Day Trip from Sydney


We spent yesterday with my parents who live about 3 hours drive north of Sydney -  in Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest. This will be my last visit with them this trip. It is always really, really tough saying goodbye to them as the thought is always in the back of my mind that this might be the last time I see them.

  Their little town is  sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean 

and the Myall River, Great Lakes system:. 

We were only on the beach for a short time before I could feel my too fair skin starting to burn. The water was clear and so inviting, and there was no seaweed here; just tiny shells washing ashore:

The river is also lovely and clear….


The pelican was hoping we had some fish for him – he was disappointed.


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  1. It must be hard to be so far from your family, we're only one state away and yet we still only see them once a year.
    Love the photos, look how clear the water is! I love the one just before the pelican, it's very artsy in a way. The colors and shapes are so appealing through water.
    And of course the pelican – divine.

  2. Pelican fantastic Emjay, and the colour of the sea in higher latitudes always seems to be different from the tropics.I know the feeling of leaving parents not knowing whether it will be the last time you see them. Treasure your time with them now.

  3. Your IMG_9080 photo reminds me so much of Kangaroo Island. Seal Bay in particular. The landscape, shades of colours, everything about it (except the lack of seals…) really smacks of it.
    Amazing photos Emjay. I love the pelican one – I took a couple of shots of them on a really old digicam when I was over in '05. Will have to try and dig one out.

  4. Again I wish I could crawl through the screen and take a dip such a lovely looking place……. and unfortunately no matter who you meet you never know when time is up so the enjoyment of every minute your together is the best way also use some damn tanning lotion have you become a whoosh hard to believe you were a country girl with all the complaining, just joking Hope you have a great trip and visit with everyone Have a great Christmas holiday and a wine filled New Years eve!

  5. Pelicans are such funky looking birds – they always give me a smile. Yes, I like the oyster covered rock through the water too – I think the river produces some good oysters. It is strange but I think I see my parents more times during the month that I am here than my siblings who live here do over a year – they all live within a couple of hours drive.

  6. Thanks Lauri – it is a time when the expression "bitter-sweet" really applies. I am having a wonderful time and at the same time it is in the back of my mind that it is ending. At least I will have "sunny" photos to keep me warm when i get back.

  7. Thank you GOF – I love the silly look of pelicans. They look as though they should not be able to fly. The colour of seawater has so many different hues – it's all wonderful.

  8. LOL Jamie – my computer would be well and truly broken by now. I am travelling with a little Asus notebook – 7" screen. It's funny to see my photos so small on here. Not long now until I am back in the cold. I've been in the northern Hemisphere too long – it's made me soft. LOL.

  9. My family live not even 8-12 hours away by road and I haven't seen them in ages. Of course, we don't get along that well, or at all. But I totally know what you mean about this visit being the last. Enjoy every second of it.

  10. Hi Magnifika – we didn't watch any television while we were in Australia and people kept talking about the huge snowstorm in DC – so we heard about it but didn't see it. (I am glad I was not here). Thank you re the photos – there are lovely places to see and I hope you make it back before too long.

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