Yep, we foreigners all sound the same…


I answered the phone:  Good Afternoon ABC company

Caller:  "Can I speak to Mark?"

Me:  Which one?  We have 5 Marks.

Caller thinks about it,  mumbles something about an accent and then says: "The Swedish one"..

I mentally run through the Mark options in our office – there is no Swede at all, Mark or otherwise.  Do you mean Mark T?


OK – but he is Australian, not Swedish!

"Well, I knew he sounded foreign!"

Sweden or Australia?   

Taken at Circular Quay, Sydney – Harbour Bridge on the left,  the sails of the Opera House peering over the ferry wharf on the right.

The name of this liner is  The World

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31 responses

  1. He'll have to start peppering his conversations with, "throw another shrimp on the barby" and all those other colorful Aussie phrases Americans are familiar with. Or he could just start taking his pet kangaroo around with him everywhere … you all have one of those, right?

  2. Ha Ha now I do not know about that in USA but I do know I have heard many stories about them and that Ideal way of thinking put an accent and you become a foreigner but it is funny so dose that mean your Mexican because you come from the south way?? I think the accent too is way different from those too places! YOu must really enjoy your job!

  3. I think that caller must have been blind in one ear. 😉
    I thought we all knew that Swedes sound like the Swedish Chef on the Muppets and Aussies sound like Steve Irwin or Crocodile Dundee. did you happen to throw him off with an "ooonshka mooonshka"?
    it's getting late, i'm done. 😉

  4. Ha ha ha ha! I have been asked if I am Australian ("No? NZ, then?") over here more than once…which is ironic, since that is what people ask Masha when he is in the States.Thank you for posting that. You must have been fit to be tied. (Southernism, meaning about to burst)

  5. :)) Good one! Great to start the day with a laugh. Even though I too am rolling mentally my eyes, I had to learn that there are many people who aren't able to hear subtle differences in language.Being German in Norway basically made me through the years: Danish, Swedish, Islandic, Spanish (WTF…???), American, ….

  6. LOL – no and he didn't even realise that I had the same accent! I have had callers say that they want to talk to the person who has the same accent as I do! (seriously, I don't know why people don't write names down if they want to do business with them!).

  7. You must really enjoy your job! Yes – something funny or weird happens every day. Someone recently asked me to tell them what a caller had said because I was laughing and I said I couldn't tell because I was saving all the good stuff for a book.. LOL.

  8. did you happen to throw him off with an "ooonshka mooonshka"? LOL – you are still funny even when it's late. 🙂 Love the "blind in one ear" too! (though I admit to finding it difficult to distinguish between Americans and Canadians at least they are on the same continent).

  9. LOL – I've been asked if I'm "from the south" – that's my cue to say yes, so far south it's a different hemisphere. I remember the first time someone said "please and thank you" to me I burst out laughing it sounded so funny. I get asked if I'm English most often but I get a lot of South African guesses too.

  10. LOL – wow you are a real international chameleon! Some of the guesses are surprising aren't they – I have been asked if I was Scottish – an accent which I think is very distinctive in its own right.

  11. *Hehe* aren't I?? It is baffling, really. Especially when I think of English speaking people not being able to differentiate between other English accents. Even I, who doesn't have English as mother language, am able to know when someone is British, Scottish, Irish, Australian or American. I did put my foot in my mouth when I declared a young woman from South Africa for Australian. Though she admitted having lived there for a couple of years and that might have rubbed off.

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