Sinus & Snow


I wish my sinus system would realise that cold dry winter air is here for awhile and to just deal with it!  This week, along with the colder weather, I've had really awful sinus. 

It's been difficult to look at a computer screen and wearing my glasses, which I have to if I want to read anything, made things hurt anywhere the frame touched my face.  On the worst day even the hair of my fringe (bangs) touching my forehead hurt and I thought my right eye would be popped out its socket from the pressure behind it. 

The manservant arrived back from Chile yesterday to a relatively warm, windless day  -  I'm sure he thinks I was exaggerating how cold it has been here in America because I was jealous of him still being in the  warmth of the Southern Hemisphere (on the 3rd day home from Australia he flew to Chile).  Well, this morning he got to christen our brand new, bright red & shiny snow shovel  🙂  

We only had about 1.5" of fluffy snow – more conversational than bothersome – but it still has to be cleared off the public sidewalk in front of our place and the temperature is not going to get warm enough today (or over the w/end) to melt it.  My garden this morning: 

There is a law* here that requires you to clear public space in front of your home or business. I like to abide by it, not necessarily because we will be fined if we don't (I'm not sure our council is that efficient) but because I think some opportunist might slip over and then sue us as they cite our failure to abide by this law.  

My street this morning -  from the boundary between us and our neighbour:

 Tonight coming home…..  obviously the neighbours on either side of us do not worry about opportunistic pedestrians: 

*District law requires property owners to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, handicap ramps and steps abutting their property within the first 8 daylight hours after snow, sleet or ice stop falling.
(DC Code, 2001 Ed, § 9-601.) This applies to all property owners – residential, commercial, federal, and municipal. If ice cannot be cleared without damaging the sidewalk, then property owners may spread sand or salt to make the sidewalks safe. (DC Code, 2001 Ed, § 9-604.)

Property owners must also clear snow from the ADA-curb cuts. These are part of the sidewalk. Property owners are also asked to clear snow from catch basins and storm drains to prevent flooding during snow melt.

According to the municipal Code, if property owners fail to comply, the District is required to clear their sidewalks (DC Code, 2001 Ed., § 9-605) and sue the property owners for the cost of clearing the snow or ice plus a $25 fine (DC Code, 2001 Ed., § 9-606).


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  1. Yep … it's a law designed to allow you to be sued for not following it, not necessarily to be enforced.You know … you can just buzz your hair off, and the pain will go away …(Cannot believe I'm actually commenting on this before 47 other folks already got to it! WOOT!)

  2. Sorry about your sinuses. I can relate, and it's soooo painful. I wondered if my fish oil capsules helped me (it seemed like I got better once I got back on them, they seem to lubricate the system).
    The trouble with the snow is if you shovel it too early it melts and freezes if the sun isn't out (here it does, anyway). You'd better bet there's some major jerks who just look for the chance to sue someone. I hate that.

  3. Love the shovel! For the sinuses, have you tried the neti pot, or the modern plastic thereof, found at most drugstores and markets? I get horrible sinus headaches and it's the *one* tool that brings relief. I once turned someone who suffered nasal/sinus problems something fierce (living on OTC meds and so on) and experienced relief. (He's probably still thanking me to this day – lol.)As for the sidewalk shoveling, yes, same law here (perhaps it's nationwide?) and in this society best to stay on top of that. There's a book titled "Whiplash: America's Most Frivolous Lawsuits," written with wit. It includes illustrated instructions on angling your fall just so after you toss the grape on the supermarket's floor. You wanna be careful. You never know which reader might pass by your house.

  4. Long time sinus sufferer here so I know your pain and have used many medications and tricks to help with the pain like using a deep heating rub on my forehead and covering it over with a toque to force the heat in and get the sinuses running. Take good care of yourself and make sure you catch it before it becomes a sinus infection! Love your photos of the snow and out front of your place glad your not over visiting Britten and Europe where it is the coldest on record. But it is only common sense to clean the snow from in front of ones place to keep people from falling or tracking snow all over.

  5. For the sinus: forced air central heating is not your friend. Vicks makes little plug in warming then emitting thingys with eucalyptus oil in them. Or they did a few years back. I used to put one in my son's bedroom at night, he suffers mightily.Ha ha, back from the S Hemisphere to snow. I want to go to the S Hemisphere. I feel the need for the sun.

  6. Does there not come a stage when shovelling your own snow must necessarily mean heaving it onto someone elses territory, or is there no limit to how vertical you can stack it?If this is a stupid question, please throw me some slack because I am a simple man from the tropics.I am a believer in the neti pot for relieving severe sinusitis.

  7. Beautiful red shovel! (And works well, too, judging by your pictures.)Re: sinuses, have you ever tried jal neti? Its an old Indian ayurveda technique now in vogue in the US. Basically you learn to flush your sinuses with salted water, using a small kettle. As gross as it sounds, its miraculously effective for sinus troubles and allergies, and I bet lots of people in DC 'teach' folks how to do it for a small fee.

  8. Oh, that's interesting about the fish oil capsules. I'm willing to try them. Is there a specific brand you buy?Re the shoveling – I would never meet the "8 hour" time frame – I leave home just after 6.30 in the morning and get home around 6pm – I'm not home in "daylight hours". That re-freezing of the melt is a problem.

  9. The shovel is so wonderfully bright – when he brought it home before he went to Chile, I felt like a child looking at a lovely new toy that didn't have the battery to make it work. I had a few hilarious attempts with the Neti-pot before I understood it. It didn't seem to help much this time. Perhaps I should be using it every day though as a preventative rather than digging it out once the problem is entrenched. Re "Whiplash" – I must look for that. Yes, I know of someone who broke their ankle on partying on a Sunday but got themselves to work on the Monday before falling down and claiming worker's comp.

  10. No snow in June Snowy but you might be able to sign on for the pothole crew. All this bad weather invariably leads to holes and sinkholes (and exploding manholes). Yes I did try Fisherman's Friends *once* – they tasted disgusting!!!

  11. LOL LBeeeze – you make me laugh. I know that you are where it is *really* cold – in the truest sense of the word! Yes, the manservant had to get his long pants out! I can't tell the difference between night sweats and fevers anymore……

  12. Yeah – I'm glad I'm not in England or Europe – or Canada! 🙂 Thanks Jamie – I am feeling so much better now – I couldn't stand the sight of my computer screen before. That's an interesting method you have of dealing with sinus – I will try that next time too.

  13. You know – I have Vicks vaporizers – I just don't have the "stuff" to put in them! I must have a trip to CVS (pharmacy) or the great web market and find some. Yes I think the dry forced air at home and office and the dry cold air outside are all enemies of mine!

  14. Ooh! That's my second scary story this week! My mother told me that dad thinks his stroke was caused by all the sinus medications he was taking!!!! (raising the blood pressure etc). It has calmed down now but I think I will heed your advice about a doctor next time it happens.

  15. No that is not a silly question. When they plow the roads that's exactly what they do – they make huge hills which you (as a pedestrian) then have to trudge over, or walk on the road to avoid. It's very annoying. (DC does have 4 snow removal machines though which are like wood chippers – they take the "chipped" snow and dump it in the river then). When we have a particularly heavy fall we put our excess on the "lawn" – though we've been known to throw it in the gutter which I now see is our duty to clear also!

  16. The shovel is just gorgeous I think – previous to this we were using a garden shovel which was only about 6" wide!! That was hard work!!I used to do a yoga class through a local hospital and the instructor was Indian. She talked all the time about the ayurveda technique and "flushing" . I wish I had paid more attention! I do have a neti pot – I think I just have to be more disciplined about using it.

  17. Yeah – you guys are having a rough time with the weather! There was one day last week when I thought I might vomit at reception – what a welcome that would've been! Eventually the Panadeine (has codeine in it) kicked in but it took a few!

  18. We could do with a law like that here for if it snows. With a little clause that states that any halfwit who clears their pathway and pavement by heaping it up in massive snow walls and blocking the pathway at either side of their property is to be put in the stocks for a week.

  19. Thankfully I am now past this bout of sinus. I am certainly keeping our house "moist" now – I have humidifiers everywhere – so hope that helps prevent another round this bad. Although the temperature never got to 30 over the w/end, it was sunny and the "heat" on the cement did melt the last of the snow.

  20. I hope your sinuses are feeling better.I don't know if the laws about clearing snow from in front of storm drains are the same out here in Montgomery County, but the snow plough has piled a huge mountain of snow right in front of and almost on top of the storm drain just in front of our house.

  21. We have a law like that here… but I think we have 24 hours from when the snow stops falling. My front yard is in the shade so I always have to shovel it, sometimes I get lucky and the sun melts the side.

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