Clever Labelling….


I'm not sure I want my food to announce it's going to make my jiggly bits dance but this was a wonderful dinner on a hot evening:;

And how could I resist wine with a label like this?   It was actually pretty good and I've bought another bottle…  :

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  1. Jiggly bits. LOL. that's what I've got thanks to those Cheetos. Mmmmm… Thank you so much. I shared some around and it was quickly decided to create a letter to the Big Cheese and have them produce them in the States. Simply delicious.

  2. Thank you sooo much for taking me along on your trip through your terrific pictures! There is a little bit of everything in your homeland. The harbor with the little boats look like somewhere that I could settle in for a long time! Also, I am wondering if the outhouse was unlocked so a *weary* traveler could use it if need be. lol It all gives me much *food for thought*. GREAT pictures! Thank You for sharing!
    Denise πŸ˜‰

  3. Always hate when labels do not live up to what they say so if you want that I have a good alcohol suggestion but even I would buy a bottle or two of that wine enjoy it will probably get you belly dancing more then other unless you mix them excessively!

  4. I hope your letter of appeal works… it is strange for us to have something like that not available in the States, …. Too many chocolates and 3 children (oh, and gravity) leads to jiggly bits – I think you will be fine if you just stick with the Cheetos.

  5. Denise – I am glad that you have enjoyed my journey. LOL re the outhouse….. I wonder – though way out there you could just use a tree – traffic was very sparse. I wonder how long someone could live on a houseboat before really needing some solid ground. …

  6. I totally agree that choosing by the label is just as good as any other way…. I have discovered many great wines based solely on the label. I never read reviews though the manservant does …. and I quite often find my selections are better than the well reviewed wines – perhaps I just have no taste!

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