Warm again….


Well, what an attractive bed partner I made last night!   Thick, black & aqua striped knee high socks; old lady flannel nightie over the top of two tourist-type tee shirts and snuggled under two quilts.  I considered putting a scarf around my neck but thought I might roll over in the night and choke myself.

Bundled up as such I survived the night in a house with no heating – though the morning trip to the bathroom was not pleasant.  A lot of hot water was used in a fairly futile attempt to warm up the bathroom before I disrobed.   It was in the 30's when I left home this morning with a brutal wind making the "real feel" about 16 F – I think it was about the same inside the house!  

The manservant got to stay home and wait for a repairman who arrived at the promised time, took one look and said the electronic ignition system had burnt out and could be repaired for $250.  As the manservant does not feel the cold like I do,  I half expected him to tell me that he had then contacted another company to come out and give a second quote!   Fear for his life was greater than the fear of an overdrawn account and I came home to a lovely cozy house.

It's so hot in here now that I could almost believe it's warm enough outside to have a bbq!    Here is my son getting the barbie ready on Christmas Day: 

And here is the first plate of prawns – they were soooo good:

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  1. That sum sounds like a fair price for a new electronic system, errrr, I mean *heat*! I once lived in an old Idaho house (Idaho = cold) with a fairly useless and terribly expensive heating system. I kept a thermometer in the house that one day registered 40 F. That's when I finally invested in a kerosene heater!

  2. So glad you got to come home to a warm house. We had an ice storm a couple years ago, and except for about two hours we were without electricity and heat for five days. We used the fireplace to stay warm, but had decided we couldn't stay another night because it got so cold the fireplace wasn't working any more. Thankfully the power came back on.

  3. That is the bad point of having no heat you have to keep warm no matter what you look like… Like my nieces friend who came over with her today she had a winter coat that was so thin and they were going out for a walk so I made her put on one of mine over-top or she would have frozen out there! During the ice storm we were without power for a week so it never got too warm in the house but I suppose when you lived in Australia you never had too many cold days. But nice to know you have some heat now you can get all sexier for bed time! Have fun staying warm and Happy New Years

  4. Brrrr! After a week away for the holidays, our house is usually freezing, too. It takes a while for the heat to start cranking up the temperature. A visit to the toilet is a memorable experience!

  5. I think we should invest in something like a kerosene heater as a backup just incase in the future…. 40F is a little cold for comfort. I turn ours down to 56 at night – I don't like it much colder than that in the house.

  6. Five days!!!! That's awful – I would've moved in with friends by then. We don't have a fireplace but I did turn the oven on and open its door the other night. We've lost power a few times during summer storms which is not nearly as bad as winter – and the longest was only a day.

  7. I think the coldest winter's day in Sydney is around 10 Celsius – then everyone rugs up as though they are in Antarctica LOL. The winter clothes I used in Australia were not warm enough for here – like your niece's friend's coat, they were too thin and I raced out shopping pretty quickly!

  8. brings back memories of my first winter in Canberra in a house with no central heating and no insulation. My bedroom upstairs was arctic and I was often dressed similarly for bed. I used to contemplate wearing a beanie to bed. And Canberra is nowhere near as cold as Washington!

  9. We turned the thermostat down to 42 when we left for Australia – I think this is as low as it will go – it did take a while for the heat to get up to 60 that first night home. Winter is a time when you "hold" as long as you can before getting up for the bathroom.

  10. The prawns were soooooo good! Whenever I think of scarves and strangling I think of Isadora Duncan whose scarf got caught in the wheel of a sports car and strangled her.

  11. LOL – the manservant could not stop laughing long enough to hold the camera still. BTW he doesn't get out of his shorts and into trousers until it gets down below 0 Celsius!

  12. If you invest in one, use it smartly; be conscientious about carbon monoxide. Every year people die because they bring their BBQ's inside! Well, to be fair, it's not their BBQ's that killed 'em, rather their stupidity.

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