Flashing lights…


If I don't post these now the New Year will be here… I took these around the Ryde area in Sydney.  With so much light around their own homes I wonder if they even notice any New Year's eve fireworks.    I can't imagine how annoying it must be to try to sleep next to a house flashing like these -  and I'm very glad I don't have to pay any of their electricity bills!  (although pretty I am of the opinion that this is quite a waste of power!).

I love the alien Santa in this one:

This one had an exploding, flashing pinwheel on the right -  especially annoying to neighbours:

Happy New Year to all my neighbours who, due to various timezones, will start their year (and hangovers) before I do……..

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  1. i agree with the electricity – at least, they should be using leds (i can't tell for sure but they don't look like leds to me).as for decorating, i'm the 'less is more' type. some nice icycle around the trim of the house and some in the trees – perferrably not multi-coloured – is just enough to make it pretty in my opinion.

  2. We were discussing Christmas lights and one of the daughters wondered what would you feel like if you bought a house in a nice street and only at Christmas found that the whole street goes in for the Christmas light competitions and bus loads of people trampled the street leading up to Christmas. Do you have to join in whether you like to or not? Moral dilemma. I think they are a waste of energy, both electric and human. I have never allowed lights on our tree and the first thing Daughhter1 has done with her own tree is light it up. She blamed The Boy!

  3. Those are some great night shots and some really interesting decorations but for the price of hydro they are a bit much but everyone has there season they like so go nuts for Halloween and some for Easter and some for Thanksgiving, but it has always been a love for the festival of lights on Christmas that some go all out for very pretty……Have a Great New Years Eve

  4. Santa in a spaceship. I just can't disapprove.
    I don't like lights – especially in trees – because they can be dangerous. Think – one hundred years ago, Christmas trees were decorated with candles!

  5. Good lord! — especially to the blue tunnel. Santa in an airplane just seems sacrilegious. Happy new year. May it be bright – and with these pics, you're well on your way already …

  6. i'm the 'less is more' type. I totally agree – if it wasn't so cold* I would be tempted to walk around my 'hood and see what sort of local decorations there are – I'm sure there are some gaudy things! *LOL – I know you must laugh at us thinking it is cold here!

  7. LOL – we were laughing about that ourselves. We felt sorry for a few houses with meagre (though quite acceptable decorations) next to over-the-top houses – because they looked sort of pathetic in comparison.

  8. Thank you Jamie – there must be quite an industry in making electrical decorations for all the various celebrations/holidays. I have one little string of fairylights so I am not a very good customer. I hope you are having a good New Year's Eve.

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