The clock is counting down…

and I will be in bed before it gets to midnight.   

The first of the year will come around whether I am awake or not and I might as well face 2010 well rested.

I'm having my champagne and chocolate now and I'm going to spend the evening sorting through my Australian photos imagining myself back in the warmth of the southern hemisphere.

This is really an answer to the Question of The Day on:  How will I be ringing in the New Year which I've seen others post ....  but I never seem to find the QoTDs myself.    

Anyway,  to use an expression I heard a zillion times today,  see you next year…..

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23 responses

  1. Happy 2010 Ninja … one year I set the alarm for 11.55 and napped on the couch; woke up enough to have a glass of champagne and then went back to bed. I was so busy on my holidays that I feel I need some more annual leave!

  2. Awesome photo…looks so festive! I would be going to bed at a decent hour too, but my children wouldn't dream of it! lol So, I'll be staying up like last year, and going outside at midnight to watch the fireworks! I hear there's a blue moon tonight…think I'll go out now & check it out! Have a Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year, Emjay!
    Well, well, what a lovely photo gift on the new year's day! This is the place I could not reach last time in Sydney. Sometimes I dream a bad dream going round and round and cannot reach this place still. Thank you for putting a period to the dream!

  4. Great pic of the Queen Victoria building Emjay.Quiet new year here too……the entire population of neighbours within 6 km….(the whole 6 of em) apparently decided to have an early night. 😉

  5. they don't even delude themselves into buyin' the champagne Luckily I don't have a problem with drinking it before that magic moment – 🙂 I wasn't quite as restful as I had hoped (ah, the plans of mice & men etc)

  6. Thank you Amy Sue – the Queen Victoria Building is a lovely building in the centre of Sydney – the decorations on that Christmas tree, which goes 3 floors, were made of Swarovski crystal! It was cloudy here so no Blue Moon to be seen for those who were still up.

  7. The fireworks have finally stopped here….yay!!! LOL – one of the really good things about the New Year being in winter is that the 'hood is quieter, fireworks wise, than it is in July! I hope your first day of 2010 has been a good one.

  8. Oh Magnifika – you would've loved the Queen Victoria Building – such wonderful architecture and detail inside. I hope that you get back to Sydney some time and are able to find it – and that it stops haunting your sleep :-)I hope your first day of 2010 was a good one.

  9. the entire population of neighbours within 6 km….(the whole 6 of em) apparently decided to have an early night. 😉 Well, I wish mine had!! I hope the first day of your 2010 was a good one GOF.

  10. Hey, it was good!!! Slept late, fudded around here, and went to see the movie "Up in the Air," which was really good. It was filmed here in St. Louis, so it added a very interesting twist for the whole audience. Plus, we don't go to movies very often, so it was especially fun.

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