Water, water .

Huge storm last night.  This was after a day where it hit 40 Celsius here in western Sydney.  A day where I went to the city to meet my Economist son for lunch and in my "wisdom" decided to ride the Monorail from Darling Harbour parking over to city centre (Pitt Street). 


There was a notice at the "station"  warning that due to extreme heat the a/c in the little cars would not be efficient.    Well,  I got a $9.50 all day ride (cheaper than a return) and got on it anyway.  Holy Moly – it must have been over 50 degrees Celsius in the little tube!!!.   "I can do this;  I can do this"  -  I repeated to myself  – surely it won't take that long……. 

There are more stations now than I remember and it seemed to take a very, very long time though it's probably only 15 minutes – but 15 minutes in that kind of heat and stuffiness is no fun.  I considered getting out two short of where I wanted to go  but that defeated the entire purpose of taking the monorail in the first place as the walk would've been longer but surely it could not have been hotter.

I had images of a news story "woman collapses in heat of monorail"   or worse – the monorail breaking down and everyone expiring before we could be rescued.     

Last night there was a tremendous storm with  lightning so intense I saw us all being fried in our little tin huts.

A one stage there was a large crash as a branch fell and first thing this morning I checked that now not-so-new rental car to make sure it didn't have a bough across its bonnet.

So today it is raining and there is a bus strike so it should be fun on the roads – but at least it is cooler. 

 This is Rose Bay, Sydney – I have a friend who lives in this idyllic location:

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  1. One would think that in this day and age, in Australia, that everything would be air conditioned in summer…
    Mr FD's grandmother's ashes were scattered at Rose Bay – I think because she spent most of her life in the hot dry areas of western New South Wales that she wanted to return to the water. If you see her, wave hello!

  2. Well it is below 0
    Celsius her so I would trade in a second, as for the thunderstorm I would have been snapping photos left and right trying to catch the lightning but I love storms! Looking at all your photos makes me jealous but the long ride down on a plane would probably kill me! I always find it fun going to a place you have not been in a while and see all the changes it is one of those things where you wounder where and when the hell did all this happen making familiar look so strange…Take care and have fun

  3. Oh, your photos make me miss Sydney very much! It is almost a year since I was there last.
    It is very cold here in Japan. They are having a lot of snow on the Japan Sea side. As a summer person, I would rather like to be in Sydney now.
    Do take care and have a good time!

  4. I'm enjoying the photographs Emjay. I've only been to Sydney once for a very short period of time. Victorians were brought up to believe Sydney was a very undesireable place to live. I think I might have been misled 🙂

  5. Are you sorry to have missed the record-breaking snow storm in DC? I am! (though I'm sue a lot of the snow will still be around by the time I arrive on Saturday night).

  6. None of my friends have air conditioning in their homes. It's been a matter of suggesting eating out a lot! Rose Bay is a lovely place to have one's ashes thrown – it hasn't changed much in many years.

  7. Ooooh – your hot bus experience sounds very unpleasant. I was once in a metro car in summer without a/c where no-one wanted to complain to the driver because the car would be off loaded and we would be squashed into another already crowded car. It's amazing what we will put up with because we want to get home….Re the snow … I know I've been complaining about the heat here but I am glad I missed the snow! As you say some will still be around to appreciate when we get home – . I doubt any neighbours shoveled our footpath.

  8. Thank you LBeeeze. We leave here on Boxing Day (Dec 26th) and get back Boxing Day. I always find that international date thing funny. We get back to DC on saturday night and I go back to work Monday morning!!

  9. Thanks Jamie – I am having heaps of fun but time is running out now. I am so glad that I am here with blue skies and sun rather than in DC with snow or Canada with even colder temps. My cousin arrives from Montreal tomorrow – he is going to really notice the temp difference.

  10. Thank you GOF…… LOL @ the friendly rivalry between Melbourners and Sydneysiders. There is a young guy from Melbourne in my office and we tease each other all the time about our respective cities … but we stick together as Aussies whenever the Kiwi makes a comment. 🙂

  11. The international date thing is very interesting and sometimes so confusing. It will be such a busy weekend for you. Hope you have some time to get some rest before you go back to work.

  12. I'm leaving here on Boxing Day also, and arriving in DC (Dulles) at 10:25 pm (assuming all flights are on schedule). If you're on Qantas/American Airlines we might bump into each other.

  13. Well I think 50Celsius (122F) is a bit too warm for me. I'm glad we are not as cold as you though – our "normal" average for this time of year in DC is around 40 Fahrenheit but we've had some really cold weather with nasty windchills around 8 and 9.

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