Where’s the Beach? …



The Potomac River: 


It really doesn't look very inviting but just incase you were still tempted:  

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  1. That looks beautiful. I could sit in that hut at the end of the pier and read for hours on end.
    Or is this the point where you tell me that's where all the drug deals go down and I should stay the hell away from there? πŸ˜‰

  2. Good lord, you could not have posted worse photos! … gray skies gray skies gray skies I can't take 'em anymore!!!! {races down pier as if chased by a mugger and leaps over railiing into water}

  3. That's practically a Summer's day from what I am used to in Manchester, Emjay! I was thinking of shorts and a tshirt! However being as you said it's cold I'll go with the long sleeved tshirt option!

  4. @PeteG – I'm a strong swimmer and in a wetsuit, I'm reasonably confident I could swim, paddle or float however long would be needed NOT to be under the skies any longer. Also, note that the sign read "Keep Off The Beach." It said nothing about the water. So I already have my defense set when I'm pulled from the water and arrested.

  5. What serenity the photos convey of the gazebo and the water. I like the driftwood too. Beaches are not just made of sand (a lot of the time, for ones with sand, the sand has been dredged from the ocean bottom and put there by bulldozers. Not exactly environmentally friendly).

  6. Thank you the photos…. I am just dreaming of blue water and golden sand in an effort to warm up. Yes – some of the beaches in Hawaii (on the Kona coast I think) have sand shipped in.

  7. @PeteG – Oh, trust me, I'm goin' to prison. The American legal system does not favor the intelligent. I may get off with community service if Judge Aaron Duck (true) presides and grants leniency.

  8. I loved your photos, do not let anyone give you any crap for them. Goodness me, people can be narky cows for naught but methinks, resenting the happy people for smilin'.Grey skies and cold water can be so very serene to gaze upon. If you aren't the type of person with rats running around inside your head.

  9. Love to take some books and sit there. Love the gray, since we see it only during the monsoon. Summer, it is nearing.. I would rather escape here. Bit of cold is fine, when the books can give the warmth.. Nice photos Emjay

  10. As always great photos but from shows I watch on TV not too many US waterways would I get into or even want to dip my toe into but I see a bit of sand in the one photo not much to sun bath on but if the water was clean enough it would not matter how the beach is just the water! interesting structure sticking out in the water we understand the dock but the building at the end ?? for taking a look I guess

  11. LOL, you and Masha. He also calls cool air (on the windy side) "fresh". I usually associate sea breeze with "fresh", though many people think sea breeze stinks. I love the smell of a river as well, which some people also think smells bad. "Fishy". I like the fishy smell. From my childhood, probably. OKay, rambling on here.

  12. Thank you. I like to be funny. As for singing among robins, that is one of the sweetest things anyone could say. I think I will use that. Thank you again, so lovely. Chirp, tweet. Did you know that the robin is known as the British Nightingale? Such a pretty bird. Cows are also a British symbol.

  13. @Bettina – Um, I meant you're funny interpreting my comment about the gloomy skies as negative; on the contrary, it was made in context of ongoing exchanges on that very subject so the humor was understood (by the blog host). The robin as the British nightingale – thanks for the trivia, I'll stick it under the hat with the rest.

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