Back a few time zones… (and cold!)

We had fairly good flights in spite of the new airline security arrangements and arrived back in Washington DC late Saturday night.  I went to bed pretending that I had just had a big social night hoping that would help me get back into the time zone quicker.  I'm not sure it worked as I still needed a big nana-nap yesterday afternoon. 

First day back at work today and by 3pm I was wishing for a little lie down.   It's a three and a half day week this week as we close early on Thursday -  a nice re-introduction to a full week.  I was not so thrilled at the bitterly cold winds this morning and I've come home tonight to find that our heater is not working!!!!!!!     I'm going to have to go to bed now to stay warm. 

Last images of Sydney taken from the plane – a cloudy take-off:  (I wanted to also take photos of our arrival in Los Angeles but we were not allowed to have any items in our laps for the last hour)……

While we were in Australia, Washington had a 17" snow fall ……   this was all that was left on our top deck yesterday, one week later: 

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  1. That's some snowfall. If you're tired of it, I'd be happy to take some off your hands. I just know there's an annoying someone at the local Comcast branch who needs a snowball thrown his/her direction.

  2. Bet that was a hell of a hello coming from that nice warm climate to snow and cold now that will wake one up not much good for time zone sufferers but that sounds like joy no heat not the what one wants coming home especially trying not only to get time zone acclimatized but weather acclimatized… Hope you have a good comforter and some warm blankest and have a good rest do not work too hard

  3. Once again we're being uselessly punished because someone didn't want to play nice.Very true – and the rules seem to be changing daily. I'm glad I'm not travelling anywhere else at the moment.

  4. there's an annoying someone at the local Comcast branch who needs a snowball thrown his/her direction.I hope I'm not jinxing us, but we've been trouble free, Comcast wise, for a few months now. There was a woman here a couple of years ago who took a hammer into the local Comcast office to display her thoughts on their service!

  5. I don't think my body understands what is happening to it – cold, hot, super cold. My blood is trying to thicken, thin, thicken in 24 hour periods! I now have the heater on way too hot – just because I can! šŸ™‚

  6. It was a huge shock to my system to have such extreme changes. It seems that I don't have enough clothes to keep me warm now when only last week all my clothes seemed too many!

  7. Thank you FD – a few too many shocks for this body between the time and the temperature. Yesterday I felt ok at work, today I've felt wrecked – and now I should be going to bed so I get through tomorrow but I'm wide awake!

  8. The cold has been a bit of a shock; it was about 20C when I left my house at 4 am on 26th, having been about 35C on Christmas Day. Still, this house is heated and the heat is working, unlike yours! (I hope you've been able to get it fixed quickly.)

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