest to arrive and burning the midnight oil … until all these flyers begin appearing on his windshield … funny episode.

  2. Love the stone work in the old church! it is always interesting to see what one normally passes by in photo form it makes it all so different unlike the daily blur of it passing by …… Like all the flags do you think the carpet is red in the Kennedy center in case some one gets shot and it will blend in with the red carpet??

  3. LOL Jamie; you are really stuck on that red carpet! It was interesting to learn a little of the history of the church. We've been in this office 4 years so I've been walking past it for all that time without even realising the name.

  4. Hi Maureen – my post is part of a challenge where you take a photo a day for 365 days – there is a group here on vox.
    I believe that the original idea comes from this gentlemen, Jamie Livingston, who did it daily from 1979 until his death in 1997.
    I think something similar would be wonderful for one of the Photo Quests – it would be interesting to see a "day in the life of…" other people.

  5. It's a strange place to have a seat really as cars reverse park right in front of you so you'd be breathing in fumes as you sat and there is not much pedestrian movement to watch.

  6. Oh, beautiful photo of the church! I so enjoy your pictures. I actually think your hydrangea looks pretty that way. The color is kind of cool. Is that ginkgo biloba beside it? I know it's one of the few deciduous angiosperms….

  7. Thank you Emmi – and yes, I like the hygrangea in its winter stage too. The first year I was very distressed when it died off in winter and was so relieved when it came back last spring. I don't think I have anything like ginkgo in my garden… I think it's a run-of-the-mill winter hardy weed 🙂

  8. I love your pictures! One time we traveled to Albequerque, NM and were able to go into the oldest ( I believe this is correct) continuously operating mission style church in America. It is beautiful– reminded me of any novel or western movie that I have seen– extremely romantic, especially when there is live music in the square. like you , i have an appreciation for old architecture.

  9. Thank you. I love the history and various architectural styles of churches. It would make a fascinating project to document the various churches in DC. I once did a post with photos of all the churches in just one street!! Here if you are interested.

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