Obviously ….

Tonight my train operator said "Please use all open doors; please use all open doors" …

And I thought today was going to be the day I could walk through doors.


I know I did a lot of complaining about the heat while I was in Australia but do I have to be punished now by this hideous cold?   The wind is just plain spiteful.

When I was home, the princess shouted me to brunch at the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.  Their menu includes:  Danish Toffee Chocolate, Italian thick chocolate, Mexican spicy chocolate;  warm Belgian waffles drizzled in chocolate and chocolate pizza.   We had a Tutti Frutti waffle between us.  The menu is here if you are interested.

This is a big pot of melted chocolate: 

Which then travels along the pipes to the prep area: 

Mmmm….  eat more chocolate; get bikini body?   Well obviously! 


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  1. Normally a posting about chocolate would set me drooling like Pavlov's dog. However, after a holiday spell of decadent overindulgence, sweets everywhere and roughly half a box of Godiva consumed in a day {and I can't believe I'm saying this} I now find photos of carrots pushing through the ground riveting.

  2. We have friends who own a fancy chocolate shop. They say that dark chocolate is less unhealthy than milk chocolate, I guess because it has less fat. But I prefer to believe dark chocolate (and also red wine) are actually quite beneficial, and I have read that in many sources. So I try to eat a little every day.

  3. Maybe you shouldn't wait for someone to invite you to walk through the closed door. Try and try again until you succeed. (or did my dad give me poor advice that I am now giving to someone else:-)

  4. are you still dieting now that the whole remember december thing is over, or is that kind of over now till the next wedding
    I think Lloyd likes to go here and have chocolate pizza

  5. We shared Tutti-Frutti Waffle – which was 2 Belgian waffles with melted chocolate on them along with fresh strawberries and bananas and ice cream. It was delicious but we didn't eat it all. My daughter had one of the hot chocolates but I broke the pattern and had a coffee!

  6. LOL – the open doors only was such a silly thing to say – and worse, she said the same thing at a few of the stations. LOL – it's been a long time since I was in a bikini so I don't think the chocolate is working…

  7. LOL – try and try again is always good advice no matter where it comes from. I suspect they have to say silly things like this so that if some fool does walk into the closed door they can't sue Metro by saying they weren't told.

  8. The Princess has the chocolate pizza when she goes with friends. We were struggling on the waffles – and they were only drizzled in chocolate. I'm am not so much "dieting" anymore as just sticking to this new healthier lifestyle – after 8 or 9 months it's pretty ingrained now.

  9. There are a couple of Lindt cafes in Sydney too – one in Martin Place and another in Cockle Bay (Darling Harbour). There is also a Guylian Belgian Chocolate cafe in The Rocks (Sydney)….. anyone would think we Aussies liked chocolate!

  10. I'm so full of chocolate I don't want to look at another bar for at least five minutes. LOL Margy. Years ago there was a restaurant in Sydney called "Death by Chocolate" – I think it had a "sister" one in New Zealand. I went there a few times and never managed to eat all of whatever I had ordered. They no longer exist though I'm not sure what happened to them – it's hard to imagine a chocolate place going broke.

  11. It's a law that chocolate and pure decadent fare must be consumed on days cold enough to freeze hell over… LOL – I love that law! Another cold w/end coming – more hot chocolate to be consumed.

  12. We were there on the Tuesday morning before Christmas – not long after they opened for the day. Not long after I'd taken the photos it did fill up!! I was surprised so many people could eat such rich chocolate before lunch! LOL

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